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Harmon Methodist Church
Lee County Illinois

    Pastors of Harmon Methodist Church

         1879-81	Eldena, Harmon	E. Breen
         1882-83	Eldena, Harmon	J. M. Griswold
         1884	Harmon, Walton	C. W. Ferguson
         1885	Harmon, Walton	W. H. Wood
         1886-87	Harmon, Walton	J. Hamerson
         1888	Harmon, Walton	Forest Bell
         1889-90	Harmon, Walton	W. H. Tuttle
         1891	Harmon, Walton	H. E. Colby
         1892	Harmon, Walton	W. J. Able
         1893	Harmon (station)	W. C. Scott
         1894	Harmon (station)	V. V. Cook
         1895	Harmon, Montmorency 	L. P. Warrington
         1896-97	Harmon, Monlmorency	John Williams
         1898-99	Harmon (station)	D. F. Hardy
         1900	Harmon (station)	R. L. Griffin
         1902	Harmon (station)	O. E. Reide
         1904	Harmon (station)	P. A. Linaweaver
         1905	Harmon (station)	W. B. Rutherford
         1906	Harmon (station)	A. E. Bennett
         1907-09	Harmon, Deer Grove, Montmorency   I. J. Willstead
         1910-11	Harmon	Al Hitrick
         1912-14	Harmon	H. B. Green
         1915	Harmon	J. G. Roberts
         1917	Harmon	J. E. M. Chambers
         1918	Harmon	James B. Kenna
         1919	Harmon	Harry Culbertson
         1920	Harmon	J. R. Kirby
         1921	Harmon	E. O. AlIen
         1922-23	Harmon	Robert O. Bates
         1924	Harmon	A. B. Moffatt
         1925-27	Harmon	H. S. McKeown
         1928	Harmon	Wilbur Hopkins
         1929	Harmon	Donald Whetsell
         1930	Harmon	Leroy Klaus
         1931	Harmon	Hugh Archibald
         1933-35	Harmon	Herman U. Smith
         1936-37	Harmon	J. D. Deeg
         1938	Harmon	D. F. Baker
         1939-40	Harmon	H. J. Holverson
         1941-42	Harmon	Frederic E. Ball
         1943-46	Harmon	Webster Hobb
         1947	Harmon	Robert B. Smock
         1948-49	Harmon	William Coates
         1950-53	Harmon	J. Frank Anderson
         1954	Harmon, Nelson	J. Frank Anderson
         1955-56	Harmon, Nelson	Kenneth L. Dean
         1957-58	Harmon	D. J. McKinzey
         1960 -61	Harmon, Nelson	Waldemar Bobrowski
         1962-64	Harmon, Nelson	A. Harold Anderson
         1965-66	Harmon, Nelson	Ralph Wilson
         1967-68	Harmon, (yoked Field),(Eldena E.U.B.)David E. Scott
         1969-71	Harmon, Eldena	Tom Parrott and Richard Melin
         1972-74	Harmon, Eldena	Ron Lindner
         1975-	Harmon, Eldena	Paul Gerardy

Contributed by Karen Holt (Probably from a Centennial Booklet)

Harmon United Methodist Church
To Celebrate Its 1853 Beginning
By Paul Gale SVN News Reporter
Sauk Valley Sunday - January 4, 2004

The church began in 1853 in a granary on the John D. Rosebrook farm near Rosebrook Lake, then called Porter Lake and Later Silver Lake.

The lake was used for baptisms, picnics, boating and swimming. Ice was even cut for baptisms.

Later meetings were held in the old Boston House, the old W.D. Packer farm home southeast of Harmon, then in the old Woodman Hall.

Erected through subscriptions, the present building on the east end of Harmon was built during 1879 to 1881 at a cost of $1,200 with a seating capacity of 150.

The first resident minister in what was then called the Methodist Episcopal Church was the Rev. Edward Breene.

After 1880, the church was part of the Harmon-Walton Circuit and salaries were small. Many folks paid in vegetables, eggs, meat, chickens, apples, and potatoes.

From 1891-1905, many of the pastors came as supply pastors and were at the church only a small time or on Sundays only. They came from nearby towns, and Evanston, Chicago and the Northwestern Divinity School.

Harmon separated from the circuit in 1907 and, in 1923, the Rev. and Mrs. Bates saw a need for expansion. A basement was dug for Sunday School rooms, for suppers and social activities and the old belfry was torn down and a new one constructed.

The Rev. J. Frank Anderson, a retired minister, gave the church a big boost and served until 1954.

The Rev. Kenneth Dean was instrumental for an addition which nearly doubled the size of the edifice. It provided twice as much basement area, space for two Sunday School rooms upstairs, a pastorís study and a large hallway with sliding windows on the south wall which could be opened to accommodate overflow crowds in the main sanctuary.

During the late 1960s, innovations were made toward the merging of the Evangelical United Brethren Conference and the Rock River Methodist Conference, In 1968, it was called the Northern Illinois Conference, DeKalb District and United Methodist Churches.

Through this merger, the Eldena Evangelical United Brethren Church became linked with the Harmon church and it was known as the Harmon-Eldena Church. The Eldena church closed June 14, 1987, and Harmon is now a one-charge church.

Contributed by Karen Holt

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