To The
Presbyterian Church of Paw Paw

Contributed by Marilyn Widler


Rev. A. H. Brown of Sandwich preached two notable sermons last Sunday. He has been doing some excellent constructive work in his own church. He was a classmate of the Pastor and it was a pleasure to have him with us for the Sunday.

The Pastor of the Presbyterian church preached in Waukegan last Sunday. Rev. Chidester of Waukegan gave the charge to the Pastor at his ordination a year ago. He will preach for him again next Sunday.

Mr. Frank Nangle of the Kepford-Nangle Evangelistic party will fill the pulpit next Sunday morning and evening. Mr. Nangle is a practical Christian and believes that one ought to take the Bible for his sole rule of faith and practice. He is to tell us about "The Wonderful Book" next Sunday morning, and all that he says will be a testimony to the power of Christ. You will miss something if you are not present. In the evening he is to take the thought of Vision and illustrate it from the life of Paul. There will be special singing at both of these services.

Wylie George of Dixon, who had been spending his vacation in Northern Michigan, arrived here Monday afternoon to join his wife, Mrs. George, who is here visiting her mother, Mrs. Fisk. He brought with him several fine fish of his own catch, and among others the writer was presented with a fine black bass which was thoroughly enjoyed. Mr. and Mrs. George and daughter Gail left for their home in Dixon Tuesday.

On Thursday evening of last week a reception was given at the Presbyterian church by the ladies of the church in honor of Miss Orla Stetler and Miss Alma Schamberger who are soon to become brides. One hundred members of the church and congregation were present and a very delightful evening was spent. A most pleasing program of musical numbers, both vocal and instrumental, and also a reading was given, after which Mrs. W.T. Chaffee, with a few well chosen words which voiced the sentiment of the church people, presented Miss Stetler and Miss Schamberger each with a gift of gold, which served to express in part their appreciation of the faithful service they have rendered in the past. These young ladies have grown from childhood to womanhood in our midst and in the church and Sabbath School they have been most cheerful, willing and constant workers and it is with great regret that we lose their presence from among us. Miss Stetler and Miss Schamberger each responded with a graceful little speech of thanks. Dainty refreshments were then served to the guests in he lecture room, which was beautifully decorated in a manner appropriate to the occasion.

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