Assembly Park
Dixon Illinois

About 1888 the Rock River Assembly held its first meeting in a big tent at the Governor Charters estate, now Hazelwood, which was a great success.

The following year the assembly bought Lloyd's park, about five miles along the north shore of the Rock River just east of the Dixon city limits. Then Lloyd's farm, 50 acres adjoining the park, was purchased, where a wooden tabernacle was built.

A year later a hotel and a large auditorium were erected.

The auditorium had a self-suspended roof with no pillars or posts so that every person had a clear view of the platform. Seating capacity was 5,000.

That was before the days of the automobile. People attended the assembly by the thousands. Hundreds camped on the grounds, stayed at the hotel or rented rooms nearby.

Both the Illinois Central and the Chicago & Northwestern railroads ran special excursion trains to the assembly on the days of the major attractions.

Famous speakers, singers and entertainers from all over the world have pleased the vast crowds that attended the assembly.

Postcard (1911) - contributed by Tom hess