National Bank

Lee County IL

The Dixon National Bank "the friendly bank with the chimes clock" in September 1951, will complete 80 years of service to the community. The bank was organized Sept. 15, 1871 with a capital of $50,000, receiving its charter from the comptroller of the United States Treasury after meeting requirement. The banks first statement to the comptroller showed deposits of only $20,000. First directors elected were H.B. Jenks, H.S. Lucas, John Dement, Quartus Ely and James B. Charters. At the organization meeting of the newly elected directors, the following officers were named: President H.B. Jenks, Vice President John Dement and Cashier H.S. Lucas.

Today the Dixon National Bank offers its patrons complete banking service, with the addition of a trust department in December 1950. Among these services are checking accounts, savings and Christmas savings accounts. Dixon National loans include colleratal, personal real estate, business, appliance and auto loans. Bank by mail and night deposit are furnished, as well as safe deposit boxes. Dixon National Bank is furnished completely with modern equipment. One of the latest innovations is the banks Recordax machine which simultaneously endorses and photographs both sides of all transit items

Officers of Dixon National are: Chairman of the board W.H. McMaster, President and Trust officer H.O. Lovett, Vice President H.G. Byers, Assistant Vice President and Assistant trust officer G.O. Knouse, Cashier Leo B. Miller and assistant cashiers Harold L. Simkins and James P. Green.

The banks board of directos include R.L. Bracken, H.G. Byers, H.O. Lovett, W.H. McMaster, F.X. Newcomer, Dement Schuler and W.E. Trein. The bank occupies the main floor of the Dixon National Bank Building at 101 First street where the Westminster chimes on the large clock outside mark every quarter hour.

The bank occupied quarters at two locations before its steady growth reached $875,000 by 1913, necessiating more room. A building on the corner of Galena Ave and First street was purchased and demolished for the erection of the modern, five story, fireproof bank, completed March 15,1914. Past directors of the bank have been Henry B. Jenks, Henry S. Lucas, John Dement, Quartus Ely, James B. Charters, F.A. Truman, Avery Johnson, J.B. Pomeroy, William Uhl, Samuel Shaw, J.W. Chase, John H. Bennett, James A Hawley, Charles H. Noble, Jason C. Ayres, Theron Cummins, A.C. Warner, Ferris Finch, J.M. Patrick and S. S. Dodge. Charles H. Hughes, George Steel, Solomon H.Bethea, A.K. Truesdell, E.H. Rickard, A.P. Armington, J.W. Crawford, Henry S. Dixon, E.H. Brewster, M.R. Forsyth and Charles R. Walgreen.

Past Officers: Presidents have been Henry B. Jenks, F.A. Truman, Avery Johnson, James A. Hawley, Jason C. Ayres, A.P. Armington and W.H. McMaster. Vice Presidents: John Dement, Avery Johnson, J.B. Pomeroy, Theron Cummins, S.S. Dodge, E.H. Rickard and J.b. Lemmon. Cashiers: Henry S. Lucas, F.A. Truman, J.W. Chase, James A. Hawley, Charles H. Hughes, A.P. Armington, M.R. Forsyth and L.L. Wilhelm Mr. Wilhelm retired Jan. 1, 1951 after having served 43 years of continous service.
Dixon Evening Telegraph Centennial Edition May 1,1951

Dixon has every reason to be proud of her financial institutions, for the record here made is a creditable one. With well defined plans and business affairs capably administered, the Dixon National Bank is today a stronger institution than ever before. It was organized in September, 1871, and capitalized for one hundred thousand dollars. Its officers were : H. B. Jenks, president; John Dement, vice president; and Henry S. Lucas, cashier. Its officers at the present day are : J. C. Ayres, president ; S. S. Dodge, vice president; A. P. Armington, cashier; and M. B. Forsyth, assistant cashier. The capital stock remains at one hundred thousand dollars, but there is now a surplus and undivided profits of one hundred and forty thousand dollars. The bank occupies a fine, modern, fireproof stone and brick building, fifty by seventy feet, five stories in height, the upper floors being used as offices, while the first floor is thoroughly equipped for the banking business. From its inception the bank has made a splendid record.
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