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W.M. Kennedy ... Galena Street
Plain and Dcorative Printer, Dixon IL

Union State Bank

The Union State Bank of Dixon has become one of the strong, safe and reliable financial institutions of northern Illinois. It was organized on the 8th of January 1902, with I. B. Countryman as president, C. J. Rosbrook, vice president, and R. M. Moore, cashier. The bank was capitalized for fifty thousand dollars and a general banking business is conducted. The bank building was erected, twenty-four by eighty feet, of stone and brick. It is two stories in height, the upper floor being used for offices. Three per cent interest is paid on time deposits and the established rate upon savings. The capital still remains as at the beginning, but there is today a surplus of fifteen thousand dollars. There has been no change in the officers save that Harry L. Fordham succeeded Mr. Moore as cashier of the bank in 1911. Beside the officers C. H. Noble, E. J. Countryman, C. H. Stiteley and C. H. McKenney constitute the board of directors. The bank is now in a most flourishing condition, its total resources amounting to three hundred and seventy-seven thousand, seven hundred and seventy dollars and seventy-seven cents. Its loan department is an important paying branch of the business, its entire loans amounting to two hundred and eighty-two thousand, nine hundred and forty-seven dollars and seventy-nine cents. Keen business discrimination and sound judgment on the part of the bank officials result in the judicious placing of these loans, which thereby furnish a gratifying annual revenue to the bank. In fact, the entire business of the institution is in a flourishing condition and the policy followed is one which commends the bank to a liberal patronage. The interests of depositors are most carefully safeguarded and in this is found one of the features of the success of the institution.
History of Lee County, Illinois By Frank Everett Stevens 1914

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