Valentine's Day
Long Ago


The article printed the first of the year, in these columns, about New Year's calls twenty years ago in Paw Paw, having caused much favorable comment, we have found another in our scrapbook which we think will recall to the remaining members of the old M. F. S. C. many happy times gone by. Following is the article:

"One of the most novel and enjoyable events that have ever transpired in Paw Paw, was the Masquerade Party, at Lindsay's and Mitchell's halls, on the night of Feb. 14th, under the auspices of the M. F. S. C. It was managed with care and proved a financial as well as a social success in every particular. About one hundred and twenty-five invitations sufficed to draw all that the hall could possibly accommodate, and besides those engaged in the merry dance there were numerous spectators from here and a distance--from Earl, Lee, Amboy and Ross Grove. There were about one hundred masked, and the costumes of many were indeed rich and tasteful, besides the comic and burlesque which were not too shockingly ridiculous. Mrs. Hentrich, the Ottawa costumer, was present with a nice assortment of bright new masques. Music was furnished in a superb manner by Prof. Haas's orchestra of Earl, and all appreciated its superiority. Mr. M. M. Morse managed the floor in his usual courteous manner, and everything went off pleasantly and enjoyably. When at ll o'clock the masqued were ordered to "look at themselves as others saw them," there was much laughter and merriment. It was indeed the most brilliant affair of the kind we have ever had the pleasure of attending, and the management are to be congratulated upon the success of the entertainment. We give below a partial list of the costumes worn:

Mrs. Amos Siglin, Goddess of Liberty.
Mrs. James Thompson, Egyptian Queen.
Mrs. Wilbur Pratt, daughter of the regiment.
Mrs. Cale Wheeler, flower girl.
Barbara Siglin, Oriental girl.
Eva Brown, Turkish girl.
Della Roberts, Indian girl.
Mrs. Van Meter, Folly.
Mrs. Mayor, Irish woman.
Mrs. Reams, old lady.
Mrs. Hiller, Dinah.
Mrs. Teal Swarthout, Princess.
Ida Hendershot, Morning.
Genie Wirick, Night.
Estelle Wirick, Winter.
Miss Foley, Martha Washington.
Emma Kennedy, French Countess.
Rose Madden, ___________.
Sadie Aird, _____________.
Mary Hartwell, May Queen.
Mrs. Wm. Geddes, Winter.
Mrs. Jackson, Gypsy.
Cettie Swarthout, Night.
Nan Parker, Guest.
Nell Hawley, Martha Washington
Mrs. Bertie Crumpton, Arabian girl.
Mrs. Ed Jacoby, Swiss girl.
Miss Foley, Princess.
Mr. and Mrs. Aldrich, Mr. and Mrs. Conkey, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Potter, Mr. Barber.
Miss Aldrich, Mr. Aldrich, Jr. and lady, Phantoms.
Mr. Amos Siglin, Knight.
Mr. Hiller, Wild Irishman.
Mr. Rosenberger, Dutchman.
Mr. Mayor, old man.
Geo. Wirick, Prince.
Mr. Tucker, Broadway swell.
Orville Wirick, Clown.
Johnny Wilson, King.
Brown Swarthout, Geo. Washington.
Frank Parker, Prince.
Mr. Hartwell, Knight.
Ed. Jackson, Granger.
Teal Swarthout, Bridegroom.
Wilbur Pratt, Bride.
Ben Wheeler, Bear.
Ashley Pratt, Chinaman.
Geo. Cobb, Yankee.
Geo. Carey, Chinaman.
Bishop Wheeler, Prince.
Jas. Thompson, Aaron Burr.
Schuyler Smith, Paddy.
Mr. Baxter, Swell.
Ed Jacoby, W. O. D. Clown.

From an old scrapbook - Contributed by Marilyn Widler


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