May 25 1875 to March 26 1889

Sad are our hearts, our home is lone,
Since Emma from our threshold's gone
To kindred dear, to schoolmates true,
Dear Emma, we all mourn for you.

No Doctor's skill, no human power,
Could stay death's hand or parting hour;
But suffering no more racks your breast,
Your work is done- you are at rest.

Yes, Emma, you are free from pain,
Our loss is your eternal gain -
For here on earth you'll ne'er return
While we are left to weep and mourn.

We cannot think you are gone for aye
While we toil on and watch and pray;
We feel you are in that home above
Where all is joy, and peace, and love.

We'll greet you here on earth no more
Until we meet on yon blest shore;
But in that world so bright and fair
We some day hope to meet you there.

( Written by Mrs. Nancy Whitemore )

I found this little poem at an auction in Lee County IL. It was beautifully framed with dried flowers at one time. But now the glass and frame were both broken, the flowers tossed about. It was just lying there on a hayrack - nobody wanted it.. So I rescued it, have placed it here, hoping some member of little Emma's family will find it.