Henry E. Armstrong Family


Henry E. Armstrong came to Lee County between 1860 and 1870 with wife Louisa and 2 sons, according to the U. S. Census. In 1860 all four were living in Bureau Co., IL and are in Lee County for the next 50 years, from 1870 up till 1920. After that, they all vanish!

Henry E. Armstrong was born 6-30-1828 in Lancaster Co., PA (probably Mt. Joy twp.), son of William Armstrong (c. 1800-1846) and Leah Shupe (1807- 1867).

William Armstrong and Leah Shupe married 2-7-1826 at 1st Reformed Church, Lancaster city, Lancaster Co., PA.

Children of William Armstrong and Leah Shupe:
Henry E. Armstrong b. 1828 in PA
Mary A. Armstrong b. 1830 in PA
William J. Armstrong b. 1832 in PA probably
Susannah Armstrong b. 1835 in OH
Elisabeth H. Armstrong b. 1837 in OH
John W. Armstrong b. 1839 in OH
Frances E. Armstrong b. 1841 in OH
Sarah Jane Armstrong b. 1843 in OH
George Washington Armstrong b. 1845 in OH

Father William died in Ohio in 1846, leaving the mother with 9 children. In the 1850 census, the mother Leah is not listed! No idea where she was. In 1850, the oldest son Henry is listed as Head of the family, with the other 8 children. The mother Leah remarried in 1856 in Ohio to Joseph Coffelt and moved to Indiana with him and her two youngest daughters, Frances and Sarah Jane.

Henry Armstrong and wife Louise of East Grove twp., Lee Co., died between 1920 and 1930.

Mary Ann Armstrong married 2 times in Ohio and had lots of children, died 1919 in Ohio.

William J. Armstrong married in Ohio and died in Ohio in 1862.

Susanna Armstrong married 3 times and died in1917 in Port Orford, Oregon.

Elizabeth Armstrong married once and died in 1912 in Ohio.

John W. Armstrong was a soldier in the Civil War, married in Ohio then removed to Crawford Co., IL where he died in 1910.

Frances Armstrong married in Indiana and died in 1862, age 20, in childbirth.

Sarah Jane Armstrong, no further info. Can't find any info on her in Warren Co., IN.

George W. Armstrong went to Illinois with his brother Henry's family, but disappeared before 1870 when Henry turned up in Lee County. No further info.

The 2 sons of Henry Armstrong who married and had children in Lee County (Edward and James W./ William J.) disappeared from Lee Co. by 1930. Henry's grandson Otto Armstrong and wife Josephine were living in San Francisco in 1930.

Contributed by Susan Kiley


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