Mathias Lievan Family
Lee County IL
Photos contributed by Elaine Mishler

Standing - Mary, Kate, William, Emma & Rachel
Sitting - Jacob, Anna, Mathias, Margaret & John
Reclining - Frank, Sarah, Dell & Grant

Mathias Lievan was born 13 October 1813 in Germany. He was first married in his native province to Miss Anna M. Mechel, who was born and reared there, and died at their old home after the birth of two children, while she was yet a young woman.

Mr. Lievan married a second time in the land of his birth, Miss Magdalena Miller becoming his second wife. She was born and reared in the same neighborhood as himself, and was of similar parentage, her father being a grape-grower. A long and felicitous wedded life has been vouchsafed to our subject and his estimable wife, and of the 12 children that have come to them,

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1. Mathias Lievan was born 2 August 1844 in Germany. He first married Mary Pieffer 28 August 1899. They made their home in Missouri. Children were; Areta Opal, Arthur and Charles. His second wife was Eliza Kellog and together they had three children, George, Oliver & Francis Lievan.

2. Katherine "Kate" Lievan, born 11 January 1847, wife of William Mossholder, a farmer in this township. Click here for their biographyBiography

3. Margaret Lievan born 22 February 1849 in Jamestown PA married Henry E. Miller. Click here for their Biography

4. John W. & Sophia (Bremmer) Lievan (born 24
February 1851) a farmer residing near Dixon, who married Sophia Bremmer; Click here for his Biography

5. Jacob Lievan (1853) a farmer in this township, married Sarah Genck;

6. Rachel Lievan (1855) at home with her parents;

7. Elizabeth Lievan (1857) a resident of St. Louis;

8. William Lievan (1859) a farmer in Harmon Township, who married Ella Fritz;

9. Idell Lievan (1861) married Burton Ross and lives in O'Brien County, Iowa

10. Frank Lievan (1863) a farmer in Marion Township who married Lotta Vroman;

11. Sarah Lievan (1865) wife of Deitrick Scifkin, a farmer in O'Brien County, Iowa;

12. Emma Lievan (1867) wife of Henry Flote, a farmer at State Centre, Iowa;

13. Henry G. Lievan (1869) a farmer in Harmon Twp. married Gertrude Wadsworth.

Nothing much is known about Anna and Mary Lievan, the first two daughters of Mathias and his first wife, except that they both own and occupy good farms near Manning, Iowa. Mary married John Parker.


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