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Jerry McBride was born 22 July 1894, the son of Elisha Camm & Dorcas Jane (Chapman) McBride, in Wayne County IL. He married Mary Margaret Schaeffer on 27 May 1916 in Clay Co IL, the daughter of John & Theresa (Proschinger) Schaeffer. Mary was born 24 March 1895 in Argyle, Winnebago Co IL.

Jerry McBride worked for a Grainery. Mary McBride was a housekeeper

There was a creek not far from the McBride home in Lee Center, IL. It's location is closest to the road Woodside Cemetery is on. They didn't have a modern day bathroom. They would take a towel, wash clothe and soap to the creek and take their bathes there. During the Winter months, they filled up an old steel tub with water and cleaned themselves there. Even in the 1960's, they still only had the "out house" and an outside pump for water.

Jerry McBride, while in the out house one time, dropped his wallet in the toilet. He used to wear overalls all the time. The wallet fell out of the pocket while Jerry was pulling his overall's back up. He went through that mess to retrieve his wallet back.

They were the parents of the following children:

1.Reuben McBride was born 14 April 1917 in Capron, Boone Co IL.
He married Violet Stonecipher April 13, 1946 in Lee Co IL.
Reuben joined the Army on July 22, 1941 in Chicago IL and was discharged at Fort Sheridan IL November 11, 1945. He was a highly decorated war hero, and was awarded several medals including, the "Victory Medal", American Defense, European, African, Middle Eastern, Theater Ribbon W/4 Bronze Battle Stars, Good Conduct Medal, Bronze Star, 2 Overseas Bars and one Service Strip. He served in Northern France, Ardennes, Rhineland and Central Europe.
Reuben died 1 March 1998 in the KSB Hospital, Dixon IL and is buried in Chapel Hill Cemetery

Reuben McBride in his Uniform

ReubenMcBride Diploma

2. Evelyn McBride was born 31 May 1918 in Capron, Boone County IL.
She died 18 May 1991 in Chicago, Cook County IL.
Evelyn was married to Herbert Anderson
and they became the parents of two children -
Nancy and Jimmy Anderson.

This photo and the one of Reubin (above) were taken around 1923- 1924
and might have been school pictures

3. Raymond McBride was born 21 August 1920 in Capron, Boone IL.

He married Evelyn West who was from Minnesota. She was born about 1915.

Ray was in the military, a Marine in WW II.

His carrer was that of a lineman in San Diego California.

Raymond & Evelyn are the parents of two children - Jeffrey Patrick and Cynthia A. McBride

4. Ruth McBride was born 31 May 1922 in Capron, Boone Co Illinois

She died 31 March 1951 in Chicago, Cook Co IL.

Burial was in Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens in Dixon, Lee Co IL.

Ruth was married to Raymond Jakowsky.

She was only 29 years old at her death and had no children of her own.


5. George Eugene McBride was born 22 February 1924 in Wayne Co IL. He married Rita May Hahn on 17 June 1950 in Lee County. She was born in West Brooklyn IL. George McBride was just finishing up his training through the Air Force and he was called home to help support the family. His father, Jerry McBride, had fallen at his place of employment and broke his hip. Jerry McBride was out of commission for quite sometime. George was inducted on 15 February 1943 in Chicago, IL and mustered out on 26 May 1943 at Fort Bliss, TX. He was 18 yrs. old at induction. George and Rita were the parents of one son - Michael McBride born August 10, 1951 in Lee County.

6. Ralph Francis McBride was born about 1925 and died on 22 April 1929. His birthdate is yet unknown.

7. Blanche McBride born in 1926, she died of Cancer, 22 September 1943 in Lee Center, Lee Co Illinois and is buried near her parents in Woodside Cemetery.

8. Maxine McBride was born 20 May 1930, in Amboy, Lee Co IL. She died July 28 July 1973 in Sycamore, IL. Maxine was married to George Freeman Jr. 17 July 1949 in Lee County. Maxine McBride was a very outgoing and social young woman growing up in Lee Center, IL, a beautiful person inside and out. Her second marriage was to Raymond Hood on 31 December 1955. She had 6 children who were - Darrell Louis, David Lee and Debra Lynn Freeman and Dana Leon, Daniel Leroy and Donna Lea Hood. Donna was born 23 November 1961 and died 10 September 10, 1998.

9. Robert McBride was born 9 August 1932, Lee Center, Lee Co Illinois. Bob served in the Air Force during the Korean Conflict. He received a 4 year degree in Physics from a college in San Diego, CA. During those years he attended college, Robert lived with his brother, Ray McBride and his family there in San Diego, CA. After graduating from college, Robert McBride came back home to Lee Center, IL. and found living in a small community, like Lee Center, was where he could always call home. Bob is a very kind, generous and a very smart person. He spent many years in Lee Center, IL taking care of his aging parents and then his oldest sibling, Ruben McBride, who lived in Dixon, IL. Bob was always helping someone out in the way of his charitable heart. If it wasn't painting the Woodside Cemetery iron fence & gates or helping someone clean-up, move, or fix someone's worn out plumbing, he would do it. Even after he was retired and in quite a lot of pain, people would still ask for his help and he would always be there for them. During Robert McBride's service in the US Air Force, he spent most of his tour with the ground forces on a boat watching radar for enemy forces from Korea.

10. Melvin L. McBride was born August 19, 1934, Lee Center, Lee Co Illinois. His marriage to Deanna J. Houseweart occurred 3 August 1957 in Rockford. They are the parents of Vikki Lynn, Dawn Renee, Lisa Gay and Scott Randall. Melvin left home when he enlisted in the Air Force during the start of the Korean Conflict. He remembers his older brother, Ray, educating him on the differences between the Air Force, Navy, Marine's and the Army. Listening to his older brother, he decided on enlisting in the Air Force. Mel wanted to eventually fly the air planes. What he actually did as a job in the Air Force was to work the control tower in Korea. He worked a second job as a bartender at the canteen on his off time. When Mel left the Air Force, he took a bus from California to Sycamore, IL to stay with his sister, Maxine and her family for a while. Not long after that, he moved to Rockford, IL and found a job as a bartender at Jack's or Better. Also, he then started working for Budwieser Brewing Company with his brother, George McBride. They both started off as beer truck driver's... they delivered the beer to bars and stores. Mel met Deanna Houseweart, at Jack's or Better while he was working.


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