Hugh McGee was born about 1782 in Ireland. His death occured in Amboy, Lee County Illinois in 1883. Hugh is buried in St. Patricks Cemetery next to his wife Bridget who was born 1795 and died in 1881. Bridget's maiden name is McManus or possibly McManna. She was born in County Armaugh, Ireland

His son Hugh H. McGee was born Castlewellen, Count Down, Ireland, 1834, died June 7, 1923 while visiting his daughter Catherine McGee (J.P.) Conahan in Aurora, IL (Kane County). Hugh is buried at St Patrick Cemetery as his wife Margaret (Heenan) McGee born 1833 in Tipperary Ireland, died 1917 Amboy IL. Hugh was a Railroad Machinist and farmer. The 1920 Census shows Hugh McGee immigrated to the United States in 1851. He was naturalized in 1856. The Immigration date of November 4, 1859 is on its Naturalization records.

Hugh H. McGee and Margaret were the parents of 11 children. All of his children except for Hugh Henry were all born in Lee County.

Hugh Henry, the first born, was born in Cardondelet, Missouri 25 Aug 1859. He died 29 February 29, 1880 and is buried at St. Patrick Cemetery.

John Franklin Patrick was born 1 January 1861 in Amboy, died 15 February 1925 and is buried in St. Mary's Cemetery in Minneapolis MN along with his wife Elizabeth Ryan McGee.

Stephen Douglas was born 21 September 1862 in Racine WI per the family bible. He married Elizabeth Brown April 8, 1891. Stephen died March 9, 1895 in Oelwein Iowa and his body was returned to St. Patricks Cemetry in Amboy for burial. His wife ELizabeth was born in 1862 and died November 1946, buried November 13, 1946 along with Stephen. They had two children, Marcella and Stephen Jr.

Mary Ann born 1 February 1864 in Carondelot MO and never married. She died 30 Jun 1955. Her occupation was homemaker and nurse. Mary graduated from nursing school in Petoski Michigan and then put her sister through school

Margaret Catherine born 31 August 1865 in Amboy - she married Joseph P. Conahan. Margaret died 24 March 1929 in Aurora and is buried at Mt. Olivet Cemetery.

Elizabeth Ellen was born in 1867 in Lee County, never married. She died June 11, 1928 in St. Joseph's Convent in Milwaukee Wisconsin and is buried there.

Charles Joseph born 19 March 1869, married Katherine Lynch (daughter of John Terrance and Anne Hannah Leddy Lynch) in Amboy IL. Charles died 2 January 1926 of lung cancer in Nashville TN and is buried there in Calvary Cemetery. Charles had two children - Margaret and Anne.

Agnes Bridget born and died in 1870 just 6 days old. She is buried at St. Patricks in Amboy.

Simon Peter born 25 December 1872 died 13 April 1926 in Amboy. He died as the result of a railway accident. Simon is buried at St. Patrick. Simon was vice-president of Lee County Fair Assoc. for many years in addition to his work with the railroads .

Teresa Matilda born 11 January 1874 in East Grove Township never married. She died in Dixon IL in 1961 and is buried at St. Patrick's. She was a nurse, farm manager and farm owner

Sara Jane was born 12 March 1876 in East Grove Township and died at the age of six.

George A. was born 13 September 1878 in Maytown, Amboy IL. He was batptized October 25, 1878 at St. Patrick Church in Amboy. He married Katherine E. Haley of Dixon September 9, 1905 George died 24 March 1953 in Minot ND. Katherine adied 1930 and both are buried at St. Leo's Catholic Cemetery in N.D. George graduated in 1901 at Notre Dame. He was an attorney and established the McGee law firm. He was State Attorney Ward County, N.D. and district Judge Minot ND during the years of 1951-1953. George was the father of John Hugh, George A., Richard Haley and Elizabeth Margaret.

Of the six daughters of Margaret and Hugh ony one married. The one who married was Margaret Catherine who married Joseph P. Conahan and they had six children. Catherine McGee Conahan died an dis buried in Aurora. Two other daughters of Hugh and Margaret are Agnes Bridget and Sara Jane who both died young. The former in infancy and the latter at age 6. Elizabeth, joined a Catholic order of nuns, the School Sisters of St. Francisin Milwaukee Wisconsin. Mary and Teresa both were nurses, never married and buried in St. Patricks.

Of the six sons of Hugh and Margaret is Hugh, the eldest who died when he was 20 years of age. Two became Lawyers and Judges, John F. and George; two were locomotive engineers, Charles and Simon; Stephen Douglas was a farmer.

Hugh H. McGee born in 1834-35 was married to Margaret Heenan in Holy Trinity RC Church April 29, 1858 in Bloomington IL. In 1860 Hugh was listed as a "boiler maker".. In 1870 he is shown as a farmer while Margaret was keeping a hotel. Hugh worked for Railroad companies and owned and operated two farms, one in Maytown and one in East Grove. Margaret born in Borrisokane County Tipperary Ireland came to Philadelphia when she was about 1 years old and went to Col. Dennis Heenan. From there she went to Wapella Illinois where she met Hugh McGee.

Information provided by Katherine Brogden
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