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Below are three images of the Old Shaw Home in Lee Center, Illinois. This fine stone house was built in 1862 by Garrett LaForge, and Manley Sherman Shaw bought it from LaForge around 1870. After the premature death of his eldest son James Monroe Shaw in 1876 (a result of the dysentery he had contracted during the Civil War -- his health never fully recovered), his widow Rebecca Linn Shaw and their children moved into the Shaw Home with her father-in-law.

The first image is an 1872 engraving from a greeting card that was printed a few decades ago.

In this second photo, I am pretty sure that is Mary Rebecca Linn Shaw standing on the porch of the house.
It's a view of the eastern exposure.
The front of the house, facing the street, is the house's right side in this picture.

The final picture is one I took of the front facade in August 1998. At that time, we got to tour the inside -- the owners were then just beginning to repair and renovate the house, so this picture does not show the addition that was later built -- but it would not have been from this view anyway. The addition blends into the original house quite nicely. Even before the latest work on it, the house was in remarkably good shape -- definitely built to last.

Manley Sherman Shaw (also spelled "Manly," but usually known as just Sherman Shaw), was born 23 April 1811 in Ontario County, New York, and died 25 April 1891 in Lee Center, Illinois. I don't know the date on this photo, but it's obviously from the latter years of his life -- probably the 1880s. It's the only photo of him that I've ever seen.

There has been uncertainty about his date of birth: my grandmother told me that he didn't actually know exactly how old he was, but I think it's we his descendants who were uncertain. In some of our old family records, his birth is given as 1802, in others 1806, but all but one vital record says 1811, and 23 April 1811 is the date on his gravestone.

Sherman married Malinda Dewolf, who was born 18 March 1817 and died 18 June 1892. Their children were Sophia E. who married William Frost, James Monroe who married Mary Rebecca Linn, Egbert DeWolf who married Mary L. Clapp and Lena Auchstetter, and Adelia Eliza ("Delia"), who married James Benjamin Harrison Thornton.


James Monroe "Roe" Shaw, son of Manley Sherman Shaw and Malinda DeWolf, was born 26 June 1838 and died 26 December 1876.

The image of James Monroe isn't actually a photograph, of course -- it's one of those old sketches or engravings that used to be done back in the middle to late 1800s. This probably represents the way he looked in the late 1860s after he came back from fighting in the Civil War. He could have had a Daguerrotype or something like that taken of himself before he died, but I don't know if he ever did, or if he did that it survived to be inherited by other branches of my Shaws. This is the only representation of him that I've ever seen. I note that he has the Shaw hair -- my grandfather Sherman Linn Shaw II had, and my brother Jason Sherman Olar has, identical hair. I've also obtained a photograph of his younger sister Delia, and you can definitely tell they were siblings: the head is identical in shape, and the eyes, eyebrows and nose are identical.

James Monroe Shaw was married to Mary Rebecca Linn, daughter of George Russell and Abigail (Stinson) Linn. The children of James and Mary Rebecca were Sherman Linn, Grace, George Harry Thornton, Arthur Monroe and Emma Adelia.

Again, this is the only proper portrait photograph of Mary Rebecca in my possession, but I also have a group photo of Rebecca with all of her grandchildren from about 1915. Some of the figurines and knick-knacks in my grandparents curio cabinet (which came to me after my mother's death and my father moved from Dixon down to central Illinois) belonged to Mary Rebecca Linn.


 1 Job Shaw b: 1763/4 d: Abt 30 Oct 1822 (?) m Lucy Sherman b 5 Jan 1768 d 18 May 1813
   Children of Job and Lucy (Sherman) Shaw
   2 John Shaw b: 30 Jun 1790 d: 5 Jul 1880 m Polly Maria Fox (11 Jan 1790-21 Jan 1873)   
   2 Lucy Shaw b: 1792 d: 29 Jun 1824 m Ralph Strong
   2 Experience "Spede" Shaw b: Abt 1795 d: Abt 1855 m Silas Pepoon Tolman  
   2 William E. Shaw b: 28 Aug 1797 m Sarah Aldrich
   2 Job Shaw b: 1799 d: 12 Sep 1858 m Georgianna "Joan" Hunt   
   2 Laura Shaw b: 29 Dec 1801 d: 12 Jan 1855 m Jesse Woodruff   
   2 Keziah Shaw b: 22 Jan 1806 d: 29 Mar 1845 m Joshua Palmer Morgan     
   2 Benoni Shaw ("Benson") b: 31 Jan 1809 d: 20 May 1894 m Angeline Ellis
   2 Manly Sherman Shaw b: 23 Apr 1811 d: 25 Apr 1891
     + Malinda DeWolf b: 18 Mar 1817 d: 18 Jun 1892
        3 Sophia E. Shaw b: 1837 d: 1901 m William Frost b Oct 1832
            4 Frank Frost b: 3 Nov 1866
            4 Malinda Frost b: 11 Feb 1868
            4 Silas Donald Frost b: 3 Feb 1871
            4 William S. Frost b: 22 Sep 1872
            4 Mary Adele Frost b: 27 Jun 1878
        3 James Monroe Shaw b: 26 Jun 1838 d: 26 Dec 1876 m Mary Rebecca Linn
            4 Sherman Linn Shaw b: 5 Oct 1864 m1 Anna Katherine Mynard m2 Grace Esther Bender
            4 Grace Shaw b: 19 Dec 1867 m Charles Taylor Leonard
            4 George Harry Thornton Shaw b: 15 Jan 1869 m Sarah Clark
            4 Arthur Monroe Shaw b: 12 Dec 1870 m Henrietta Otis
            4 Emma Adelia Shaw b: 4 Sep 1873 d: 6 Nov 1883
        3 Egbert DeWolf Shaw b: 6 Aug 1841 d: 21 May 1899 m1 Mary L. Clapp m2 Lena Auchstetter
            4 James Monroe Shaw b: 22 May 1889
            4 Sherman Manley Shaw b: 28 Feb 1893
            4 Alva Benoni Shaw b: 21 Aug 1896
        3 Adelia Eliza Shaw b: 15 Dec 1845 d: 23 Oct 1935 m James Benjamin Harrison Thornton            
            4 Adeline D. Thornton b: 1870 d: 1953 m Edwin A. Pomeroy            
            4 Manly Philip Thornton b: 9 Sep 1871 d: 25 Jun 1947 m Mabel Chandler            
            4 Harrison F. "Harry" Thornton b: abt 1874            
            4 Alice L. Thornton b: July 1880            
            4 Edward Shaw Thornton b: 2 Dec 1882 d: 1929            
            4 Florence Alberta Thornton b: Nov 1889 m Erwin Felhauer
        Shaw family tradition says Job Shaw and Lucy Sherman also had children named Joshua, Patience,
        Welcome, and Sarah ("Sally").  They apparently were born circa 1801-1813.


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