The Love Story of
Zachariah Mathuss & Josie Uhl

Copyright 2004 Contributed "With Many Thanks" by Margaret Gagliardi

PART THREE - Josie and Zach 1869

Zack D. Mathuss
Care Jones & Powers
Freeport, Illinois

Alone in my Room June 24th 1869

My own good Zack
A little snatch of a song keeps coming into my mind very often tonight.  Oh I  m lonely tonight love without you.  For I truly feel lonesome and you only can fill the vacancy. I received Just a little note from you this evening (why was it not longer) saying you were not feeling well. I hope dear you are not going to be sick. I shall feel uneasy until I hear again when will you be home? Saturday morning or evening I asked because there is to be a Sabbath School Picnic on Saturday if it is pleasant and if you do not come until evening I will go that that but if you come in forenoon I will not go for I would much rather spend the afternoon with you. It is Cousin Emma  s Sunday school and it is only to please her that I consented to go.

Well Zack how do you like Freeport by this time?

Just a short time after you left here on Tuesday Mollie came and stayed all night with me. Charley Chandler came up to spend the evening with her. George came and Addie stayed. As you see there was a jolly lot of us. M and C. had the parlor while I had my company in the hall with the moon for a light. It was a delightful evening and we enjoyed it muchly. But how many times I ____myself for your spending your time so lonely that eve. I did wish for you so many times. Zack I did not always miss you when you were not with me, but I do now. When ever I am alone I wish for Zack and so often when company is here that I do not believe I play the agreeable (hostess?) very well. I am writing by daylight and there is so little of it I can scarcely see what I write. I will not write more tonight hoping to see you soon, but wish a prayer and many kisses for my own Zack. I bid Goodnight.

Lovingly your Josie

Dixon (June) Saturday a.m.

My own Darling
I arrived here last night at 10 o  clock and My Dear if it is plesent this afternoon I will be happie to have you take a ride with me as I fear I can not spend the evening with you on account of the Lodge. I would of come up to see you this morning but I was afraid that you would send me word that you could not see me. Now pet answer this and let me know whether you can accompany me or not and at what hour.

I remain as ever your own with Meny Kisses. Zack

Written on Letterhead as follows:
Office of Jones & Powers, Dealers in
Foreign and Domestic Groceries, Coffee, Tea,
Preserves, Canned Fruit, Fish, Meats, &c.
Freeport, Ill.,

June 25th 1869

My own Darling
Your kind and loving letter come to hand this afternoon. I am not feeling eny better. I will not be down this week but will be down next week some time. I would like ever so much to come down but the wether is wet and rainey and the Doctor thinks that I had better keep housed for a few days more. I have ben in the house most of the time since I come here and I have not seem much of Freeport yet. I cant tell you how I like it but will when I come down to see you. Have you heard from your mother and when  s she coming home and how does Man like western life by this time. Harri come up today. I suppose Mollie has gone home before this time. My Dear you must excuse Short letters. I will make up for them when I see you by talking and when I feel better I will write better and longer letter to my good Josie. I will close by sending you meny kisses. Now Dear don  t think that I am worse then I am. It is only a bad cold.

As ever yours. Zack

Freeport June 29th 1869

My Darling
I arrived here on Monday feeling quite well once more. I have not done eny thing yet towards going in to Business here. My man that I was talking about going in with has not vie me eny answer yet nor I don  t think that I will ask him for one eather for I have about give up the Idea of doing eny thing here. I think that I had better go into business by my self than to go in with a stranger for I don  t like Partnership Business eny way and I have about concluded to find a place that I think I would like to make my home and a place that I think My Pet would like and settle down.

What do you think of Dear and then if H & M wants to live where we do theay must come where we are which I have no fears but what theay will as soon as he can settle up here or wind up Business for he has told me that he would go eny place that I went. He sent the letter to Mollies folks on Monday and he is in a hurry for the answer he is waiting with as much anxiety for the answer as I was when I was waiting for some one to give me an answer last fall. I am afraid that his answer will be something like my first answer was. I don  t think that theay will change their mind as soon as my Darling did and then Mr. Dear theay cant be so good to H as you are to me. For you see theay don  t feel toward Harrie as you do to me. Nor theay don  t like him eny way. I think I am saying consiberable about their affairs. I will close this program for this time. I will tell you what the answer is when H receives it if he tells me which he will of corse.

I will stay here the most of this week wheather I conclude to stop here or not. I will go up to Warner? Some time during the week. I have some old accquintances up thare and I m told that it is a nice place for Business. When do you expect Man home. I want to have a chat with him if I don  t get settled before he comes home. I have made up my mind that I will not settle in Dixon and I am sure that will Please you want it my Dear. I will expect a letter from you by tomorrows mail. Well my Darling I will close for this time. I will write you again soon.

I remain as ever your own Zack Mathuss

Zack D. Mathuss
Care of Jones & Powers
Freeport, Illinois

June 30th 1869 Wednesday Morning

My Own Zack
This morning finds me seated by the open windows in my own room putting in force my own promise I made when last I saw you. I shall take this to the office after the train comes in and then will I get a letter from Zack or not. I hope I may not be disappointed will I? How have you been since you left me. I hope you are by this time fully recovered from your cold.

Zack I heard something yesterday that made me feel so badly. I heard that Harry was not temperate that he took his accustomed drink on the sly. I can scarcely credit it but it came indirectly from a man down street who deals in liquors. I hope it is not so for Mollies sake. If such is the case I have lost all confidence in him. It may have been said with feelings of prejudice. I should rather have it so than otherwise. If such is the case be careful Zack.  A person is judged by the Company they keep  . You know and I don  t want your character blotted by his misdeeds. I know you but others do not so well especially my folks. I feel satisfied that he would do you no harm.

I cannot write much more this morning as I have considerable to do. I only had five callers last evening. When are you coming home? If you do not come home this week, I will go out to Mrs. Flicks and stay over Sunday for it is lonesome here without you. But come if you can for I do love you and am always glad to see you.

With many kisses and much love. I am your own. Josie

Freeport July 1st 1869

My own Darling
Your kind and loving letter of the 30 come duly to hand by yesterdays mail and I am sure that you received mine when you went to the office with my letter which was not near as nice a letter as yours was to me. But never mind I will try make up the difference when I see you by talking or at least I will try. Harrie Received an answer to his letter to Mollies folks in which theay give their free concent to their union and my Dear I think that Mr. Wood wrote H a splendid letter and I can assure you that H is feeling finely to day. My Dear I will be down to stay over Sunday with you as I cant make satisfactory arangments with the man here that I talked of going in with and so I dont think now that I will stop here and I dont know when I will be on the next Sabbath at eny rate I dont expect to be where I can visit you. I would like ever so much to be where I could visit you every Sunday at least. Now Pet if you want to go out to Mr. Flecks dont stay at home on my account for I will meet you at the church on Sunday evening. I will be down on Saturday. I will call on Saturday after noon and if you are not at Home I will talk with your Mother in regards to our union. I may not come down on the Passenger train if I dont I will come down on the frate in the evening. If you should go out to Mr. Flecks you would not go until Sunday morning eny way would you Dear. Please excuse my writing with a pencil as my pen is veary poore. I will close hoping to be with you soon.

I remain as ever yours with all of my true love and meny Kisses.
P.S. Pet I forgot to send the Photograph I will bring it when I come.

Howard House Freeport

July 10th 1869 Friday 6 a.m.

My own Darling
I arrived here last evening. I will be at Dixon on the ten twenty train tonight on the I.C.R.R. I left Mollie well yesterday. I will not write much as I will soon see you and tell you all the news I have.

I remain as ever your own with meny Kisses.
Z. D. Mathuss

July 14th 1869

Empire  Mutual Life Insurance Co, of New York,
General Agency for Northern Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin,
164 Washington Street

Orin C. Frost, Manager

My own Darling
I am still here but have not concluded to remain here yet the parties that I come here to see have got out a Ballence sheet which shows to me veary plain that theay are not making eny money and in stead of having out about 900.00 dollars they have about 17 hundred out which theay want me to assure for them but I don  t prepose to Beuy all their bad dets for the sake of getting in to Bisiness. I can tell you more about it when I see you thare. I can write I will look around here tomorow and then I think I will go to Iowa. I am stopping at Mollies. She is gay and Happie and thinks it would be ever so nice if I would come to Chicago to live. I truly hope you are having a nice time at the Picnic to day. I would love to be with you today and this evening so much, mucher but my Love the time is not far distant when we will be together most of the time if not all the time for I am sure as soon as I get settle that you will marrie me and try to make me Happy and I will do all I can in my Power to make you Happy and I am sure that we can live happy if we boath feel that way. My Dear I have red and rered that long letter that I got at Mr. Beckers of yours that went to Rochester & Back and I think it is about the most letter I ever Red. I dont mean in love for you did not write much love in it but it is a nice good letter full of good ides and humen nature. You have written me more loving letters than that one I will admit but my Pet you are not much of a girl to make love or write but I am sure that you will make up for all after we are married for you are all the world to me and I think of you every minute throught the day and all my true love is yours since you promised to me mine and long before. You will please excuse a short letter this time as I have now news of intrest to write to you. I will write you as soon s I get to Iowa and tell you how I like the country and what my prospects are thare. Now Dear write me soon so that when I get to Cedear Falls I will have a letter from you for I do want to hear from your ever so much. I don  t know how long I will remain in Cedear falls. Can tell better after I see the place. I think I will find a place for Business before I come to Dixon but I may change my mind but my Dear I will not change my mind in one thing and that is my love for you.

I remain as ever your own with meny Kisses.

July 14th 1869 Chicago July 18th 1869 Sunday Morning

My own Darling
I know you will be surprised when you receive this letter to find that I am still here. When you think I am out in Iowa but my Dear I am still here. I find severell good chances here for Business and I am not sure yet which I will take but I now expect to try our luck in Chicago. I say our luck for the time is not far distent when we hope to be together for life. I have promised to go to church with Mollie this morning and so I will drop this until I come back. By By with a Kiss.

3 oclock p.m.

My Dear
I will finish this letter this time for I want it to go out tomorrow morning so that I will get an answer on Tuesday for I do want to hear from you ever so much. But I would rather be with you thare eny thing elce now if I could only be with you this after noon and evening and here tomorrow morning. How nice it would be but if I stop here I can come out to see you oftain at eny rate oftener than if was out in Iowa and I am sure you would rather live in Chicago than go to Iowa from what you told me when I was with you last I think we could live nicer in the country than here but if I stay here I will expect to Board. Don  t you think it would be much nicer Dear than keeping hose in Chicago. I want to please you as well as my self Dear. I dont expect to do every thing as I please. I expect to try to please my Darling as oftain as my self. Pet I went to the theater other evening a young Ladie thare saing meet me Darling Josie at the gate. I think it is splendid. Have you got the music. If you have not I want to get it for you and my Dear if thare is eny music that you would like to have don  t hesitate to tell me for I will only be two glad to send it to you. Now Pet write to me soon for I am veary anxcious to hear from you. If I was in Cedear falls to day I expect I would have a letter from my Darling direct to me as before in care of Van Dusen & Sisson.

I remain as ever your own with meny Kisses and all my love.

Z. D. Mathuss
P.S. excuse writing with a pencil as I have no inke here. My kindest regards to all the folks and Nellies folks also. By By.

July 14th 1869

The envelope for this letter was dated Jul 19th. It was originally mailed to Freeport, IL, but was forwarded to 211 South Water St., Chicago, IL. The ink is so faded on this letter even the Xerox of it is very difficult to read.

My Darling Boy
I returned from church about an hour ago { - the next sentences are unreadable - } like myself or as he ___ if studying. { - the next sentences are unreadable - } This is a lovely evening the moon is shining beautifully bright. It would be such a lovely night to sit and talk. I wish you were here. I would rest ___ ____ this pen and ink. I have missed you very much today.

I received your letter from Chicago Thursday evening was sorry to hear that your trip to that place was of so little success. I answered your letter with a very short note on Friday morning which of course you have not received. { - the next sentences are unreadable - }

Zack I hope ___ this you have decided what success you would have with business in Cedar Falls much as I would love to see you I would rather you would not come home until you do decide what you will do. After your visit here the question is so often asked whether you are in business yet and I find it difficult to say why sometimes. I love you and will write to you often so that you will not be quite so lonesome. Dear I have spoken some to mother about our being married at the same time (Mollie and H. ____ and it does not please her I. I don  t know why ____ that she does not like Harry and as her feelings are different from what I desire in regard to our being married I think we had better give up the thought of being married at the same time. Don  t you dear? I think it would only make matters worse.

Our Picnic did not come off because of the rain. The _____ passed off quite pleasantly considering the weather. How do you like Cedar Falls? I should suppose from the name that it must have some pleasant ______. How large is it &c?

It is getting late and I am sleepy so I will not write any more ___ here. I shall expect a letter from you very soon { - the next sentences are unreadable - } Keep up good courage and you will succeed for I do love you { - the next sentences are unreadable - } and do love you a great deal more than I ever thought I would any one.

Good night Dear pleasant and happy dreams. I am only yours. Josie

In my Room July 23 1869

My own Darling
I was veary much disappointed yesterday morning when I went down to 211 and found that you had not written to me. For my Dear you don  t know how dear your letters are to me. If you (knew) I think you would write me every day or three or four times a week. I have not made up my mind what I will do as yet. I have quite a number of different chances. My Dear I am afraid that you are sick or something is rong now. If you are sick at eny time please let me know it and I will come to see you. Now My Dear if you are well please write me on receipt of this note for I want to hear from you veary much for I have not heard from you for most two weeks and truly it seems like two month to me. Has Man got home yet. I have long letter from Harrie yestarday and Mollie recd one also. Theay are veary much devoted to each other. I think he will be in to see her on Saturday or a week from Saturday sure. When you write tell me how your Picnic went off and your sociable. I hope you all had a nice time for boath occasions and had a nice thare. I would enjoyed being thare veary much. I know if you was thare which of corse you was. I don  t know how soon I will come out to see you but I will come as soon as I get settle let be in Chicago or some other place for you know I told you when I last saw you that you would not see me until I was settled at some kind of Business but My Dear if you was sick or wanted to (see) me reail bad I would change that. Give all the folks my Kindest regards. Thare are plenty of nice water mellons in the market here and a most all kinds of fruite. I will try and have some Ink the next time I write to my Love. This letter I will take to the train and mail it on the cars. Please excuse all this time. I am sure that I will get a good letter from you tomorrow morning wont I dea. By by with much love and meny Kisses

I remain as ever yours. Zack 211 South Water St. Chicago, Ill

July 24th 1869 Saturday Evening

Dear Zack
I received two letters from you tonight for which receive my hearty thanks. I have been looking for a letter from you every day. I was afraid to write for fear you had changed your mind and gone elsewhere. I am disappointed at not hearing of your being settled in business yet. I truly expected in your next letter to have you tell me that your time was occupied in business. I hope it may be so soon for I want to see you very much. It seems a long time since you were here and as I do not expect to see you until you are in business. I am quite impatient. I hope the wish to see me will be an incentive to hurry a little more. I hope you may be able to come soon for I am truly very lonesome without you.

Dear I was out boat riding Thursday evening. There were six ladies and three gentlemen. We went in the big sail boat and had a glorious time. But to ease father I promised I would not go on again at night. He feels so very uneasy when I am on the water for fear some accident might happen. So I will have to give that up much as I enjoy it. I am glad that you have sent for those letters. In thinking over it all It seems very much as if I had made a mistake in directing one of them. It seems to me I wrote Ohio instead of Iowa and yet I cannot tell. If I did it will have to go to the Dead letter office before it is returned if returned at all.

I am glad Mollie is made happy by Harry  s visit. I wish I could be made happy by your visit tonight.

Sunday morning

I did not get your letter finished last night because George came for me to go and hear Blind Tom. I enjoyed it so much. He is indeed a generous as far as music his but he is more of an idiot in other things than sane. I wish I had a good share of his music abilities wouldn  t I make good use of it? I think I should.

I had a letter from man last night he is coming up through Missouri. Will be home in about three weeks I presume. He is traveling with his pony and says he will try and bring it home for me to ride.

Zack your letters to me must have been written in considerable of a hurry, for there seem so many words I had to supply with my imagination. In several instances four and five words were omitted. You see I had to think and guess at the meaning but I guess I got it all right. Dear what do you think is the reason I do not want you to come home until you are settled. Please tell won  t you? I do love you and want to see you very much but it all depends upon yourself when I shall see you. Write to me very soon. Dear and I will do them same. With my best wishes for your success I am yours only Pet.

Many kisses excuse pencil Gracie spilled my ink.

In my Room, Tuesday July 27 1869

My own Darling
Your veary kind letter of Saturday and Sunday come duly to hand this A.M. Your letter from Iowa have not yet arrived. I expect them this after noon. I am unsuccessfull in regards to Business. I have plenty of changes but none of them will pay as well as I want them to. I don  t want to go into eny thing unless I can make a living for you and my self for I don  t expect to be in Bussniss long with out you with me. Harrie left here for Home last night. He made quite a visit with his Darling. He was with her every after noon and every evening till twelve oclock while here. He went to church with her Sunday morning and I went with Miss Clark the young ladie I spoke of in my last letter to you. By the way I did not aske her to go. Mollie asked her for me. I also went with her in the evening but my Dear I wished for you all the time. At eny rate I fear I did not make my self veary agreeable to my company but my Dear it don  t make eny difference to me for you are the only one I truly love. Don  t you believe me Pet. I will be able to tell you wherther our home will be in Chicago or not when I write next time to you. My Dear you think I must of ben in a hurry when I wrote you last. I dont know that I was but I know my mind was on you and not writing and I hardly ever read over a letter when write for I always make so meny mistakes that I am ashamed of them but I will try and do better here after for if I dont always please you it will not be because I dont try my Darling. Mollie told me that she had a letter from you this a.m. I wanted to see it but she would not let me have it. I told her that I was sure that you would not care to have me read it. I saw not more than half. Well and to tell the truth I dont feel like writing for I have got the Blues to day bad. I expect Mollie will tell you how dull I am today when she writes to you and my Dear if you will excuse this short letter and writing with a pencil I will promis the next one to be written with Ink and a longer letter. Give all the folks my kindest regards and except my true love.

I am as ever your own Devoted lover. Zack

P.S. write to me Soon Darling. Meny Kisses.

Zack D. Mathuss
211 South Water Street Chicago
Steadman & Co Amboy, Ill.

Alone in my room July 31st (1869) Saturday Evening

My Dear Zack
Your good sweet letter I received this evening. I wish your letters would all be as long, but I am satisfied as it is if it cannot conveniently be otherwise.

I have been to choir rehearsal this evening so that it is quite late now. I only commence this letter tonight will finish it tomorrow sometime. I have had very little sleep nights this week but have taken more than ten minutes naps in daytime on account of Gracie  s illness. Tonight as the first night at home since Monday night I feel quite tired and want a good rest tonight. I don  t know but what I should be jealous if that Miss Clark stayed in Chicago much longer. I am glad she is going away. I don  t want any person to get ahead of me in your affections but then I will not be so selfish. You may go with any young lady you wish. You have given me the same privilege and I use it so that it is perfectly square for you to do likewise. I know you love me very much and I know too that no one without considerable difficulty would occupy the corner of your heart that I flatter myself. I do. Zack Dear do you realize how fast time flies. It is now more than three weeks since you went away from here the last time and three months since you came home. Zack I believe I could have selected several business in that time. Perhaps I would be to fast and pay for in the end, but you say business is to be dropped in our letters hereafter so I will have patience and keep quiet but do hurry. I want to see you so very much. I expect every day to hear mothers or Father ask me if you are in business yet, and I must confess I have answered the questions of much I am run out of answers  so do help me give them a new one. If I could not set myself there I would go elsewhere.

Last night before dark I went with Grace E and Will Johnson up to see the new High School building on this side. Also the new Piano they have there which is quite pretty.

I will bid you Good night and finish this in the morning. Heaven protect my boy  a Kiss

Sabbath evening.

I have just returned from church went with George Thummel  he asked to come in but I politely declined saying  it was not convenient tonight.  Oh Zack. Man came home on the two o  clock train this morning. We were quite glad to see him. He has been gone just two months. He comes home looking about as brown as you did when you first came home. He enjoyed his trip highly, but thinks land speculation is not what it is cracked up to be. He says stock business is the most paying.

Tell Mollie I saw Harry Young and his mother Stedman on the street yesterday and was sorry I had no chance to speak to them. Asa is getting so very fleshy.

Well Dear I have some jolly news to tell you. On Friday evening this week I had a letter from a young lawyer in New York City (a correspondent who very deliberately lays down to me his heart and hand and fortune for my consideration and acceptance. Now Zack hurry up and let me see you settled soon  or I might hich to the Lawyer. I will not frighten you too much as I will say no more. Do not fear that I will accept him before I hear from you again. I will see if you love me yet as much as ever. Just think dear a home in New Y- City would be quite a temptation.

Write to me very soon Zack. I wish so much you could be here tonight instead of Chicago. Where every word that passes between us must be in black and white. I hope to see you soon. Writing does not satisfy me. Good night again Dear. Pleasant dreams.

A big kiss. Your Pet

In my Room Aug 2, 1869

My Darling Josie
Your veary Kind letter of Sunday come duly to hand this A.M. My Dear I would of written to you on Sunday but I was suffering fearfully from my Throat and am not well yet. I was not out of the house all day Sunday nor evening. Mrs. Wood made me some tea which helped me veary much but now I am under the doctors care. I expected to of went out to Freeport to day but the Doctor wanted me to stay here for a few days longer. My Dear I dont think that you need fear me falling in love with eny young lady for all of my love is yours and I am proud to say that. I have went with Miss Clark more than all the young ladies put together since I commenced corresponding with you and I dont expect to go with another one. I hope I may not be situated so that I will be my duty as a gentleman to envite eny young lady to accompany me eny place for I do not enjoy it at all. I have found Miss Clark to be a veary nice young ladie but I would surely not of went eny place with her only for Mollie. And I dont think that it is rite for a gentleman to be flirting around with young ladies after he has made his choice, asked her for her hand and has ben excepted and asspecialy when he has got such a sweet Darling as I have. I hope you will conciter well before you cast me aside and except the New York Lawyer. He can proberly give you a nice home in New York but he cant love you no more than I do. I hope to ease your mind on one subject now veary soon. I only wish that I could do it in this but I can not. I hope I may be feeling much better the next time I write to you than I am now. I would hate to get down sick now veary much. Mollie is getting ready for her wedding. She was Just in my room and told me to tell you that she would write to you soon and tell you all about me. I would dearly love to be with you this evening. I could talk much more than I write and I would rather talk eny time than write. I am glad Gracie is better. I would like to see Man for a few hours and have a chat with him about loan. Give him my regards. Oh what did he say about our engagement. Does it suit him. My Dear your letter of Sunday is a dear good one. I hope all of yours in future may be as good and long. I will haft to ask you to excuse writing with a pencil once more as ink is ____ with me. I heard from you last week through Mr. McPheanan. I will finish for this time. I will write again soon and truly hope you will write to me soon and oftain.

I remain as ever your devoted lover. Z. D. Mathuss

Chicago Aug 4th 1869

My Darling Josie
Your sweet letter of the Second come to hand this a.m. and my Dear I will endevr to do as you request. I will always write to you on Sundays when I am away from you and I would of wrote on last Saboth if I had not ben sick. But I am much better now and hope in a few days to be entirely well. I want to get settled by one week from Saturday so that I can come and see you for I want to see you veary much. I had a letter from Harrie this morning wanting me to come out to Freeport again. I may go out to see him next week. I will not go this week. I suppose you will be in Sterling next Sunday if so I hope you may not forget to drop your dearest friend a few lines to let him know how you are and how you are enjoying your visit which I hope will be hugely. Old Father Dixon left here this a.m. for New York it seems like a long trip for a man of his age. He told us that he left New York City forty five years ago with an ox team to come to Illinois and has never ben back since. He has a Brother thare that he has not seen for twenty odd years. Miss Clark will leave here tomorrow I believe for Ann Arber Michigan. Her and Mollie are veary good friends I think Mollie has told her all about you and my self and all about H & her self from the hints she throws out to me some time. I told her my self that I was engaged to you and showed her your Photograph for I did not want her to think that I was sweet to her. It now six ___. I will go to supper and finish then when I come back. I wish you was here I would like to walk in the dining room with you by my side for I am proud of you and love you beyond all others. By by. Dear My Dear it is now ten oclock. After Supper it was preposed that we would all go over on Michigan avenue to hear the music. They have music. They have music thare for the benefit of the public every Monday. Thursday and Saturday evening and as this was the last evening for Miss Clark. We went over Mr. Curtiss went with Mollie and I went with Miss Clark and of corse the rest of the Boys had to go by ther selves. I mean they had no young ladie to go with. I expect some of them thought that I mite of give way for them but I had a bid my self and you know that I always do as I am asked if I can. I will write you again soon and oftain for I do love you dearly. Mollie will write soon as she is veary busy now making Pillow cases so she tells me. Well Dear I will bid you good night. May you have plesent dreames.

I remain as every your own. Z. D. M

Zack D. Mathuss
211 South Water Street Chicago

In my room Aug 8th 1869 Sabbath Afternoon

My Own
Sitting alone in my room, my thoughts of course wander off to Chicago and my treasure it holds. I have wished so much for your today. I begin to wish I had not told you not to come until you were settled in business for it is so long to wait. Come next Sunday wont you dearest if you can. For I do want to see you so much. I hope it will be as you said in your last letter that you hoped you might be settled in another week so as to visit me. I shall be so happy. I presume you were somewhat surprised to see this letter ____ at home for I said in my last I would be at Sterling. The day before I had it to go a young lady from Frankin came to visit me and is still here so that I was obliged to give up my visit to S. The Friend here will leave on Tuesday then I will go with her as far as Nachusa and visit there the rest of the week but will come home Saturday morning again. Is that if you come I shall be home. I will not stay over Sunday. You say Mollie is very busy preparing for her wedding. Perhaps you would like to know that your Darling is also very busing making pillow cases. Zack I have the new calico for the wonderful event (you wished me to have) will show it to you when I see you. Will not make it up until needed. I think at least hope you will like it. You know you told me to get calico but I did not. Hope this may please you as well.

Well Dear did you see the eclipse yesterday? I did from the top of the Courthouse where we could see it to a good advantage and also for the _____ful shadows or the scenery _____ ____ I enjoyed it so much. Will Johnson took me a up there were ____ other young ladies and a gentleman also. So that there was a very party of us. Well Dear I guess that New York Lawyer stands very little show in these letters of mine for ____ ____ is pretty well ___ ___ already. Please excuse the haste in which these is written. Anna wanted me to go with her for a stroll  her last ____ is Angel. I tell her all that is lacking are the wings. Goodbye Darling. Write very soon to your own Pet. I do love you heaps a Kiss.

George Ball was in town this week. He asked me when I was to be married. I told him very soon.

Bye Bye

Chicago Aug 13th 1869

My Darling
Your kind and loving letter of the 8th come duly to hand on the tenth. I would of answered it soon only for knowing that you was not at home and I expected to come out to spend the Sabbath with you. All week up to yesterday when all of my expectations was blotted out by a disappointment. I had found a Business and mack up my mind to take it yesterday and when I got ready to close the trade I found that I could not get eny lease of the Building and now my Dear I am Just as far from being settled as I was the day I left Dixon. I am ashamed to say so but I am sure that you will think that I am doing right when I meet you and tell you all since I come to this City. I have seen and had over one hundred chances to go in to Business but My Darling I have not saw one that was a safe thing to go into. I mean that I thought I could make a nice living out of for you and my self. I have saw Seventh things that looked favoriable and things that I would of taken halt of if it was not for you but my Dear the chance was grate and if I should of failed in making a success it would of cost me all the ready money I have got and I am sure that you do not want me to take eny changes where I will loose money Just for the sake of getting into Business. I suppose you are aware that Harrie has sold out at Freeport. He is here now visiting his Darling Mollie and my Dear I now have made up my mind to stay here over Sabbath and unless something looks briter to me I will give up Chicago and try some place else. I would dearly love to spend the Sabbath with you but I told you that I would not visit you again untill I have my mind settled on what I was going to do. And I hope you may always find me to be true to you at least I will always try to make my word good to you for god know I love you truly. Mr. Powers left here for Dixon this after noon. I mean Harries Father. He gave me a veary warm invitation to visit him and his family and told me that I always had a home at his house. I hope you are having a nice visit at Nachusa last week I expected you was at Sterling until I got you last letter. And my Dear when your folks ask about me again in regard to Business you can read this letter for an answer but I don  t expect it till be a great while before I will come to see you and have a different answer for this for I must say that I want to see you more than I ever have since I come from M. T. I will write you again on Sunday and tell you where I am going from here. You may write to me on Sunday for your letters are veary dear to me. I have ondly recd one letter this week and ondly wrote one for I expected to of come out to see you. Please excuse all and write me soon and oftain. I remain as ever.

Zack Mathuss
My love to all of your folks a kiss from one who loves you.

Zack D. Mathuss Esq
211 South Water Street
Chicago, Illinois

Home Aug 15th 1869 Sabbath 9 P.M.

My Dear Zack
I have just returned from church heard a right good sermon from Mr. Thummel. I can scarcely tell you my disappointment when I received your letter last night saying you are not _____ here. I expected to ___ ___ that every ___ ____ ___ ___ for your own ___ ___ ___ do that instead of being here alone tonight it should have you very near me. It has made me feel blue all day. It is indeed too bad that your plans should be so blasted. I am real sorry hope you may soon be more successful. It must have been very trying to you to have the arrangements so near completed and then so abruptly cut short. Business must certainly look rather perplexing to you by this time. Of course it is perfectly right that you should be cautious before entering into a business but dear let not the extra expense of keeping me worry you. I propose having a little conscience in the matter so do not fear that I will make the burden greater than you can bear up under. And I do not ask of you to make too great a risk of what you have merely for the sake of bring into business at the same time do not be too choicy for my sake. Do not think I twill make such a very great income to keep me however. I had better not say any thing on this subject. You know for your self all I can tell.

I was surprised to hear of Harry  s having sold out. Why did he do so? Is he trying to get with you? Or did he and Col. Jones get along well together.

Dear much as I would like to see you I love you more for being a man of your word than if you had come home under the circumstances. I do love you ever so much for that because it was a great temptation  a little thing to say but a great think if carried out. I got back yesterday. One morning while gone ___ got up at day break and went blackberry picking  had a grand time and picked lots of berries.

Tell Mollie she need not think because Harry is there and she is very happy that lo poor I am to be forgotten ___ I am waiting anxiously to hear from her  tell her I wan to know how many pillow cases she has made. I will not write more tonight. Write to me very soon and often. Pleasant dreams. Our folks wish to be remembered. Good bye old sweetness. Your Joseph.

Zack I ___ this is a poorly composed letter I have been very sleepy and dull all the time. I will try and do better next time.

Good night. Pet

In my Room Sabbath Afternoon Aug 15th, 1869

My own Darling
This afternoon find me as good as my word to you and that is writing to you. I have ben to church this four noon. I went alone. Harrie and Mollie went together. Will Robinson, Hal? Williams and Geo Ball are all here. Theay all went to the Baptist church and theay are going on the north side this afternoon and wanted me to go with them but I preferred staying at home and writing to you my Darling. Of corse the Trumen Boys are with them. I see by the papers that thare is to be an Excursion from Freeport Pals and Dixon on Tusday. I will expect to see quite a number of the Dixon folks here and I truly hope to see you among the members. I will be in here until Wednesday morning at eny rate as I have one more chance for Business here and want to envestigate it for a few days. If I go to Iowa Henry will go with me. My Dear I expect you think it veary strange that it takes me so long to get settled in Business. But Pet if you knew how difficult it was to get in to eny thing that is paying you would think veary different. I am veary hard to please. I want to be sure that I can make money when I settle in Business. I dont want to loose all I have in a year or so and then haft to go to work on a salary for life. If I was not in love, I would of ben in to Business long a go but in such Business that I stood two chances to loose to one to make and my Dear I feel that it is my duty to be veary carfell what I invest money in for the time is not far distent when I expect to have one more to look after and that one is your self. And now my Dear I want you to be perfectly fair in asking me eny question you wish in regards to my affairs and I will be ondly two glad to answer them for I think it nothing more than rite that you should know all about them. I truly hope it will not be long till I see you and then I can tell you more in one hour than I can write all this afternoon. I cant recilisi (realize?) that I have been back from the mines over three months. Remember me to all of your folks and My Darling have patience and do not dout my love for you. And I will surely not deceive you.

I am as ever your own. Zack

I ondly received one letter from you last week but of corse you could not write while you was visiting and then I expect that you expected me out on Saturday sure but My Dear you must not expect me until you see me or I tell you that I am coming sure. But my Darling I hope to make up for all these disappointments by coming oftain after a while. I hope I may get a letter from you tomorrow but I would rather see you than get a letter but your letters are next to your self to me.

Please write me oftain and believe me as ever yours only. Zack Mathuss

Chicago Aug 24th 1869

My own Darling
I am in my room fulfilling my promise. I have ben veary Busy all day and have not had time to write to you until this evening. My Dear I always have the evenings to my self. Now if I could only drop in to see you every evening how nice It would be. I arrived here on Tuesday morning all wel but found our friend Mollie veary sick but I was in to see her this evening and she is much better. She told me to thank you for the Geranim. I told her to thank me for the present and thank you when she got well. I told her that I had a nice visit with you this last time and I surely did have a splendid one with you. I miss you so much. I hope the time will soon come when we can be together all the time or so that we can see each other when ever we like and I am sure that that will be veary oftain on my side for my Love for you is stranger every day. My Dear our Business is all that I expected on the start or at least it is so far. I hope it may continue as good I feel first rate in regards to our Business. Well my Dear I will tell about my trip home. After I left you I went to Nachusa House and had a Lunch and then Chas Noble and I took some seats out on the Porch to wate for the Buss to come back from Illinois Central and as the Buss did not come down on time we boath went to sleep and when I woke up it was Just fifteen minutes to train time and the Buss had not come and so I started for the depo on a full run for I did not want to be left after hurring away from you and Just as it was at the Illinois Central depot the Chicago train whisled and then I thought I would be left sure but I made my tracks a little faster and when I got most to the train and about out of breth the train started but I kep on and got on Just before the train passed the station house and then to make up for all I could not get a Birth in the sleeping car then I wished that I had not awoke up while sleeping in a chair. My Dear I did not get my letter to day from I was Veary much disappointed but I will surely get it tomorrow morning and this letter my own, I will take to the train and mail it my self so that you will get it tomorrow and I am sure that you will excuse the writing with a Pencil wont you Dear. I will not fail to write you on Sunday and I will try and write a better and longer letter. Remember me to all of your folks and write me soon and oftain for I love you more than ever.

Meny Kisses Zack
P.S. I met Chas Smith this morning on my way home looking well

Zack D. Mathuss
195 South Water St.
Chicago, Illinois Dixon

Aug 31st 1869 Tuesday Evening

My Old Sweetness
How do you do tonight. I hope you are feeling better than I am. I am not sick, but completely tired out. Today we only had ten strangers to Dinner and this evening five, but we have only about two days yet and then we will be at rest again. I enjoy having company very much but when all the work depends on a few, then there is very little comfort or pleasure. Your letter written to me Sabbath afternoon, I did not receive until Tuesday Eve. I looked for it on Monday, but I guess you did not get it to the Office in time as the train leaves very early. But its goodness made up for its tardiness. What nice little ___ you must have in your rooms all alone by yourselves. They must be happy little circles all that is lacking is Josie I presume. Well the chair wont be vacant many years longer will it dear? But Zack when you do think of me don  t think aloud so much. It will not benefit the public any and perhaps do more credit to yourself in society not to mention my name very often.

Of course I mean in your little gatherings where any others besides M & H are. They of course know us so well. That I do not care for you wishing for me in their presence, but with other, keep your wishes mum please. I know you love me dearly and wish for me so often that you do it before you think sometimes. I appreciate your love Dear and love you with all the ardor a heart can. I am yours in heart, for I love you better than I ever have loved any person and that let me tell you is considerable for I have thought I loved several times, but soon found my mistake. You mentioned changing your board. I should think you plan a good one as far as eating and lodging goes but you have very little society. I presume it is considerable cheaper and for a while might do, but I think you would tire of it to keep it up long. As to furnishing a room that would not come amiss to you  when you did stop that way of boarding, for madam Rumor has it now that Zack M is going to be married in the fall and in such a case he might want to furnish his own room to suit himself or does he intend taking his worser half to the restaurant for meals, and continue the same style of boarding.

I am delighted to know that you are getting along so nicely in business. Dear you don  t know what a comfort it is to me to know that you have now something in which to occupy your time. God has given us our time not to idle or spend it in trifling things, but intends we shall improve it for the good of someone. Therefore I like to see people improve every day of their lives to the best of their ability.

I am going down to Aunts on Sunday. I will then tell her that the next time you come (which will be as soon as the moon is nice wont it Dear?) then we will come to make her a short visit. She is very desirous of seeing you so now remember put your best foot forward when we go to make our visit. I wish you were going with me Sunday. This letter is written very carelessly but I don  t feel any other way tonight. Write to me soon. Good night love. May our Heavenly Father watch and protect you from all harm is the daily prayer of one who thinks of you very often and loves you very much.

Good night again with a huge big kiss. Your Pet.

P. E. Kingman - Z. D. Mathuss - H. C. Powers Office of
Kingman, Mathuss & Powers Commission Merchants
195 South Water Street Chicago,

Sept 3rd 1869

My own Daling Pet
Your veary kind and loving letter of yesterday come duly to hand and my Dear I will now give you my excuses for not writing to you Thursday night as usual. Henry and Mollie wanted me to go to the Theater with them which I concented to do and on Thursday morning Miss Asies? Come in to visit Mollie and when Henry got the tickets he got four and I went to the Theater with Miss Aries? And last night I had a young Gentleman to Tea with me and after Supper he wanted me to go on the west side with him to visit some old friends of ours that ust to be in our Regiment. I would much rather staid at home and written to My Darling but I had not met him but once sice I left the Regiment at Helena in 62 and I could hardly refuse him. I have ben so much taken up with My Business that I could not find time to write through the day. I dont go home to Dinner now. Harrie Brings my Dinner to me. I haft to go on change at Eleven and dont get back to the store before half past twelve to one oclock. H is at Dinner now and I thought that I would write you a few lines today and make up for it on Sunday. Some of your questions I will answer in my Sunday letter my love for you has not changed in the least. I wish I could be with you over Sunday but as I cant I will write to you without fail. I may be with you one week from Sunday as My Business will call me to Morrison next week some time I expect and if so I will stop at Dixon and stay over Sunday if you will be at Home for I want to see you ever so much. Remember me to all of your folks and excuse this short letter and I will try and do better on Sunday. I have not left Mr. Woods yet.

Write me soon and oftain. I remain as ever yours truly with meny Kisses.

Chicago Sept 5th 1869

My own Darling
Once more I am as true to you as my promises. I am now in the office of our store. I come up here on purpis to write to you for Henry and Mollie are most likely in my room this after noon. I went to church this four noon with Mollie, Hattie Ares and H and have promised to go this evening and yesterday evening we all went over to Union Park. Now my Dear you dont know how much I would rather be with you this afternoon than to writing to you although it is a grate pleasure to me to write to you for you are the ondly Sadie that I care fore and my mind is on you all the time where ever I am. I Love you more than eny one I ever met and truly hope this time is not far distent wen you will be with me for life My Darling.

Please excuse me but I feel at times that you have not got your mind fully made up as to whether you love me devotedly or not. I dont know why I should feel so for you have promised to marrie me and give your concent for me to ask your Father and Mother which I have done and got their free concent which I am proud of. You told me in your letter that your friend Miss Adams expected to go east but wanted to be at our weding. All I can say in regards to the time we will be married is this. My Love for you has not change I am ready to marrie you at eny time after the first of November or sooner if you prefer it. My Darling it is a big step that we are going to take but you have told me that you loved me in person and all of your letter convince me of your love for me and now my Dear think every thing all over and if you still find that you love me truly and devotedly tell me so in your next letter and the next time that we meet I will set the day for our wedding with your concent. It is usless for me to tell you that I truly love you for I am sure that you was well convinced of that fact long before you concented to be my wife. How much more I would rather of talked over this with you then write but could not talk it over with you in Dixon and me here or I dont expect you are in Dixon. Now I supposed you are at your Ants with Mr. Winn as this is the day set to go I believe. I want to be with you next Sabbath if I can get away on Saturday and stay over Sunday with you and go to Morrison on Monday and attend to my Business. I may not come out before one week from Saturday. I can tell better by the time I write my next letter to you on Thursday if I am not so Bissey that I cant find time to write. We have ben veary bissy the past week. I expect that you are concitenebilly refeind now that the conference is over at your church. Remember me to all your folks and write to me soon and give me your true opinions and tell me Just how you feel in regards to the time of our wedding. My Dear you know how I talk some time and how I feel about marriages and now Pet if I have sed eny thing in this letter that I should not of sed I truly beg your pardon and now my Dear an Earley reply to this letter and the confession of your true love for me will make your own Devoted Zack Happy.

I remain as ever your true lover. Z. D. Mathuss with meny Kisses

Dixon Sep 7th 1869 Tuesday evening

My Dear Zack
Your letter I received last night made me feel badly all the evening. I am sorry that you should have doubts in regard to my feelings for you. I do love you and not once have I regretted my promise to one day become your entirely. What reason Dear have you for thinking as you do? Have I said or done anything by which you could infer that I was changing? Now Dear Zack cast away from your mined those doubts and fears, and in their stead have thoughts full of confidence in me. I certainly should not marry you if I did not love you better than I ever have any other man. We can never be happy if we do not have perfect trust in each other. Our lives would be anything but happy if we doubt each other. Let us be consoled with the thought that we love each other better than any person else. I am happy for you say you love me and I believe you. I am real glad to know that you think of coming home this week. I shall only be too happy to see you.

I want to see you just as often as I can but at the same time I could not ask you to come so often as I would like to have you because you are in business now and your money will be to a greater advantage to you in that than in coming to Dixon so often. The visits are oh so pleasant while here but how badly we dread the parting. I was up to Gracie Everetts this evening and found her sick abed. Zack you are quite a convenience to Mollie when she has company for she can provide them with such a nice escort. I think I would like to make M a visit. Do you suppose she would assign you to me as my gallant. If it was convenient I should try it just for the fun of hoping you for my beau. Well I wont say any more foolishness now. It is quite late and I am tho sleepy and I don  t want to give you a sleepy letter for they are poor enough when awake. So I will big you Goodnight Old sweetness. Cautioning you never to allow such doubts and fears to find resting place in your mind again, for I do love you devotedly and am your own

Darling Pet.

Chicago Sept 10th 1869

I wrote you a short note but I wrote it in such a hurry that I don  t know but I left out half of the words and so I will write you a few lines this after noon. I have just come from the Express office. I took up a Box of Peaches for your Mother. I told you in my note this A.M. that I would send a Basket but I took them out of the Basket for I thought that theay would not get so badly mashed up. I will come out to see you tomorrow afternoon on the Dixon Accomodation. I truly hope I may meet you after I get thare if it is late I expect you will be at the quire reherisel if you are not I will come up by your house if it is late unless notified by you on my arrival at the Nacusa House. Mollie told me last night that she had written to you Miss Aires is on the north side visiting with some one. Ive not met her since Tuesday. Mrs. Plimpton was taken veary sick yesterday but is much better today. My Dear I think that you had better come in and make Mollie a visit and see wherther you can get me for Bean. I think your chance would be good but if you come I would advise you to come soon for Zack don  t expect to remain at Mr. Woods eny longer than he can find a place nearer to his Business in some nice family. Well Dear I am doing well towards writing a note. I will tell you all the rest of the news when I see you which will be tomorrow evening I hope. Give all of your folks my Kindest regards.

I am your own True devoted Lover. Z. D. Mathuss

195 South Water St.. Sept 10th 1869

My Darling Pet
I will come out to see you tomorrow on the Dixon Passenger if nothing happens more than I know of at the present time. I will expect to meet you tomorrow evening after I get in if not at the church. I will come up to the house unless I hear from you after I arrive in Dixon. You must excuse my not writing more this week. I will explain all to you when I get thare. I may come on the noon train but I dont think that I can get away. Your dear letter yesterday made me happy. I will send your Mother a nice Basket of Peaches this afternoon. It is now half past seven and I want to take this to the train for I want you to be sure and get this today.

I remain as ever yours with all my true love and my Kisses. Zack

195 South Water St., Sunday afternoon (Sep 12, 1869)

My Darling Josie
As usial I am in the store writing to you this fore noon. I went up to the South congregation church on Indiana Avinue and from thare I went home with Mr. Kingman my Partiner and took Dinner with him and have just got back and of corse my first duty is to write to you. My Dear I would much rather be with you than writing but that is Imposiable. My next pleasure is to write to you. I was veary much disappointed this morning by not receiving a letter from you. I fear My Dear that you are sick for in your letter to me on Friday you spoke of having a sevear cold. I hope I may get a letter on Tuesday morning telling me that you are well. You see I can get our Monday morning mail on Sunday morning by going to the Post office before ten oclock and I surely expected a letter this A.M. and so Dear you had told your Mother that we was to be married on the third but you did not tell me what she though about you being ready at that time. I feel that you will be for you say nothing about not being ready and Dear don  t fail to tell me in answer to this if not before whether you want to attend Susie McKinneys Partie or not for if you dont want to go I will not come out for another week unless you want to see me reail bad. I want to see you ever so much this after noon. I have not made eny arrangements for Board yet I dont know but what we may stay at Mr. Woods yes this winter and make different arrangements at the store so that I can as well go to Dinner as not. I am to look at some places this week. I may find some place that will soot us better. I hope I may for I would rather Board where thare is not so meny as thare is at Mr. Woods. Mr. Plimptons wife are Boarding at home now Mrs. Cook is gone on a visit for three or four month and so theay have taken their rooms on the first floor room one it is a splendid large room. Have you asked George yet. I hope he can be thare for he is your choice and as for me I have no choice but Dear I will do as you requested me in regard to having our Invatation printed. I will let them remain until you say get them but Dear I hope nothing will prevent our marriage at the time appointed for it. And Dear the time is veary short. I am a little as you say I can hardly realize that we are to be married for Dear my Past life has ben so dark that I can hardly fell that I am to be blessed with one who I love so dearly but I fell that we will be happy with each other, for I love you dearly and I feal sure that you truly love me and where thare is true love thare is happiness and with out true Love thare is no happiness. I sent your pacage by mail which you have got or should of got on Friday. I took it over and mailed on the train for I expected you wanted it as soon as you could get it. Mollie told me when I took your Dress out that if you asked me eny thing about wherther she had money enough to pay for it not for for me to tell you that I liked one dollar and so you never asked me eny thing about it and I forgot to tell you and when I come back I give M a dollar and so the other day Mollie told me that you sent her the money and so she give me back my dollar. I expected to hand in my bill after we was married. But now I cant collect it for you can prove that Mollie paid me my money back. Well Dear I will stop my nonsence for this time as it is getting late and darke here in the office. Remember me to all of the family and your Aunt H and all of our friends and don  t fail to write me on receipt of this letter for I want to hear from you ever so much.

Your own with meny Kisses and all my true Love. Zack

In the Office Wednesday, Sept 15th 1869

I arrived here all safe yesterday at Eleven A.M. I did not come the night that I left you. I waited for the morning train but I have got a fearfull cold so that I have had the head ake all day and yesterday also. Miss Aires is at Mollies agane. She came back on Monday. Expect to stay for a week or two. Mrs. Plimpton is quite sick agane. Mollie is veary anxious to know if I had a nice time with you and how you are. I told her that you was all rite that I saw you at church with a young gentleman Sunday evening and that you was as well and gay as ever. Mrs. Jones wanted to Know all about you and wanted to know why I looked so veary happy. I told her that I had a nice visit and it made me happy for My Dear I did enjoy my visit so much last time with you but I miss you so veary much since I left you. I asked Henry this morning when he was going to be married and who was to be at his weding. He say that he is to be married on the tenth of November and that theay don  t expect to have eny wedding disply and that theay have give up having his father marrie them. He don  t expect to have eny of his folks present at all and then he wanted to know when we was to be married. I told him did not know nor I don  t know do I Dear for I am waiting for you to say wherther it will be before Henry & M. or before (after). I will expect a letter from you tomorrow morning and perhaps it may say something on the subject. I truly hope it may for Dear I do Love you devotedly. I have not had time to look after them chairs nor carpet for John but will soon. I will write you on Sunday sure. Remember me to all of your folks and write to your own soon and oftain. I have not found eny place to Board yet. Tiler Smith advertised for me on Sunday but made a mistake. I wanted it with in 8 or 10 minits walk of wells St. Bridge and he put in the tribune with in 8 or 10 minits walk of the Post office and of corse it was of no conciquence to me. Well my Dear Please excuse all and remember by day night for a I truly Love and think of you all the time.

I remain as ever your own with meny Kisses.


Zack D. Mathuss
195 South Water St. Chicago

Dixon Sep 20th 1869 Monday Morning

My Dear Zack
Yesterday I did not have an opportunity to write the long letter to you that I expected. My uncle and his family came home from church and stayed all day, and last night I was so sick with headache that I felt more like going to bed than writing. I know my dear would have told me to do the same if he had the advising to do. I am sorry you caught so bad a cold. Hope you are fully recovered ___ this you must put off getting sick until you have someone to take care of you. I am glad to know Mrs. Jones and Mollie are so deeply interested in me. I hope they may always continue so. Remember me to both of them please and tell them I think of them often. Zack you say that Hand M (maybe Harry and Mollie  but sure does not look like it) are not going to have any person at their wedding. I presume they mean they will not even have bridesmaid. Now Dear if he says nothing about having you to stand up with them don  t ask him to stand up with us for as far as I am concerned there are other that I should prefer in order to please the folks at home. And if he don  t ask you, you are under no obligations to him. I am surprised that even his folks are not to come. No Dear you need not tell him when we will be married for you don  t  Know. But Darling I do love you dearly and I am doing my best to please you. In a week or ten days I shall be better able to decide. I will see what progress I can make in that time. I am real happy. I look forward to our future with a great deal of happy anticipation for I believe you are good and always will be good to me. I told Nellie a few days ago that if you always loved me and treated me as kindly as your do now I should be so very happy. I only hope and pray that I may always do my duty toward you.

Have you changed your boarding place yet or will you wait to hear what I have to say. Zack I think it would be ever so nice to furnish our own rooms. Then we will feel more at home with our own things. You know it will never come amiss for we will keep house some day. As to room or rooms you can suit your own convenience of course it would be pleasanter to have small bed room and sitting room. But you may not be able to get that at a convenient place so suit your own dear self and I will say Amen.

Our Picnic passed off very nicely. The day was beautiful and I enjoyed myself nicely our principle game was croquet.

When are you coming home again. I wish you were going to be here this week we would go to Sterling to the Fair which is held from Tuesday to Friday or Thursday. I presume will be the closing up day, but we cannot always have things as we like or I should have you with me all the time.

Mr. Waldron was up here two days last week. He was very inquisitive about you. I did not give him very much satisfaction. He did not like very much the way I acted I guess for I payed no more attention to him than to the other boarders. I told him he asked too many questions.

The folks all wish to be remembered to you. I dreamed last night I was in Chicago and at Mr. Woods and the folks all treated me so coolly! I did not see you, but wondered why I did not. I awoke before I had done dreaming.

I must not write more this morning. Good bye.

May Heaven protect my boy. Ever yours, Josie

195 South Water St.Sept 21st 1869

My Darling Josie
Why did you not write me on Sunday as usial. Are you sick if you are please inform me by first mail and will come out to see you. I have ben troubled all day thinking that you was sick or some thing was rong with you. You don  t know with what anxiety I will wate for the mail tomorrow morning for I will surely hear from you then.

I remain as ever your own devoted Lover.

Zack M.

195 South Water St. Sunday Morning 9 A.M. Sept 26th 1869

My Darling Josie
As usial this morning finds me at the veary plesant task of writing to the one I Love but I would much rather be with you this morning than writing but as that can not be of corse I am writing. I am here in the office al alone. I did think some of starting out on a trip through the country this week. I will not go now as we got a man to travel for us and of corse I will not go but my Dear I may take a short trip alone Saturday and if I do I will stop at Dixon for that is about as far as I will get and that will be ondly to see you. Mollie & Harrie are having a nice time for the past week. Theay have ben together every evening till Eleven oclock as M has had not company. Miss Aires is on the west side visiting is to come up to Mollie on Tuesday and I think Miss Kittie Loveland is to be here this week to make Mollie a visit. I wish it was Josie instead of eny of them. Last evening we had a gay time in Mrs. Jones room. We had an oyster Supper and fruite. The number of our part was five M & H, Mr. & Mrs. Jones and Zack and if Josie had ondly ben thare the party would of ben compleate. At eny rate it would of ben to me and I am sure that it would of ben to the rest of the partie for theay all think Lots of you and make meny enquiries about you. I am sure that you would be pleased to see Mollie & Harrie comeing to their meals together. Theay don  t pretend to come to the table unless theay are together. Theay act just the same as though theay was man & wife and if a stranger should see them coming in the Dining room they would think them to be man & wife. Well it will not be long before theay will be and I wish theay was now for they seem to think so much of each other. You spoke in your letter that summer was gone and cold fosty evenings in start which is veary true for it was veary cold here all day yesterday and no better today. I see quite a (number of folks) on the streets with their over coats on this morning. I advertised for a boarding place on the north side and I truly hope I will find a nice place where we can have a nice home in a nice family for the time is going veary fast and wish the time was not so near winter but I am glad that the time is so near when we will be together for life for I do love you Dearly. Now Dear don  t fail to write me oftain & today for you don  t know how much I am disappointed when I don  t get your letters regular. Businiss has been veary good the past week. Remember me to all of your folks.

I remain as ever your own devoted Lover with meny Kisses.

Your own Z. D. Mathuss

Dixon Monday Oct 4, 1869

My own Darling
I leave at 10:35 a.m. for my Home in Chicago. My Dear don  t say eny thing to you Mother about the day of or marriage until you hear from me at Home. I want to find out what Harries Ideas are about having me at his wedding and I am told that the trains does not conduct at Nundota in the night but I will find out more in Chicago and write you all the perticulus soon. I am Happy Dear. Now Dear don  t tell George Thummell about our Marrage until after you are convinced that he will stand up with us for you know that it would not be rite to have him know all and then refuse to stand up with us and then to ask Charlie and Susie? after he had declined let me hear from you soon.

I am ever your own devoted Lover with meny Kisses. Z. D. Mathuss

In my room alone Tuesday Oct 5 1869

My Darling one
I arrived home yesterday after safe but I have ben so veary bisey to day that I could not find time to write you. To night I felt that it was my duty as well as a grate pleasure to write you a few lines for I am sure that you will write to me so that I will get it tomorrow morning. I had nice company from Dixon to Chicago. Mrs Stiles come in with me. You may think that we are making regular trips together now but my Dear it is not the case. Afer I got home yesterday I went out on the north side to look at some Boarding houses. I found one veary nice little home like place in a private family but the room is furnished and the folks want 20 per week with wit out fine which would be about 4 more and then I find another house with sets of rooms not furnished but I find that the man is disaped and My Dear I don  t want to get in a family where al is not plesant and so I will let the Boarding house rest for a few days. I think we can find a nice place after a while. I would like to be clost by when you are asking Gene? to stand up with us. My Dear don  t fail to give me all the names that you wish to be present at our wedding for I want to get them all ready before I come out agane so that if theay do not suit I can have them printed over again. Have you heard from your Aunt yet. I asked Harrie this morning who he was going to have at his wedding and he told me no one except me and Mollies folks. Why sais I do you think I would come with out my girl who says He. I expect Mollies will ask her. We now Harrie don  t know as eather of us will be thare and now if you will promis me truly to keep my secret I will tell you something that you dont dream of and so he promised me to not tell M or no one elce until I have him permission and then I told him that we was to be married on the third of November and he did not know wherther to believe me or no and even asked me on the home this after noon if I was telling the truth and I told him to keep mum and wate & see on the third of November. Well Pet I will haft to ask you to excuse me writing with a Pencil again for thare is no Ink here and I dont like to Borrow of my nabors. Has your fater got home yet. And now Pet write me soon and oftain. Remember me to all of your folks. I remain as ever your own devoted lover. Zack. We dear are you happy.

Good night with meny kissus

Zack D. Mathuss
195 South Water St.

Home Oct 6th 1869

My Dear Zack
I did want to write to you last night and mail it this morning, but could not. I took a fresh cold Sunday night and it settled in my throat which made it very sore ever since. Yesterday Mother was afraid I was going to have dyptheria and sent for the Dr. but his morning it is some better, at least I can eat again and that is a good symptom, is it not? When you little note came I was not in consequently could not answer it, but dear it came too late. I had already mentioned it to Mother but not as a settled thing. I only asked what she thought of that time. I do not consider it settled until I hear from you, which I hope may be today. Do not have the invitations printed until a few days before you come out, for fear something might happen to prevent our being married on that day. I will make out a list of those I wish to invite and you can do the same for your have many friends that I don  t know. You cannot tell how many to get until we do have a list. Dear this all seems like a dream to me. I cannot realize it, nor will I until after I am married, but I am happy and so well contented. I hope I may always be so and you too Dear. I pray that I may be able to do my duty aright toward you, and that we may have a good share of lifes happiness. (Wednesday evg Man has just been in and brought me a dear letter from you. I am so sorry you will not get this letter today as you expected. So you have told Harry all about it. Grace was up this evening and I asked her if she would take Mary Addams place, when I was married, but told her I would give her the time in good reason for her to prepare. She very willingly consented & seems to be quite well pleased with the thought. I dread asking George, but if I can bring it around in a jest it wont be so difficult to do. I heard he was going to school teaching this winter. If he does I don  t think he can serve very well. I will find out.

Zack I have some what changed my mind about gloves. I think While for groom and groomsmen would be very pretty, do not get them before you come to see me and I will think it over and find out which would be best. I wish you were with me this evening. We could talk it all over so nicely.

I am so sorry the trains do not connect at Mendota. What can we do? Where do they connect?

Zack dear, please excuse a poor letter. My mind is very much confused. I cannot think of anything. Write to me soon. Father got home today. Goodbye dear. God bless my boy is the prayer of one who loves you sincerely.

Your Pet

195 South Water St. Chicago Oct 7, 1869

My Darling Pet
I was veary much disappointed this a.m. at not receiving a letter from you. I received a note from Miss Susie McKenney asking me to her Partie on the 14th. I now think that I will come out as I will want to see you about that time that is if My Darling will go with me. I have not made eny arrangements for Board yet. Dear will you find out about how long we will haft to wate at Mendota to make connectiosn on the Burlingotn road coming in to Chicago. I think that I will have our Invotations printed that we will be married at 8 oclock on the third of November at the church and now Dear if eny other hour suite you better let me know for I want to have them printed the first of next week so that I can bring them out with me. I had a chat with Mollie last evening. She feels veary bad that you have not told her when we was to be married and dont think that you do not trust her as much as she does you for she says that she has told you every thing about her and Harries affairs and thinks that you should tell her all our affairs. Now my Dear let me hear from you soon and eny sejestion you may make in regards to our Marriage don  t hesitate let me know them for I am ready and willing to do as you think best. Remember me to all the family & Nellies folks and answer this soon s you get time after you receive this and much oblige your own Devoted Lover.

P.S. I would write more but I am here all alone. Mr. K. & H are at Dinner. Well Dear are you happy. I am. Meny Kisses

In my room Tuesday Oct 13th 1869

My Darling Josie
Your veary kind and loving letter come to hand this a.m. but Dear I have ben so veary busy all day that I could not get time to write to you and this evening it is so veary cold in my room that I will cut my letter short but will write you more soon. I am willing to call it the forth in stidd of the third. Mollie was every so much pleased this evening when I got home. She told me that you had told her that we was to be married on the third or forth of next month and that Grace had sent in for a Dress for the occasin. Now Dear I have made up my mind since I received you Dear letter this morning to not come out this week to the Party but wate and come out one week from Saturday and Dear if you have not asked George yet let it remain as it is until I come out and I will ask him. I will send out two forms for our invotations and see which one you like best if eather of them and you can send back the one you like best or if you have a form that you like better don  t hesitate to send it to me. These are two that I made up my self thare are quite a numb of different form. I will write to Man soon and ask him to do me the honor of standing up with us but for George I will not write or say eny thing until I see you. Hattie Ayres is here. She expected to of come out with me on Thursday but told her this evening that I was not going this week. The time is passing veary fast and my Dear I hope you may be ready to be mine for life at the appointed time for I love devotedly. I will have our Invotation printed as soon as you make your choice and tell me which you like best which will not be long will it Dear. I will not send eny except to Montana before come to Dixon. I think it will time enough after that for all the rest. I think we will have quite a large wedding. I will have our hundred Invotations printed and the same number of cards. I think that will be enough don  t you think so Dear. Now Dear write soon and oftain. I will wate to you agane soon. I am not made eny different arrangements about board yet in fast I have not got time to look as I should have but my Dear I will do the best I can and I am __ that you will be __. I will close for this time hoping to hear from you soon. I remain as ever your own devoted lover with meny Kisses.

P.S. I send compliments and regrets to Susie to day.

Miss Josie E. Uhl
Dixon, Illinois
Friday Evening Oct 15th 1869

My Darling
I did not write to you last evening as usial as I had written to you on the day before. Your dear good letter of the 14 is at hand. I have told Mollie what the number of your Gloves are. Is Charlie & Susie married. I hard think that theay are but that was the first thing that went through my head when I received Susie note and Mr. Hall told me that Tiler Smith was going out to the party. My Darling our time is veary short now. I now wish that I had of come out to the party and stade over Sunday with you but Dear I will wate one more week and then come to see my Darling Girl once more before I come to claim her for life. I will have our invotations Printed as soon as I hear from you and you tell me which form you like best of the two I send you or one of your own get up. I hope to hear from you tomorrow morning so that I can have them printed on Monday for the ones that are gong to Montana and at a distance must be sent the first of the week. Well my Dear are you still happie I will advertise for Board for us on Sunday or for Man & wife which will means Josie and my self. I can Board at the Metrepolitian Hotell as cheap as we can board at Mr Wood but I don  t like the Place at all for your Know that is a large Hotell and would not be like home at all. Oh how I would like to be with you this evening Dear. I will cut my note short this evening as it is veary cold here in this room. Harrie is in M room where he is every evening and me poor me here in my room alalone and my own Dear one hundred miles away but it wont be long until we will be to gether to part no more this winter. I mean so but what we can see each other by a few minutes walk now wont that be rail nice dear. Remember me to all of your folks and our friends in Newell.

I remain as ever your own with meny Kisses and all of my true love. Z. D. M. P. S.

Write me on Sunday sure Dear I will try and do better on Sunday.

Good night Dear  a Kiss

Zack D. Mathuss
195 South Water St.

Alone in my Room Oct 17th 1869

My old Darling
Your dear letter of Thursday evening ought to have been answered immediately, but dear I could not find the time to do it. I have been so busy this last week that much has been left undone that would other wise have been attended to. Sadie stayed with me until Friday.

I like both invitations very much, but the Second the best. Would not the printers know better than we, the best form for invitations. Zack I don  t think it necessary to have cards to be sent after the wedding. Besides it is very troublesome. Don  t you agree?

Zack you are good to let me have my own way about  the day  . I hope it may be a pleasant day. I have said nothing to George because he has not been in town this last week and of course have had not opportunity. I am not afraid to do it if I have a good chance.

Zack have you any other friend here in town that you would ask, if you did not G. If not why not get some good friend of yours from C. It matters not to me if he is a stranger only so he aint too stylish. You know such an one as Frost might not suit the country nor the country him.

Susies party passed off very nicely there were about one hundred present. A very fashionable party as I heard lots of frills.

This is such a pleasant day I wish you might be here. We could take another walk. I hope it may be pleasant next Sunday then you may take your last walk with Josie Uhl for I do not believe there will be another opportunity.

Helady told me last week that the town was full of talk about my getting married. I think people are deeply interested in us don  t you?

Dear, about those invitations when the wedding takes place at home. The parents name is mentioned at the head instead of the bride and groom. I don  t know how it would have to be in the church. You had better ask the printer he can tell better.

Mollie says in her letter that she is so glad I will be with her before she is married. Will they come out do you suppose? I have not seen or heard from Aunt Susan since we were down there. I wish she would come up. I would like to see her next Saturday afternoon. I have invited my Sunday School Class up here to spend the afternoon. They can only come on Saturday as they go to school. I will not say anything to them of course. I will tell them the Sunday following  poor children  I hate to tell them then.

Zack will you come out Saturday noon or evening. If you come Saturday evening you must not leave Sunday night for there is work to do for you my lord. You of course must Suit your own time for it. Of course I cannot be with you Saturday afternoon and our Choir does not meet in the church any more and I will not go any more at least not that night.

Write to me soon Dear. I want to see you so badly. Only one week and then you will be with me. That makes me happy. Good bye dear. Be a good boy.

Your own Josie. Many love and much Kisses

I am in my room Past 7 Thursday evening Oct 21, 1869

My Darling Josie
I am thinking of your most dearly this evening if it was our hour later it would be just two weeks to minutes till we will be marrid. I am happy with your love and am sure that you are all I expet in a wife. I truly hope I may be all that you expect me to be. My Dear I wish that you know from child hood and then you surely would not be deserved in me. I would like so much to be with you this evening. I have one of my blue streaks this evening and I am sure that if I was with you all the blues would disappear veary soon. I am not veary well and every thing has went rong with me at the store today with our Business. I have hired a salsman today and now I will not have so much to do. Your loving letter come duly to hand this a.m. but my Dear I cant come out before Saturday afternoon or I may not get out before Saturday after noon for my Printing or engraving will not be done before Saturday after noon and I want to bring the Invotations out with me when I come. I will drop you a note on Saturday morning and let you know when to expect me. I have found a veary nice place to board on the north side five blocks from My Business. A nice Small set of rooms for 20 dollars per weeks. Gas fire free in a private family only one Boarder besides the family. I am going to look at some more places tomorrow. I may find a place that soots me better or that will soot us better. I wish that you was here to look at the rooms and house and family and then you could take your choice of them. I had eny quantity of ansuers to my advertisement on last Sunday. My Dear I will haft to make my letter short this time as I have made an engagement to go down to the Midicakell collage this evening. I will tell you all about the Boarding houses when I come out. I will write more tomorrow morning before Breakfast. Good night Dear. Henry Powers is here by my side reading. Mollie out in town with her mother after something be he will soon be with his darling M for I hear her talking some place. I wish I could be with my Darling for a few hours tonight.

By By.

P. E. Kingman - Z. D. Mathuss -H. C. Powers
Office of Kingman, Mathuss & Powers,
Commission Merchantes,
195 South Water Street

Oct 21st 1869

My Darling Josie
I will be out tomorrow after noon on the Dixon Passenger. I cant come eny sooner as our Invotations will be engraved before tomorrow at two P.M. and I want to bring them out with me. I wrote you quite a letter yesterday evening but will not send it as I can tell you better about every thing than write. I am not veary well for severell days Past. This morning I have a fearfull head achake and cold. I hope I may be better tomorrow for I don  t want to be sick while I am with you. My Dear please excuse this short letter. I will explain all when I come out tomorrow evening. I will come up to see you after I get in if it is late of corse you will expect me. I think the train get to Dixon about (8.40) or about that time. I will stay over Monday with you or longer if you wish me to. I must cut my letter short or I will miss the train and I want this to go on the train this morning so that you will know when to expect me. I think I have found a nice place to Board on the north side. Good By My Dear. I will surely be out tomorrow evening.

I remain was ever your own devoted lover with meny Kisses. Z. D. Mathuss

26 October 1869 9 A.M

My Darling
I have seen our friend George. He declined as he can to be here and now our True friend Mr. Robinson will take the Part. He will call on you and Grace and talk over affairs. He will attent to the delivery of the Invotations that you have. I go this morning.

Your own devoted Lover. Zack P.S. write me soon Dear

Zack D. Mathuss
195 South Water St. Chicago

Thursday morning (Oct 28, 1869)

My Own Zack
I have only time to write you a short letter this morning for Ellen? Soon starts to school and I want her to carry it to the Office. I did not answer your note Tuesday for I supposed you were at the depot by that time it being near ten o  clock. I am very well satisfied with Will Robinson but was dreadfully offended by George  s refusal. George has said nothing to me but he told Grace that it was owing to the way you asked him that he did not accept. He said from the way you asked he rather supposed that it was immaterial to you whether he accepted or not that you preferred some one else. He wanted to be coaxed that  s all, and I am glad you did not coax him. Will has not been up yet, do not suppose he will come before he wishes. The invitations. Man would have attended to them without troubling him. You can direct Ann Arbor University Mich and Charlie will get it all straight. You may also send one to Perry Walker, Dixon (and family). And send George  s so he will get it on Saturday for he commences teaching on Monday. Dear the time is getting shorter and shorter only one week today and I leave this state for the State of matrimony, but I am not sorry for I am happy as a big sun flower. Give my love to Mollie. Tell her the gloves suite nicely and I am very much obliged to her for her trouble. I must not write more this morning. Will write a longer letter to you on Sunday. I do love you Dear. Good bye.

Ever you own Josie

P.S. I presume by this time some of the invitations have been received.

Zack D. Mathuss
195 South Water St. Chicago

In my Room Oct 31st 1869

My Own Zack
I have just returned from church. Bade adieu to Mr. Trimper preaching for a while. I have much to tell you of today. My biding the class get a new teacher &c. Zack I think I will be missed her considerable particularly in the church, fir I have always taken the lead in every thing for a long time. Miss Addie Clute? was here and stayed all night with me last night. She had much to say. Gracie, has been staying with me considerable. They are coming in for their share before I am yours for Keeps. I was over to Sister Katies this afternoon. That is why I did not write you then.

Zack I think yes I know that George regrets very much that he refused you. I will show you some letters I have received this week from him. He was up here last night a few moments and he said he was very sorry that he was not going to take Will Robinson  s place.

Dear who told you to wear a white necktie? Do you mean John Bennett, if so he don  t know and I would not do it. White vest and gloves is sufficient, don  t you think so? Man asked Mr. Trimper today if he would assist in the marriage ceremony. Ah, Dear it is a fixed thing now, only four days more. Oh Dear  I am to be sold so soon  I don  t realize it even now. But I think I will in a week from now. I am not afraid to think of the time for being yours for life is so near at hand, for you have my whole heart and I trust my all in your Keeping. I believe I love you more every day for I begin to feel what would life be without my boy, and Dear this will undoubtedly be the last letter you ever shall receive from Josie Uhl  but hereafter when you do receive letters from me there will be a closer tie than friendship. Chain that links two hearts in unity and long may they beat in unison.

Dear, Nellie and John would like very much to have you come right to their house and stay there until Thursday night when we will both take our departure. It will not inconvenience them at all. Would like to have you come. She also adds that she cant let me go until you ask her. Zack my fire has gone down and it is getting quite cool. I will stop for tonight but will add more in the morning if I have time. If I do not please pardon me and love. Your own Darling Josie

P.S. Zack the question of the day now is are you invited to the wedding.

God Bless and protect you.

Monday Morning

Well Dear this is a beautiful morning. The sun shines clear but cold. I do hope the weather will continue pleasant for the remainder of the week. Zack as you are not well I do not like to see you loose so much rest as you will by coming out Tuesday night. Perhaps you had better come on the morning train which arrives here at noon. Would that suit you. You know we will loose all Thursday night too and I am afraid it is too much for you not being well. I don  t want you too get sick and I think you are very near it now. I will not have very much liberty Wednesday morning anyway, but in the afternoon hope to have more.

Zack, Father was fifty years old last week, and received from Man a real nice side watch and chain, a nice present. I will not write more this morning. I dreamed I was in Chicago last night but did not see you. Could not find you.

Goodbye my boy. From your loving Pet

Mr. Z. D. Mathuss & Miss Josie E. Uhl
will receive the congratulations of their friends
at the Lutheran church Dixon Ills
Thursday Eve Nov 4th 1869 at 8 oclock

Wedding - Dixon newspaper date unknown but in Nov 1869

On Thursday evening last the Lutheran Church was the scene of one of those joyful occasions which people usually experience but once during life. Mr. Zack Mathuss and Miss Josie Uhl appeared at the alter and promised to double their joys and divide the sorrows. The bridesmaids were Miss Grace Everett and Miss Sarah Fleck, and groomsmen W. C. Robinson and Emanual Uhl. The marriage ceremony was performed by Rev. Wm. Uhl, father of the bride. We might, if we chose do a little moralizing with regard to this matter, but lack the experience.

From Margaret Gagliardi:

Well folks, I hope you have enjoyed the story of Josie and Zack. Some of Zack's letters have been quite challenging to type and I am sure for you to read, as his spelling was quite poor. But I think for the most part we all got the gist of what he was saying. James and Martha Ann (Burgess) Mathuss had a total of 7 sons, but only their oldest, William, and the 3rd child Zachariah survived to adulthood. Zack was born 12 Nov 1841 in either Ashton or Snow Hill, North Carolina. In the 1850 Census, he and his family are living in Union County, Illinois where his mother died in 1852 and his father in 1855. Zack was just 13 years old and thus the lack of a good education. Having to support himself, at this young age he found his way to Dixon, Lee Co, IL and worked for the railroad. In 1861 he joined the Union Army at Dixon to fight in the Civil War as a Private of Company C, 13th Regiment of Illinois Volunteer Infantry. However he was found to be suffering from Chronic Hepitatis and was medically discharged in 1862.

It must have been at this time that he and Josie became interested in each other and then Zack was off to Montana Territory to make his fortune as you see. After they were married, Josie moved to Chicago with Zack for a short time. By the time of the 1870 Census dated 4 June 1870, they had moved to Cairo, Alexander County, Illinois and Zack went in business with his brother-in-law Emanuel C. Uhl (Man). I am not sure what happened to Harry Powers or the other gentlemen he was in business with in Chicago. But from Zack's pension file I see that they moved back to Chicago and then in 1878, they left Illinois and moved to Shenandoah, Page Co, IA, where Josie's other brother, Jonathan Uhl, and his family had moved also.

Evidently, Josie either had a baby and lost it at birth or had a miscarriage as there were no children born to she and Zack that survived. I saw a diary entry that talked about her "great loss". They decided they wanted to adopt a child and went through the American Educational Aid Association, Room 41, 230 La Salle Street, Chicago, Illinois, to find one. They found a child whose mother was dead and her father, who was a lawyer, was found to be in the Illinois State Prison for forgery. Through a lot of letter writing, he gave up the child and she became Mary Uhl Mathuss. Unfortunately she died from consumption at the age of 17 in 1903, and I am sure that her death was a complete heartbreak to Josie and Zack.

Josie, after they were married, must have gently helped her husband to improve his spelling and the manner in which he wrote his letters, as those that I have read in later years were perfect in every way. About 1884, Josie and Zack moved to Los Angeles, California. Josie helped with the establishment of the Y. W. C. A. for which both she and Zack were very involved. But Zack truly made his way in life, as he got into real estate and insurance and by the time he died, they were very wealthy. Zack ran, and won a position on the City Council for Los Angeles and was very involved in both civic and social matters. He was also involved with the Fire Commission.

Zack died on 24 March 1923 at the age of 81 years, and his beloved Josie on 16 July 1926. She was 79. They are buried in Rosedale Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA.

The following article certainly tells of Dixon folks.

Dixon Ensemble
Los Angeles, Cal., Mar 29, 1899
(Editor Dixon Telegraph)

Mrs. Z. B. Mathuss, of No. 1129 West Seventh street, this city, formerly Miss Josie E. Uhl of Dixon, Ill., is one of those terrestrial angels, who cannot be contented unless doing special things to enhance the pleasure of her friends. She found an opportunity to gratify this lovely characteristic on Tuesday, March 28. Knowing there was quite a number of ladies in the city who had at some time or another been residents of Dixon, she rightly guessed that an afternoon together would give each and every one pleasure, besides the pleasure she would gather in entertaining them. So she laid her plans and sent her invitations; and the guests all responded in work and in deed; and the party was a complete success.

She named the luncheon "Dixon Ensemble". It was given in honor of Mrs. Mary A. Noble of Dixon, Mrs. Frederick Fisher of Chicago and Mrs. E. K. Sibley of New York.

The guests with one exception had at some time resided in Dixon, and though some, to other some were strangers till this day, in a few moments were, to all intents and purposes, old friends. The house was made beautiful and fragrant by the presence of lovely flowers. The decorations were elaborate and unique. In the reception hall palms, smilax and red roses caught the eye of the entering guests. In the parlor, smilax, in empire wreaths, graceful bow-knots and festoons, adorned the walls, and intertwined in the grillwork over the archway. On mantel and tables roses and carnations in profusion completed the color scheme in pink and green. The library was gay in golden poppies, yellow marigolds and many potted plants.

The dining room was a marvel of beauty. Here all was purple, rich and royal, significant of the approaching Eastertide and brought into pleasing prominence by the background of the ever serviceable, ever-graceful smilax. The mantel was resplendent with cineraries; the buffet, with iris. The chandelier regal in broad purpose satin ribbon, held aloft a large ball of magnificent purpose pansies.

The luncheon was served on small tables. Those intended for the young ladies were set in the library. On these a generous boquet of California violets was laid for each young guest. Each of these tables was ornamented with a center piece of Battenburg lace over yellow satin and the central boquet was of yellow pansies.

The tables in the dining room were made pretty in the same way; only the satin under the Battenburg, and the pansies of the central boquet were purpose. The place cards were pansies in water-colors, with a poetical sentiment on the reverse.

Besides the guests of honor, those present were Mesdames Charles Parsons; George Whitney Sibley; S. S. Williams, Sarah McVay; John Maltman; Homer Plimpton, of Perris; Wm Uhl and J. H. W. Bennett of Monrovia; Albert Johnson; Ellis Hampton of Prospect Park; Jonathan Uhl of Shenandoah, Iowa; F. Upham of Santa Monica; the Misses May Plimpton of Perris; Kathryne McCasky and Harriet McCasky of Chicago; Ione Parsons; Pearl Wood Powers of Chicago; Grace Hampton of Dixon, Ill.; Emma McVay; Mary Santee; Emma Johnson and Theresa Maltman. An Appreciative Guest.

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