60th Anniversary

Contributed by Margaret Gagliardi
Let to right - top row:
C. E. Fuller, Butte, Montana, Co E
J. E. Gray, Co C
Elliott Pritchard son of Lieut Prichard, Co H
A. H or W Adams, Co B, Almond Mi
C. H or W or N Snyder, Co A, New York City, NY
Hazel Noble Clirdince?, Dixon
J. B. Lowry, Co H, Danville, Ill

Middle Row
C. W. Harrison, Co F, Omaha, Neb
C. D. Tilden, Co K, St. Charles, Il
C. E. Bolles, Co K, ? Park
Mrs. C. E. Bolles
Mrs. Chatfield, Detroit, Mich, Fred Hawes daughter
Mrs. Henry Myuran?, Freeport, Ill
Mr. Henry Myuran?, Freeport, Ill, Col Myurans? son
J. H. Jordan, Co E, D_ Park, Ia
C. H. Noble, Co A, Dixon
R. M. Hevenor, Co F, Pittsburgh, Pa

Lower Row
Mrs. N. Woods Detroit, Mich
P. C. Costor, Co H, Fulton, Ill
N. Woods Detroit Mich
Mrs. Fred Mowers, Detroit, Mich
Marion Flowers, Detroit, Mich
O. A. Webb, Co A, Mobile, Ala

Below is the writing on the back of the photo
if you see any names here that we have spelled wrong -- Let me know

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