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140th Infantry Regiment Dixon IL
Contributed by Joan Achille

The One Hundred and Fortieth Infantry Illinois Volunteers went in camp at Dixon about the 1st of May, 1864. The 16th of June the regiment was ordered to Springfield where they were immediately sworn into the service (100 days) and ordered to Paducah, Kentucky. The regiment was mustered out the 26th of Oct., 1864. The officers and men enlisting from Dixon were as follows:

Whitney, Lorenzo H., Colonel
Bishop, George, Quartermaster
Phillips, George Surgeon

Company D
Castleman, Levi, Holt, Homer, Hatfield, William, Munn, Charles, Moeller, Herman, Patrick, Goodwin, Rasmus, Augustus, Spickerman, Andrew, Ward, Zina, Wadsworth, James

Company E
Giles, Ezekiel, Captain
Ball, Joseph, 1st Lieutenant
McVey, William J., Sergeant
Perkins, Edwin, Sergeant
Ball, George C., Sergeant
Giles, Charles P., Corporal
Netty, Joseph, Corporal
McCarroll, Henry, Musician
Watson, Thomas J., Wagoner

Bates, Josiah, Becker, Charles, Brink, John S., Burr, Charles C., Chiverton, Charles, Derby, _________, Douglas, Robert, Doyl, Martin, Duffy, James, Fellows, Charles, Glogan, James (maybe Grogan?), Gayerty, Thomas, Hanson, Charles, Hill, Horace E., Hollahan, John, Kintner, Anderson, Lowe, Thomas, McGrah, John, Porter, John, Shay, Jacob, Shew, John P., Smith, Nathan T., Smith, Samuel G., Wooley, Thomas

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