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A coroner's jury yesterday returned a verdict of accidental drowning in the death Saturday (July 14, 1951) of two brothers in a pool west of Dixon. The dead are Thomas Leo Schultheis, 10, and Robert Joseph, 5.

The drownings occurred shortly after noon when the younger boy fell into the pool, and his brother jumped in to save him. A third brother witnessed the tragedy. The older boy could swim a little, it was learned, but the younger could not.

The deaths were directly attributed to the torrential rains which fell on Dixon last week. The pool where the drowning occurred was gouged out by a stream of water flowing under the stream of water flowing under the road and falling into a ravine. This had been filled to a dept of from 10 to 12 feet by the heavy rains. The pool was approximately 30 feet in diameter.

The coroner Robert PReston said today that cramps caused by the cold water might have caused the drownings.

The third Schultheis boy, Edward, 8, ran to the home of Donald Rogers, 27, who returned to the pool and was able to recover the body of the oldest boy. While the search was under way for the other, the mother, Mrs. Lillian Schultheis, Rt. 1, Dixon, applied artifical respiration to the first youth.

The second body was recovered by the Dixon Fire Dept. using grappling hooks. Clothing of the boys was found on the banks of the pool. The water hole is approximately a block from the residence of the family. It is located beside the Middle Road one mile west of Alt. Rt. 30.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 16 July 1951

Kenneth Schultheis, Dixon, charged that his former wife, MRs. Lillian Schultheis, leaves their children alone "three or four nights a week", not returning until 2 a.m. at times.

He charged that no adult is left to take care of the children when the mother is gone. There were seven children before the tragedy Saturday. INformation about his wife's activities were gained from neighbors, Schultheis told the court.

The mother, who repeatedly broke down in uncontrolled sobs, admitted that she "goes to the show" frequently leaving a 13 year old girl, with the children. She added that she and her ex-husband have fought and he has just been released from jail following a guilty plea to assault and batery against her.

Elwin S. Wadsworth, attorney for the wife, told the court Schultheis ism ore than $500 behing in support payments. Judge Bracken lectured the mother about leaving her children then took the husband to task for not paying support money. The county is paying Mrs. Schultheis $187 a month in relief she told the court. Judge Bracken continued the case until August 17. Attorney Wm. Gunner represents the husband.

Dixon Evening Telegrpah 20 Jul 1951

The Kenneth Schultheises, parents of two youths who drowned this summer in a stagnant pool of water west of Dixon on the river road, again aired marital difficulties in circuit court Friday.

Mrs. Schultheis claimed her divorced husband owes her $1,295 for support of their five children. However, Mrs. Schultheis agreed to accept only $200 formedical expenses as the children are now living in other homes.

Judge Bracken stipulated that he wanted to meet with the people now taking care of the children and see if they would agree to him entering an order giving them control of the children's welfare. Kenneth Schultheis said he would not agree to an adoption. "You want everything." Bracken said. "You won't provide for the children's support yet you want to say how they will live."

Dixon Evening Telegraph date unknown

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