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Elizabeth Esther (Arnett) DePew
Notable Birthday Anniversary

On Tuesday, March 8, 1910, occurred the 82nd birthday of Mrs. E.E. DePew, who for a number of years was a resident of Bradford Township, where her husband, Wm. C. Depew was a very successful farmer, he having died in 1899 and left her a widow. Since that time, she has been making her home with her son, A. W. DePew, now pastor of the Congregational Church at Wataga, Illinois.

The following was taken from the Galesburg Mail

A unique and novel social affair was given Tuesday afternoon, March 8th, at the Congregational parsonage in honor of the 82nd birthday of the pastor's mother, Mrs. E. E. DePew. The delightful event was in the nature of an "Open House," from 2 o'clock to 5 o'clock. There were between sixty and seventy friends recieved into the hospitable home. Upon their arrival they were met at the door by Mrs. G. E. Rommel, who directed them to the cloak room after which they were served in the spacious hall with fruit punch by Miss Dorothy Rommel. They were in turn passed on to Mrs. E. C. Temple, who received their cards and recorded their names in a guest book.

Mrs. Dr. Fitzgibbons received the guests from Mrs. Temple and presented them to Mrs. DePew, who passed them a plate of bread with the request that they break bread with her. After which Mrs. J. W. Rice invited them to the dining room where they were seated at the table by Miss Emma Culver, they were served with a two course lunch, cake and chocolate, and brick ice cream and cake.

The decorations were very charming, being a two color combination throughout. The hall and parlor were hung in purple and white festoons in transcept design. Mrs. DePew received her guests seated under a canopy of purple and white in a chair decorated with the colors.

The same colors dominated in the dining room, festoons hung in the same design as the parlor. The table spread with white was adorned with purple rosettes and purple and white potted plants of the cenerarie variety. A large birthday cake set with candles and marked with the colored roman figures LXXX11. Each guest received a violet as they were seated at the table.

It was a very pleasant afternoon and the good wishes so heartily expressed for the welfare of the honored friend were many and sincere. Mrs. DePew greatly enjoyed the many friends who came with their kind and loving greeting and remained fresh and happy throughout the whole affair.

The ladies of the church did very much to make the occasion one of great pleasure and succeeded beyond measure; from serving to receiving the appointment was perfect, and not a single slip happened to mar the beautiful harmony of color, serving and spirit of the occasion.

Many outside remembrances came from the many friends who live in different parts of the United States, there were letters, and presents and two hundred post card congratulations.

There were present of her large family Enos A. DePew and daughter Dorothy of Farmington, New Mexico; Mrs. Mary Weir of Beaman, Iowa; Mrs. Stella Rockwood and little son Russell of Shaws, Illinois, and Glen Ullrich of Amboy, Illinois.

Mrs. DePew has twelve children living, forty-five grandchildren and fifteen great-grandchildren. Notwithstanding her great age, Mrs. DePew is enjoying reasonable good health and is still doing her usual household duties.

Mrs. E. C. Temple, Scribe

Contributed by Carolyn Jarvey

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