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Juvenile delinquency in Dixon was on the upswing today as four teen age boys appeared in police court, one facing a charge of driving an automobile while in an intoxicated condition, another for being intoxicated and two others for loitering about the streets in the business district at 2:30 this morning. As the investigations developed Chief Van Bibber remarked:

"If Mary Listenin'Post gets ahold of this".

Patrolman Lorenzen and Merchant Officer Tuttle made the four arrests, two at 11:30 and the others at 2:30 this morning. Herman Madison, 18, and Walter Schultheis, 15, were taken in custody at 11:30 after a chase by officers who reported that the boys drove through two stop lights and failed to stop when the siren on the police squad car was soundd. Schultheis, Probation Officer A.C. Handell told police today, was on probation in the Lee County court, and early this week, was brought into court for violating his probation but no action was taken.

Madison was reported to have made a statement to police today, stating the he and Schultheis spent last evening in a tavern, then went to the west end of the city with a man who served them beer and "a couple of shots" after which he attempted to take liberties with the boys. Schultheis was to be questioned later in the day.

Mervin Frey, who about ten days ago served a sentence in the county jail for failure to pay a fine for loitering about the streets, was fined $10 and costs, the maximum amount under the city ordinance today when araigated before Police Magistrate Albert Kennedy. Lawrence Williams, whose father requested that Police Magistrate Kennedy preside at the hearing, paid a fine of $5 and costs on the loitering charge.

One member of the quartet delayed the proceedings in police court by jamming the lock on the cage in the city jail. Chief Van Bibber after repeated attempts summoned a locksmith who finally succeeded in opening the lock.

Dixon Evening Telegraph April 7, 1945

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