S.B. Miller - 75th Birthday


A very enjoyable event visited our little city on Thursday of last week. The occasion being the seventy-fifth birthday of S. B. Miller, one of our oldest and most appreciated citizens. His beautiful home on the west side was literally full of Millers, all his own posterity. Every fresh arrival of Millers stimulated his delight. It made one's heart glad to see his enjoyment.

There were present Joseph A. Miller, wife and two sons of Willow Creek; County Superintendent L. W. Miller and wife of Dixon; C. B. Miller and wife of Shaws; R. W. Gooch, wife and daughter of Shaws; and Mrs. J. C. Miller, four daughters and son of Paw Paw and a few invited friends of the family.

During the day he received numerous tokens of respect, among them a large bouquet from the M. W. A. camp of which he is a member, also one from his brother, J. P. Miller of Marble Rock, Ia., and a potted plant from L. W. Miller and wife of Dixon. Then was set before him at noon a regular birthday dinner with birthday decorations in such profusion that he well nigh lost the breath with which he intended to blow out the tapers that decorated his birthday cake. The post cards sent and brought to him seemed to fire his appreciation of the friendship of his friends. A high class reclining Morris chair was presented to him by the children. Nothing could have pleased him more. His unfeigned pleasure made us all glad we celebrated his birthday and we want him to have many more of them.


Paw Paw, Ill., Feb. 15, 1917.
Editor Lee County Times.

Dear Sir:
Please give me space for a few expressions in the Lee County Times. I have lived three quarters of a century up to date. My family saw fit to come home and join me in celebrating this day, as my seventy-fifth birthday. All were present except Mary, the youngest daughter, and J. C Miller. The former because she lives in Iowa and the latter because some one was at his place trying to rob him in some kind of a deal. (Don't think they did it though.) Eight grand children were with us to dinner, 14 being absent on account of school. In addition to the above were F. E. Rogers and wife, also R. Gooch and wife. All were of the kind that goes to make such an event desirable. The M. W. A. was represented here by a beautiful bouquet of flowers, which is appreciated highly. "Neighbors" I thank you for sending flowers to the living. This bouquet is more appreciated by me than twenty-seven arms full will be on my casket. The flower girl came with the second bouquet of carnations, this from a silent giver. But rumor says it was from J. P. Miller of Marble Rock, Iowa. This brother is getting quite foxy--ask one of his family. The flower girl came again, this time with a lovely flowering plant from Prof. Miller. It is a beauty. A good choice with a german name, I think.

Now I come to dinner. Bear with me if I should speak of this in a way. First, I must name the cooks that participated in making this dinner. Miss Anglemire, Mrs. Jos. A. Miller, Miss Leah Miller, Mrs. Della Gooch and Mrs. Evy Miller. Can you beat that bunch? Don't attempt it for fear of defeat. Some table, believe me. The legs of the table fairly wobbled with the burden on top. But my folks all had their stomachs along with them and soon transferred the wobble from table legs to chair legs. There were two hostess cakes--one illuminated with candles to determine the years old, the other by colored dates.

There was a beautiful reclining chair in this deal. But it got here when the folks were on their way home, consequently no presentation speech; but I accept it as a token of love and remembrance from all, no matter if it is small. To me it is larger than any man's hay barn. Many times each day will I use it and think of you all as the grandest of all people.

I thank you for your presence and remembrance on this occasion.

Sincerely and fraternally yours,

S. B. Miller.

Contributed by Marilyn Widler

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