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Contributed by Marilyn Widler

The ladies of the Missionary Circle of the Baptist Church were entertained by Miss Fanny Sanford and Mrs. Mary Tarr at the home of the latter, Tuesday, July 25. Autos were provided for all and in spite of the excessive heat 58 were present, three visitors Mrs. Mary Radley of Ayre, Neb., Miss Elizabeth and Sara Cleary of Dickinson's Landing, Ont.

The afternoon's program was an especially good one led by Mrs. Sarah McHale. The subject was "The Work in the Phillipine Islands." We traveled by aeroplane, boat and auto stopping at San Francisco and Honolulu on the way. Music by Mrs. George Hicks, Mrs. Fuller Runyan and Miss Beulah Adrian. A delicious luncheon was served by the hostess. All expressed a wish that we might often go to the country. Our next meeting will be with Mrs. Fuller Runyan.

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