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Attack on Father Moore

Father Michael Foley of the St. Patrick’s Catholic church of Dixon is authority for the statement that the assault on Father Moore, the Harmon parish priest, was without provocation. Father Foley declares there was no altercation preceding the attack. In a signed statement concerning the affair, which has caused considerable feeling in the Harmon community, Rev. Fr. Foley said: “:Father Moore was going home from the store about 7:30 p.m. when his assailant came from behind a tree under cover of the darkness and without saying a word struck him sideways across the mouth with an iron grease cup, a part of a plow weighing about two pounds, tearing his lips so that they had to be stitched by a doctor. “The blow coming unawares and in the darkness he was stunned and he fell, but in a moment he was on his feet and grappled with the assailant, knocked him down, or both went down together in the struggle. Then the assailant bit him like a dog , cutting his fingers to the bone. that caused father Moore to cry out in pain. He was heard by a person in the house close by, who came with a lantern, and pulled the assailant away, thus saving the fingers from being bitten clean off and in all probability the whole hand from being lacerated. “If the blow of the iron grease cup had struck him straight on the head instead of being deflected striking him across the mouth and tearing his lip, Father Moore would probably have been dead now. “The assailant left without speaking a work. Hence there was no altercation. But there was a treacherous, sneaky, cowardly assault with a deadly weapon under cover of darkness. “By the light of the Lantern Father Moore saw the dastardly assailant. “all this information I have had from Father Moore personally and from the person who pulled off his assailant. I have written this in the cause of justice and decency so that Father Moore should not be injured in his reputation as well as in his person. (Signed) Michael Foley.”
Contributed by Margaret Mangers from the September 25, 1925 Sterling Gazette

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