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Contributed by Marilyn Widler

C. H. Gibbs recently found a copy of the Compton Record dated Nov. 2, 1878, in the basement of his store building. Ezra G. Cass was the publisher, and issued the Record from the TIMES office. At that time Mr. Cass was suffering from hemorrhages of the lungs and J. W. Blee assisted in publishing the paper. E. B. Stiles delivered a Greenback speech in Paw Paw, Oct. 26, 1878. Among the advertisers we noticed the names of John Agler, blacksmith; Palmer & Stetler, drug store; S. C. Mitchell, hardware; Alexander Fields, livery; J. W. Flagg, collection agent; Jon Hardin and H. H. Harrington, justices of the peace. Among the Paw Paw locals appeared the announcement of the marriage of Jennie Caruth and James Macklin.



An oyster supper will be served at Mrs. Will Durin's vacant house in Scarboro, Saturday evening, December 1st. Supper will be served from six o'clock until all are served. Proceeds to go for the benefit of the Twin Grove Cemetery.

Married by Rev. H. J. Wheeler at the Baptist parsonage Saturday evening, Mr. Arthur Hackman and Miss Clara Hopps both of Willow Creek Twp. The couple expct to make their home for the present with the groom's father, Mr. Charles Hackman. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Hopps and both are well known in this community. The TIMES joins the many friends in extending congratulations.



During the past week residents of the west part of town were visited by burglars. Among the houses entered were those of John Adrian, N. D. Stevens, E. R. Case, J. T. Epla and Mrs. M. Merriman. The intruder was frightened away at Mr. Adrian's. J. T. Epla is minus $6 or $7 and a pocketbook, N. D. Stevens lost $15, and E. R. Case also lost a sum of money. The following morning a new shoe was found near Mr. Adrian's, but proved to be of no value as a clue to the identity of the burglar. Another home talent play is the general verdict.


S. B. MILLER, chairman of the streets and alleys committee, has been busy the two past weeks in laying some new sidewalks in the most frequented districts. One length extends from Mayor's corner south to D. A. Reams' home, and the other from Baker's grocery to the depot. The walks are substantial and are elevated from the ground to prevent decay. Both are good walks and show careful work in their construction

From the Dixon semi-weekly Sun we note a half-column account of a voice recital of Mrs. Diona Russell Miller, who is making an excellent reputation as a vocalist under the instruction of Mrs. Geo C. Heritage, Director of vocal music at the Northern Illinois Conservatory of Music at Dixon, Ill. Mrs. Miller is the wife of Prof. L.W. Miller, well known among the teaching fraternity and a son of our genial townsman, S. B. Miller.

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