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Israel H. Perkins Retires

Rural Mail Carrier
04 September 1948 - Dixon Evening Telegraph

Open house was held Sunday afternoon from 2-5 and Sunday evening from 7-9 at the I.H. Perkins home north of Harmon. The occassion celebrated the approaching retirement of Mr. Perkins after 30 years of faithful service as rural mail carrier.

During the day and evening 250 patrons and former patrons on his route called to congratulate him and wish him good health and happiness during his retiring years.

Ice Cream, Cake and Coffee were served the guests on gayly decorated card tables on the Perkins lawn. During the evening the three tiered pink and white decorated cake was cut and served. The honored guest was presented with a Hamilton wrist watch and Mrs. Perkins with an orchid corsage for the occassion by A.B. Clatworthy who arranged the affair with the assistance of Mrs. William Deitz, Mrs. Donald Geldean and Mrs. Frank Knoll.

Miss Lavon Brooks had charge of the guest book. Mr. Perkins will retire Oct. 31 and plans to make his home in Hollywood FL where he and Mrs. Perkins have a furnished home there and have beens pending the past several winters.

Mrs. Roman Malach composed and dedicated the following poem to Mr. Perkins.

When I first came to Harmon
Eight and Twenty years ago
The town was mighty different
As so many of you know.

We didn't ride by motor car
It simply wasn't done
But we got every bit as far
Way back in twenty one

There were no village taverns
If a lad should want a nip
The only way he'd get one
Was have it on the hip

There was no indoor plumbing
Skelgas - what a joke
We used majestic ranges
And had never heard of coke

The roads were simply cowpaths
And on a holiday
Down at old Green River
We'd get frolicsome and gay

And at a swimming party
Just recall the girls attire
The suits concealed the knee caps
And not an atom higher

I recall a little cabin
Owned by Long & Issy
When I think of our cavorting there
It almost makes me dizzy

We had fun at our house parties
Tho the lights might flare and jump
Instead of finding fuses
We'd holler - Get the Pump

We hadn't any money
But fun and laughs galore
When we would gather evenings
Down at Kuglers store

As I turn memory's pages
Many names come to mind
And better kindly people
In this world you'll never find

For when Harmons history is written
Enrolled on posterity's page
You'll find some stories of service
From youth right on to old age

Stories of Priests and
Of many a neighbor and friend
Will be found if you scan all the pages
And read from beginning to end

Close to the front of the volume
Come those who carry the mail
Their spendid record of service
Reads just like a fairy tale

Throught snow, sleet and ice in the winter
Thru roads knee deep in muck
If anyone thinks I'm mistaken
I'll just refer them to Buck

I oft recall in some snowstorm
How we peered thru the frosty glass
Fearing, yet hoping and trusting
For some way the mailman could pass

We knew it never was easy
But in years gone twas a test
Of courgeous devotion to duty
That called forth your very best

Now to Agnes and Israel
We offer our wishes to you
For you and rest and contentment
Under southern skies of blue

We hope that you'll remember
As you walk down the sunset trail
The good old friends back in Harmon
In the days you carried the mail

Israel Perkins 04 October 1890 - 3 October 1964
Agnes Perkins 17 March 1889 - 27 April 1969
Both are buried at Greenwood Cemetery, Harmon IL

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