Dr. Wade D. Stevens

Paw Paw Physician Will Be Sent to Watertown for Treatment.

Dr. Wade D. Stevens of Paw Paw was this forenoon adjudged insane in Judge Scott's court by a jury of six men. He will be taken to Watertown late this afternoon where he will receive treatment.

Dr. Stevens is about 40 years of age, a bachelor and at one time was one of the prominent physicians of Lee County. His parents, who are influential and well to do, reside in Paw Paw.

Dr. Stevens graduated with high honors from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Chicago and practiced his profession at Marseilles, Ill., in Pennsylvania and at Paw Paw. Several years ago the doctor was taken ill, gradually growing worse until his mind became unbalanced and it was necessary for his parents to have him brought into the county court for examination as to his sanity. Good treatment will cure the doctor, and his many friends hope for his speedy recovery.

Contributed by Marilyn Widler --Dixon Telegraph

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