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Contributed by Marilyn Widler

A very pleasant meeting of Twentieth Century Club was at the home of Mrs. Gates on May 4 with fourteen members and one guest present.

The subject for the afternoon was "The Indians" and a fine program was given, Mrs. Gates telling us of many of the Indian chiefs, their homes and customs. Mrs. Frantz read a paper on the life of Old Shabbona. Mrs. Hicks gave us a description of an Indian school, which she visited while in California. A letter was read from Mrs. Wm. Husk of Shabbona giving her personal recollections of Chief Shabbona. Although very young she well remembers of Shabbona coming to her father's home and eating at their table; and when his wife came with him, she would sit back and he would pass the food to her. Mrs. Husk said that the children were taught to respect him and when he was at their home were always on their good behavior, not through any fear but because her parents considered him an honored guest.

A log cabin was built for him and his tribe in the portion of the grove set apart for his home. Mr. Husk now owns the same farm and has placed a small marker on the spot where the cabin stood and given the farm the name of Shabbona's Home.

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