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The Lawson Triplets
October 2, 1949
Linda Lee, Karen Marie and Diana Bee, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Grant Lawson, route 2, Dixon, were the principals in a big news story in Dixon in the fall of 1949. On Oct. 2, the three infants were the first triplets to be recorded in the 54 year history of the Katherine Shaw Bethea hospital. Mr. Lawson, employed at the Reynolds Wire Company here and his wife were also the parent sof seven other children and Dixon citizens were quick to "adopt" the new trio. First born of the infants was Linda Lee, weighting 4 pounds 13 ounces; the second was Karen Marie at four pounds 14 1/2 ounces and the last was Diana Bee, five pounds 16 ounces. The great event (it was reported by the Telegraph that triplets happen once in about 8000 births) brought a sense of joy and happiness to Dixon citizens long troubled by housing shortages, coal strikes, international disputes and grim news of calamities.

Within a day after the birth of the infants, a "Triplets Fund" was started and citizens were encouraged to contribute. Many merchants at once indicated their willingness to provide merchandise. Mrs. Lucille R. Ralston, president of the Reynolds Wire company presented the father of the little girsl with three $50 U.S. government bonds and Dixon's heart began warming daily to the tiny trio.

Workers at the Freeman Shoe company contributed $60.25 in coins and each day more and more people responded to the fund. On Oct. 8th the Telegraph reported that the fund had $216.75 and more was needed. The next day the fund reached nearly $300 plus $150 oin US Bonds and a day later the Dixon Liquor Dealers association gave $50. On Oct. 15 the Dixon Nurses Alumnae association held a bake sale in a downtown floral shop and used a slogan for their sale: "Come to our bake sale and buy - help keep the triplets dry." By Oct 19th the fund was closed and $557.15 was turned over to Miss Agnes Florence, superintendent, and the nurses of the KSB hospital who were to supervise the spending of the money for thr triplets adn the other children in the family. On Oct. 24, Miss Florence and Mrs. Lawson started on a shopping tour with the funds provided by the readers of the Telegraph.

Dixon Evening Telegraph May 1, 1951

The Williams Triplets
28 April 1952

The Stanton Williams family, route 2, Dixon, grew from two to five this morning when triplets were born in KSB Hospital. The triplets, the second set of girls, born at KSB in less than three years re doing fine. Their mother was reported as doing fine too.

Father Stanton is an industrial arts instructor at Dixon High School. He's in his third year of teaching here. Hospital attendants said the girl trio in at 11:30 a.m. this morning. They added that as yet, none have had to be placed in an incubator. Ordinarily if babies weigh less than 5 lbs. they go into an incubator for a specific amount of time. The last set of triplets born Oct. 2, 1949 belonged to Mr. and Mrs. Grant Lawson, Lincoln Avenue. They are Linda Lee, Karen Marie and Diana Bee.

The Odds? They are 1700 to 1 according to KSB. Twins occur 1 in 87 births and quadruplets are 1 in 757,000. Quints are 1 in a million.. but there are 60 cases of quints on record.

May 5, 1952 - The youngster are making fine progress and will soon leave their incubators

The Reiger Triplets
July 11-12, 1953

Dixon can claim a new slogan today - "Triplet Town". It has three sets of living triplets - all girls - following the birth Saturday and Sunday of triplet daughters to Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Reiger Rt. 4 Dixon. The youngsters are doing fine say officials of Dixon Public Hospital where all the triplets birth have occurred.

The "Three D" (three daughters) doctor was Dr. Charles H. Lesage of Dixon, who attended the other two sets of triplets. The arrival of the Reiger triplets makes the third set born Oct. 2, 1949, when three daughters were born to Mr. & Mrs. Grant Logan Lawson of Dixon. Triplets were also born to Mr. & Mrs. Stanton Williams, Rock Island Road, Dixon on April 28, 1952.

The Reiger trio began arriving Saturday night. Terry Dee 4 pounds was born at 11:50 p.m. a little more than an hour after Gladys Reiger entered the hospital. Then came a delay of almost 12 hours before the second child Sherry Marie, 4 pounds 2 ounces was born at 10:57 a.m. Sunday morning. The third infant, Kerry Lee 4 pounds 6 ounces came quickly at 11:10 a.m. surprising everybody. Mrs. Reiger had been told that she might expect twins. The odds on a mother bearing triplets is 1 in 7,800 say medical records. The odds on twins are 1 in 82 births and the odds on quadruplets is 1 in 600,000.

What gives Dixon something to crow about are the odds on the births of three sets of triplets, all girls, in births attended by the same doctor, in the same hospital !! The odds on that occurance is astronomical in a community the size of Dixon.

The father of the latest triplets is employed as a bobbin winder at the National Standard Co. Dixon. He is 28, his wife is 25. They have another daughter Janice 18 months.

The mother is the former Gladys Brown, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Calvin Brown with whom the Reigers are temporarily residing. The paternal grandparents are Mr. & Mrs. Charles VanLoos, Sterling.

The Dixon Evening Telegraph 13 July 1953

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