Lee County Illinois

The Alexander Home - which is now the Masonic Temple was built as a home in 1864 by Philip Maxwell Alexander of the Alexander and Howell Stove Company. The house is perhaps the best example in Dixon of Greek Revival architecture. It cost $6,669.23 to construct. The ALexanders only lived in the house for a short while; Mrs. Alexander was one of the people who died when the bridge across Rock River collapsed in 1873. Andrus an Brinton families lived in the house before the Masons moved in. The house is said to be a copy of another house built in Utica, NY

This home, on the corner of Brinton Avenue and Everett Street is now occupied by Helen Murphy (1976).

It was built about 1855 by E.B. Brooks. Brooks was one of several people who moved to Dixon from Castine, Maine.

The house featured a third floor ballroom, and a cupola which has now been removed.

Father John Dixon lived in this house for the last 23 years of his life.

The building, which is located at 528 Bradshaw Street, is called a grout house because it was fabricated with stone worked into mortar.

Dixon built the house in about 1853.

This home at 417 Brinton Avenue in Dixon, presently occupied by the John Nelson family (1976), was constructed about 1854.

Originally it was the first school built on Dixon's northside.

Contributed by Karen Hold History of Lee County Illinois by Frank E. Stevens Vol 1 published 1914.
Built in 1846 by Horace Preston. On east side Peoria Avenue near First Street

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