List of Old Settlers of Dixon, Illinois and Vicinity who moved to Iowa

Source: "History of Dixon and Lee County (Illinois)" printed 1880

Contributed by Kim Torp

Name Place of Birth Settled in Lee Co., IL Went/Living or Died in Iowa
BUSH, E.B. KY 1835 went to IA 1843
BURKET, Peter PA 1822 1849 died IA Sept 1873
BAGGS, John OH 1823 1836 living IA.
CANTRALL, David   1836 went to IA 1853
CRARY, Mason PA 1839 living IA.
DEPUY, Moses PA 1846 went to IA
DUFFY, Hugh IRE 1826 1843 went to IA
DUDLEY, Jeremiah NY 1818 1840 went to IA
FELLOWS, Alfred NH 1822 fall 1834 living in IA
FELLOWS, Stephen NH 1830 fall 1834 living in IA
HECOCK, Dwight ENG 1818 1845 died in IA
JOHNSON, William Y MA 1810 1838 died 28 Aug 1873
JENNIS, Albert     went to IA
KLINETOB, William NH 1817 1836 living in IA
MC CLURE, Thomas PA 1824 1845 died in IA
MORGAN, John IRE 1798 1840 living in IA
MASON, William V OH 1806 12 Ap 1834 went to IA
MOORES, John NY 1839 living in IA
MOORES, James NY 1840 living in IA
MOWREY, Philip NY 1840 died IA Aug 1878
PAGE, John H. PA 1810 1840 died in IA
PLUMMER, Thomas NH NH 1807 1834 went to IA
PLUMMER, Caleb OH 1837 went to IA
RUCKER, Milton OH 1806 1837 living in IA
VINCEN, Richard F. KY 1817 1846 went to IA 1852