Ronald Reagan & Friends
September 17, 1941 - Louella Parsons Days


These are a another set of photos taken in 1941. They were taken by James Noakes who is now deceased and the photos are now owned by his brother Merrill Eugene "Shorty" Noakes who is now 93 years old living in Washington State as of January 1, 2009. The photos are provided by Rick Froman the son-in-law of Mr. Noakes. We very much appreciate Rick and his family for letting us take a "peek" into the events of Dixon in 1941.


The "Crowd"

Joe E. Brown

Ronald Reagan
Side Note: Ricks grandmother, Katie Wiersema, used to babysit Mr. Reagan

Ann Rutherford

Ronald Reagan and his mother Nelle

The "Crowd"

Bob Hope

George Montgomery

Dougs Three Deuces with Joe E. Brown

Ronald Reagan in front of Ted's Tavern with Mellott Furniture next door


Louella Parsons Day 1
Louella Parsons Day 2
September 7, 1941

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