Hoyle Family Reunion
August 20, 1944

The 22nd annual Hoyle reunion was attended by 90 relatives and friends at Lowell Park Sunday August 20 (1944). A prize was given to Peter Hoyle and Mrs. Frank Glessner, oldest members present. Loren Jaquet youngest member and Mr. & Mrs. Clifford King and daughter from Monroe Center for traveling the longest distance.

The afternoon was spent in visiting, swimming and games. Those winning in contests were Roger Plock, Leroy Ringler, and Bobby Jackson in the boys ball throwing contest; Richie Helms and Bobby Jackson in the peanut scramble and also in Football kicking; Mrs. Will Crews flower bingo; Mrs. Harold Ringler in vegetable bingo; and Mrs. Dale Cooper in a measuring contest.

Officers for next year include President, Mrs. Harry Warner; vice president, Grace Plock, secretary-treasurer, Miss Lois Ringler; historian, Mrs. Earl Pelton. The 1945 reunion will be held the 3rd Sunday in August.

Those attending were Frank Glessners, W.B. Richardsons, Elmer Ringler and daughters Lois & Dorothy, Mrs. Robert Ringler, Bert Hoyles with grandchildren, Judy & Lyle, Darlene, Delores, Harold and Leroy Hoyle, Lawrence Hoyles, Mrs. Myrtle Buzzard, Harry Warners, Elmer Ringler Jr., Miss Theora Schryver, Robert J. Hoyle, Peter Hoyle, Mrs. Mary Jackson and children John, Jim & Bobby, Fred Joynts, Wm. Joynt Sr., Terveer Hoyle, John Hoyle, the Walter Hoyles and daughter Donna, Myrtle Hoyle, Marvis Reisinger, Ed Hoyle, the Gilbert Jaquets and son Wayne & Loren, the Kenneth Buzzards, the Dale M. Coopers, & Shirley, Ronnie & Earl, Grace Plock, Jeanne, Neil, Roger & friend Joanne Worden, the W.E. Crews, N.V. & Lola Christensen, Carl & Charles, Mrs. Wm Hoyle, Billie & Jimmie, Clinton Ringler, the Harold Ringlers' Leroy & Shirley, Frank W. Hoyle & Frank Jr., the Austin Smiths.

Those from out of town - Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Glessner, Jimmie & Nancy; Z.T. Glessner of Princeton; Mr. and Mrs. Earl Helms & son Richie from Sterling; Mr. and Mrs. Clifford King & daughter Betty of Monroe Center; Marilyn Hoyle, Mrs. Kenneth J. Allen & Ricky, Gladys Leadbitter from Milwaukee Wisc.

Two members of the Hoyle family who recently passed away were J.W. (John Wesley) Hoyle and Mrs. Peter Hoyle.

Those in the family who are in military service are Seaman Second Class Clinton Crews, Navy, Atlantic; Lt. Comm. Howard Crews, Air Force, Florida; Glen Buzzard Merchant Marine, Pacific; Clifford Buzzard Air Force England; S/Sgt. Robert Hoyle Air Force Harlengen TX; Pfc. Cecil Hoyle Army England; Cpl. Richard Hoyle Air Force Lake Charles LA; Cpl. Robert Ringler signal corps Southwest Pacific.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 23 August 1944

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