To The
Wheeler Family Reunion
January 1, 1947

On New Years day the Wheeler family reunion was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ed F. Guffin. At about 1 o'clock dinner was served. This day is of special significance to the Wheeler Family because it is on this day that so many special events have taken place through the years.

Those present were Mr. and Mrs. R.W. Fleming and daughter Nancy Jo of Church Falls Va., Mrs. Jeanette Fleming of Beloit Wis., Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wheeler, Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Castle, and Mrs. Nellie Adrian of Downers Grove, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Quixley, and Mrs. S.A. Wright of Rockford, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Wheeler and daughter Jacqueline, Mr. and Mrs. Ed F. Guffin, Mrs. Frank Wheeler, Mrs Cetta Smith and Mrs. Jack Fleming of Paw Paw.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 07 January 1947

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