Lee County Schools

1914 Commencements

Early School Buildings for Sale - 1950
Early School Days
Early Superintendents Office 1839 - 1975

Amboy Schools
Ashton Schools
Ashton High School

Brierton School

Dixon - Early Institutes of Higher Learning
Dixon College/Northern IL Normal/Business
Dixon Collegiate Institute
Dixon High School - Some Early History
Dixon High School - 1893 to 1920
Dixon High School - 1900 Annual Class Day
Dixon High School - 1923 Football Team
Dixon High School - Class of 1927 Yearbook
Dixon High School - Class of 1928 Yearbook
Dixon High School - Class of 1944 Graduates
Dixon High School - Class of 1947 Graduates
Dixon High School - North Dixon Illinois
Dixon Lincoln School - Opened 1938
Dixon - Red Brick Schoolhouse
Dixon - Rock River Military Academy
Dixon - Steinmans College
Dixon - St. Mary's Catholic School

Franklin Grove Schools
Franklin Grove - Pine View School

Harmon School

Lee Center Schools
Lee Center Union Academy
Lee County Rural Schools 1947

Nachusa Orphanage
Nelson Schools

Palmyra Schools
Paw Paw Grade School
Paw Paw High School

Scarboro Public School
Steward High School

Van Campen School 1911 - Viola Twp.

Weishaar - Bradford Twp.
West Brooklyn School

8th Grade Diploma - 1936 - contributed by Karen Holt