Amboy Schools

John Trotter - Teacher Certificate Sept. 22, 1873
First Grade - Amboy signed by James H. Preston County Supervisor
Contributed by Rea Trotter
The Trotter family lived in Lee County from about 1857 to 1882. John Trotter taught school in Ashton. (This certificate is written in Amboy). Hoping someone will help me learn more about the Ashton school during this time period [what did John teach? picture of the school?].

Amboy High School about 1910

St. Annes Catholic School
St. Annes Catholic School of Amboy 8th Grade Graduates:
Ronald Bushman, Douglas Bybee, Gerald Eisenberg, Carolyn Fanelli, Lois Full, Frances Haley, Gerald Harrison, Jerry Johnson, William Knuth, Carol Ann McCaffrey, Janet McCaffrey, Mary Lou Morrisey, James Mortensen, Michael O'Brien, Judith Ottengheime, Robert Payne, Judith Stewart, Mary Catherine Sullivan, William Thompson, Barbara Urbaniak, Marie Walsh, Sylvia Walters

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