Dixon High School
Dixon, Lee County IL

Dixon High School Class of 1893
Believed to be the oldest picture of a Dixon High School graduating class is this photograph of the Class of 1893 North Dixon High School. This photo submitted by DeCharmes B. Bowles 415 Madison Ave. Dixon was in the Dixon Evening Telegraph 3 April 1951.
Left to right bottom row - Nelle Swarthout, Gertrude Blackman Page, Minnie Woodford, Ida Andres Ainsworth.
Middle row - Leslie B. Raymond, Laura Rogers, Henry C. Warner
Back row - Delia Jeffs, Nina Park Bowles

Members of the Dixon High School class of 1893 recalled their school days when meeting recently for their first reunion since graduating 60 years ago. Host for the nice party held in the LaSalle Hotel, Chicago was Atty. H.C. Warner, Dixon. The only other man in the class was also there, Leslie Benton Raymond, LaCrosse Wisc. Seven of the original nine classmates attended the reunion including Atty. Warner and Mr. Raymond. The women were Nellie Amelia Swarthout, Chicago; Julia Marion Woodford, Buffalo NY; Laura Ellen Rogers, Dixon; Mrs. Nellie Gertrude Blackman Page, Merrill Wisc. and Mrs. Ida Agnes Andres Allworth, Evanston. The two deceased classmates are Delia Gertrude Jeffs and Nina Evelyn Parks. Atty Warner was national head of the Elks lodge in 1939, president of the IL Bar Assoc. in 1944, and headed the Lee County GOP central committee from 1912 until last year.

(From the The Dixon Evening Telegraph 11 July 1952)

Taught in one room under the direction of Prof. Williamson, Mrs. Deming and Miss Bryant.
( Appeared in the Dixon Telegraph in 1947 - indicating the graduating class " a little over 50 years ago".)
There was a photo along with this list - but too dark to copy.

Barclay Bowles Elizabeth Buckaloo Minnie Cahill
(Mrs. Wayne Smith, Dixon)
Edna Carpenter
Agnes Carroll
(Mrs. Shumard, Dixon)
Kitty Connors
(Mrs. Charles Tillmont)
Eva Cook
(Mrs. McDermott, Dixon)
John Crabtree (deceased)
Fred Dana Della Dimick (deceased)
(Mrs. Fred Rising, Los Angeles)
Anna Dysart
(Mrs. Hurley, deceased
Eva Franklin
Florence Gants
(Mrs. Herbert Hicks, Rockford
Neil Geiger Horton Godfrey (Deceased) Joe Green
Will Gruver Fred Hammerstrom Emmert Hegert George Hoban (Deceased)
Lulu Hunt (deceased)
(Mrs. Elmer Todd, Seattle WA)
Nan Hunt
(Mrs. Elmer Todd, Seattle WA)??
Emma Judd Mary Kane
Mabel Kay Klowski Kitty Mathew Emma McAllister (Mrs. Clark Hampton, Hollywood CA)
Ada McKenney Eva McKenney Sally McKenney Mary McMaster
Bertha Meyers (deceased)
(Mrs. Claude Backus, Wash. DC)
Florence Mulkins Margaret O'Malley Jack Null (deceased)
Gerrude Orvie
Teacher in Hawaii
Bess Pankhurst Bess Pitcher
(Mrs. Ed Crabtree)
Judd Potter
Della Randolph Mae Ruef (deceased) Retta Slothower Frank Spiller (deceased
(He was the Janitor)
Anna Steele (Portland OR)
(Mrs. Leonard Underwood)
Mae Strohm Will Tague Clara Trowbridge
(Mrs. Hammerstrom Clinton IA)
Frances Utley
(Mrs. Henry T. Noble, Dixon)
Elsie Weyburn (deceased)
(Mrs. Will Hintz)

Dixon High School Football Team 1905
The man holding the football is Leroy James Drew (Captain), grandfather of Julia Johnson who contributed the photo.

Dixon High School Football Team 1906
The man holding the football is Leroy James Drew (Captain), grandfather of Julia Johnson who contributed the photo.

Contributed by Julie Johnson-- Her grandmother is Mabel Gertrude Jones - First Row 3rd from the left
From the Dixon Evening Telegraph May 27, 1947

Forty years ago, in the evening of May 31, 1907, the forty-third annual commencement of the Dixon High school was held in the “opera house.” (North Dixon high School, then in another district had had its commencement in the “opera house,” May 29.)

The 29 members of class 1907 were the last to complete their high school courses in the old “white brick” school house on Fifth Street and Hennepin Ave., which was destroyed by fire the following October 14. Their high school work was under the superintendence of three men in turn, Mr. Groves, one year, L.B. Neighbour, two years, and Vernon G. Mays, one; three principals: B.F. Bullard, A. DeLong, and J.B. Meyer. Bullard, then of the Lane Tech. high school, Chicago, was their Commencement speaker.

A piano solo by Horace Street and vocal solos by Mr. Meyer and Miss Suzette Decker were the musical numbers. Diplomas were presented by E. J. Countryman, president of board of education. Invocation by the Rev. William Rutherford, and benediction by the Rev. C.C. McLean completed the program. Miss Eleanor E. Powell was valedictorian. W.C. Jones is the only member of the board of that year living now.

The members of the class were Minetta E. Bachman, Bertha Brass, Alice V. Brink, Leland S. Brink, Glover C. Carnahan, LeRoy J. Drew, Lewis W. Drummond, Guy E. Eicholtz, Marie H. Gorham, Arthur W. Gonnerman, Helen L. Haley, Walter I. Heckman, Mabel Gertrude Jones, Vera L. Jacobs, Myra L. Johnson, Edmund H. Leith, Edward H. McManus, Jule E. McBride, Guy H. Merriman, David J. Neighbour, Eleanor E. Powell, Amy L. Petersberger, Helen L. Puterbaugh, Floy A. Ransom, Phillip Reilly, Theodore E. Spencer, Frederick Wagner, Clara H. Webster, and Jean Paul Wirick.

THE CLASS of 1911
The class of 1911, Dixon High School, presented Goldsmith's comedy, "She Stoops to Conquer," Friday evening, May 26, at the opera house. The staging of the play was under the direction of Mr. Benzie, of the Univ. of Chicago, whose success with the Black Friar organization was well known. Included in the cast were Eugene Underwood, Roy McCleary, William Herbst, Earl Beier, Claud Horton, Grace Martin, Vera Slothower, Ester Dement and Gladys Smith.

THE CLASS of 1912
The class of 1912 of the North Dixon school presented the comedy, "Charley's Aunt," on March 28, 1912. Those in the cast included Fred Earl, Dan McKenney, Paul Mossholder, Charles Anerson, Ralph Bates, Cenie Seyster, Calla Greig, Pearl Lebowich, Catherine Beal, Gladys Hill and Emily Williams.

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