Lincoln School


Dixon's modern Lincoln school, completed in 1938 at a cost of $273,000, was opened for public inspection on Sunday, Jan. 23, and classes were held in the building the following day. More thatn 5,000 persons attended the open house ceremonies. Located at Lincoln avenue and Fifth street, the new building replaced the E.C. Smith, Woodworth and Truman grade shcool. Of the total amount which the new building cost, $104, 726 was granted under the Public Works Administration. In June, 1936, the voters of the district authorized a bond issue of $175,000 of which only $145,000 was needed, not including the $16,000 for equipment.

The plans and specifications were preapared and furnished by the firm of Royer & Danely, architects of Urbana IL. H.E. Berglund & Co. were the general contractors. At the time the building was opened, Miss Esther Barton was named principal. She had demonstrated her ability and talents as the principal of the E.C. Smith school. Her staff at the time included Savilla Palmer, Grace O'Malley, Nina Walrad, Gladys Smith, Retta Slothower, Lorraine Missman, Gladys Jamison, Alice Crandall, Lucille Johnson, Margaret Richards, Marjorie Chandler, Irene Weyant, Jean R. Lindberg, Alma Ohlmacher, Mary Riordan, Evelyn Schmidt, C.W. Roundy, Orville Westgor, Elizabeth Kruse, Marion Lawson and Pearl Richards.

Classes were started for students of kindergarten and continued through the 8th grade. A.H. Lancaster who has been superintendent of schools since 1932, was responsible for many of the educational policies in the new buildin. At the outset, the building offered 17 rooms as classroom and had accomodations for about 500 students. Members of the Dixon Board of Education when the Lincoln school was opened included; O.F. Goeke, Frank J. Robinson, F.K. Tribou, Charles E. Miller, Dr. David L. Murphy, O.W. Dodd and Robert Warner.

From the Dixon Evening Telegraph 1 June 1944 - At an assembly program Monday at the Lincoln School activity awards were presented to 8th grade pupils, Mavis Beach, Peggy Birch, Viola Hamilton, Joyce Howell, Betty Shaver, Melvin Walker, James Sanders, Herbert Hoover, Billy Kirk, Lyle Naffziger, Harry Sigel, Howard Swegel, Vernon McNinch, and Lavern Jones. Seventh Grade students who received the awards were Verne Baker, Stanley Fish, Joe Hicks, Arden Strub, and Henry Woodyatt. Those of the sixth grade included were Sue Nelles, Bobby Bruce, Ray Carlson, Dick Dusing, and David Kirk. The Jacks tournament award went to Mavis Beach and the marbles tournament award went to Bobby Bruce. Herbert Hoover received special mention for patrol duty. The following students received awards for six months of perfect patrol duty; Howard Swegel, Harold France, Paul Garren, Gof Gordon Johnson, Brauce Beery, Charles Winters, James Sanders, Wallace Deets, Wanda Yaeger, Mavis Beach, Gladys Marshall, Peggy Birch, Keita Naffziger, Leola Jacobs, Lawanda Cunningham, Raymond Nehring, Donald Rees, Lyle Naffziger, Richard Helms, Herbert Hoover, LaVerne Johns, Billy Kirk, Glenn Madison, Vernon McNinch, Frank Kemp, Melvin Walker, Betty Shaver, Dorothy Willard, Joyce Howell, Jewel Whisenand, Viola Hamilton, Vera Mae Pearson, Joan Harvey, Patricia Likala, and Marion Bogseth.

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