Pine View School

Near Franklin Grove, Lee County Illinois

Pine View School classmates - Photos contributed by Norma Bruce
Clare Weybright is the boy in the photo on the left - others are unknown
Photo on the left are Lucille Buck (Kinsley), Arlene Beachly (David), and Olive Weybright (Corbett), but the boys name is unknown

1916 Graduating Class of Pine View.

They are Ellen Hullinger, Ernest Bly, Leslie Weybright
Ruth Wingert and Blanche Yeager. The teacher is Hazel Hartzell.

Isn't it interesting that the female students and teacher are all wearing identical dresses.

Contributed by Norma Bruce

Photo taken around 1920 contributed by Norma Bruce

*In the above photo, the mother of Norma Bruce is 2nd from the left, front row. For those of you from Mt. Morris, Lucille Kinsley is 3rd from the right, front row. My mother's brother, who was killed in WWII, is 2nd from the right, back row. Other children in the photo are Olive Weybright (Corbett), Clare Weybright, and Arlene Beachly (David).

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