1939 Harmon Basketball Team and Cheerleaders
Front Row - Bob Farley: Second Row - Unknown Giblin, Bolland Hicks, Harold Moore:
Back Row - Lorraine Lehman, Unknown Mekeel, Unknown, Bob Dimmig, Coach Lehman, Mary Thrasher
Photo contributed by Karen Holt
The girls were the cheerleaders.. Mary Thrasher is the mother of Karen

182 Meet School Chums

The first Harmon High School Alumni Picnic was held Sunday at Lowell Park, with 182 present from the class of 1922 to the class of 1948, when the high school was closed.

Two former high school teachers were present, Miss Olive Stoffregen, Oregon and Prof. Gilbert Lehman, Harmon.

Prizes were awarded for the oldest class, Mrs. Pearl Charvat, class of 22; the largest family, Mr. & Mrs. Lowell Dietz (8 children), Deer Grove; the farthest away, Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Lehman Jr., Letts, Iowa. Door prizes were won by Mr. & Mrs. Jack Giblin, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Knoll and Mr. & Mrs. Alvin Rhodenbaugh.

The committee for next year includes Mrs. Billy Stonesifer, Mrs. Ray Freimuth and Mrs. Virgil Schmall. The picnic next year will be the second Sunday in September at Lowell Park.

Those attending with their families were: Mr. & Mrs. Edmund Bushman, Mr. & Mrs. Harold Moore, Mr. & Mrs. Ellwyn Swegle, Mr. & Mrs. Virgill Schamll, Mrs. Joe Blackburn, Mr. & Mrs. Lowell Smallwood, Harold Schaffer, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Rhodenbaugh, Dixon;

Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Kersten, Ashton; Miss Olive Stoffregen, Oregon, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Thrasher Jr., Dixon; Mr. & Mrs. Ray Friemuth, Stillman Valley; Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Lehman Jr., Letts, Iowa; Mr. & Mrs. Ross T. Hicks, Franklin Grove; Mrs. Stephen Blackburn, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Holbrook, Amboy; Mr. & Mrs. Harold James, Morrison; Mrs. Henry Jacobs.

Mr. & Mrs. Bob Hann, Anita Jacobs, Walnut; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Behrendt, Grand Detour; Mr. & Mrs. Bob Garland, Mr. & Mrs. Lowell Dietz, Deer Grove; Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Quinn, Polo; Mr. & Mrs. Billy Stonesifer, Rock Falls; Mr. & Mrs. Alvin Behrendt, Mrs. Anna Hicks, Mrs. & Mrs. Melvin Lowe, Sterling; Rev. Webster Hobbs, Mary Hobbs, Levina B. Hobbs, Pawpaw.

Mrs. Alizina Whitmore, Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Whitmore, Mr. & Mrs. Alvin Rhodenbaugh, Mr. & Mrs. Jack Giblin, Mr. & Mrs. Fran Smallwood, Mrs. Pearl Charvat, Mr. & Mrs. Glen G. Zentz, Mr. and Mrs. Orville Hopkisn, Mrs. Fred Powers, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Knoll, Sue Knoll, Mr. & Mrs. Harold Dietz, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Dimmig, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Hicks, Mrs. & Mrs. Julius McKeel, Mr. & Mrs. Rolland Hicks, Mr. & Mrs. Charles McCarter, and Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Lehman Sr.

Contributed by Karen Holt

Dixon Evening Telegraph 05 June 1948
Harmon 8th Grade Graduates:
David Apple, Earl Jacobs, Elverta Jacobs, Helen Long, Ramona Ostrander, Mary Powers, Mary Ann Warner, Carol Willstead,

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