Van Campen School

Viola Twp. 1911

This undated picture is Karen Holt's grandmother, Sophia Carney, and her students at Van Campen School located on Butler Hill Rd & Melugin Grove Rd, NW in Viola Twp. Lee Co. IL. The contract below is dated August 1911, for the school term 1911-12. Its assumed this photo was during this time period. We would love to know who the students might be. Be sure and let me know if you can identify anyone. I have shown the contract as is - and Karen has transcribed the contents.

It is hereby agreed, by and between the School Directors 
of District No. 122 Township No. 38 Range No. 1 County of 
Lee State of Illinois, and Sophia Carney a legally-
qualified teacher, that said teacher is to teach, govern 
and conduct the common school of said district, to the 
best of her ability; keep a register of the daily 
attendance and studies of each pupil belonging to the 
school, and such other records as the District Board 
may require; make the report required by law, and 
endeavor to preserve, in good condition and order, the 
school house, grounds, furniture, apparatus, and such 
other district property as may come under the immediate 
supervision of said teacher, for a term of Eight school 
months, commencing on the 28th day of August A.D. 1911, 
for the sum of Forty Five dollars per school month to be 
paid at the end of each moth. One month consists of 22 
days 6 hours each.

And the said School Directors hereby agree to keep the 
school house in repair; to provide the necessary fuel 
and school register; and for the services of said 
teacher, as prescribed above, well and duly performed, 
to pay the said teacher the sum of forty five dollars 
per school month, at the end of each month, during a 
term of eight school months, commencing on the 28 day 
of August A.D. 1911.

Provided, That in case said Sophia Carney should be 
dismissed from said school, by the said Directors, or 
their successors in office, for incompetency, cruelty, 
negligence, immorality, or a violation of any of the 
stipulations of this Contract, or in case her 
certificate should be revoked by the County 
Superintendent, She shall not be entitled to 
compensation, after such dismissal or revocation.

In witness whereof, We have hereunto subscribed our 
names, this 26 day of June A.D. 1911.

 S. J. Holehan           │ Directors
 Grant L. Edwards        │
Sophia Carney                 Teacher

Remarks.—This contract should be made out in duplicate, 
and one copy given to the teacher. No Board should allow 
a teacher to commence school until written contract is 
properly signed by both parties.

All contents are property of and contributed by Karen Holt

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