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Lee County Weddings

Russell Hamaker to Hazel Naomi Webber

Thursday morning at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Webber of Compton, a delightful event occurred in the marriage of their daughter Hazel Naomi to Russell A. Hamaker of Chana.

Precisely at eleven o'clock to sweet strains of music, the young couple took their places among flowers of yellow and white, where they plighted each to the other the vows, making them husband and wife. Rev. W. H. Otjen of Steward, a life-long friend of both families read the impressive service.

The quiet dignity of the dark-eyed, dark-haired bride, gowned in pussy willow silk of light yellow and the manliness of the light-haired, blue eyed groom with the conventional black, gave an impressive charm, making a background with which all else of the hour harmoniously fitted.

The dinner spread alike in colors, with favors like the blossoms of white and yellow, was temptingly appetizing and delicious. Guests numbering forty and more were mostly near relatives, dear to the young couple.

Many and fine were the gifts in evidence of the great esteem in which the young people are held among relatives, friends and neighbors. At two-thirty o'clock Mr. and Mrs. Hamaker departed for a brief bridal tour to terminate in their own home in Chana.

We bespeak for them a splendid future, filled with things resultant of integrity and goodness.

Contributed by Marilyn Widler

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