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Lee County Weddings

Robert McBride to Marian Bonnell

Mrs. Edward McBride entertained for Miss Marian Bonnell who became the bride of Robert McBride last Saturday, at a party last week. Games were played and a tempting lunch was served.

Guests included Mrs. Joseph Kent, Mrs. Al Berner, Mrs. Joseph Conroy, Mrs. Norman Dietrich, Mrs. J.W. Curran, Mrs. Guy Taylor, Mrs. John Bennett, Mrs. L.W. Emmert, Mrs. Joseph Sharkey, Mrs. Dave Welty, Mrs. Margaret Cleary, Mrs. Min Lindbloom, Mrs. Florence Fordyce, Mrs. Pat Foster, Mrs. Dean Rizner, Mrs. Albert Petit, Mrs, Margueritte Stoner and Miss Ruth Bonnell. Those unable to attend were Mrs. Harry Springer, Mrs. Harry Johnson, Miss Florence Stoner, Miss Eloise Pettit, and Miss Mary Lou Taylor.

Honoring Marion, Mrs. Dean Rizner entertained with a kitchen shower at her home Friday night. Games were played, prizes going to Mrs. John Jeffrey, Mrs. Joseph Kent, and Miss Bonnell. Attending the shower and pre nuptial Party were Mrs. E.M. Gitt, Mrs. Joseph Kent, Mrs. Jay Curran, Mrs. Edward McBride, Mrs. Laurence Blaker, Mrs. John Jeffrey, Mrs. Grover Rizner, Mrs. John Doweling Mrs. Vada Freeman, and the honor guest Miss Bonnell.

Gifts presented by invited guests unable to attend were from Mrs. Cecil Bonnell, Maxine McBride, Mrs. Jack Godt, Mrs. Wm. Curran, and Miss Rosalie Naffziger.

The Dixon Evening Telegraph, 26 October 1948

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