Lee County Wills
Died 12 September 1944


State of Illinois County of Lee
Floyd Willey administrator of the Estate of George Erbes deceased
Petition to sell real estate to pay debts

Notice is herey given you Catherine Elliott, Anna E. Albright, Cora Erbes, Edward Erbes, Philip Erbes, Irene Heaton, Sylvia Erbes, Wendall W. Erbes, Howard H. Erbes, Pearl Cora Erbes, Lulu Erbes Zuchlke, Marvell Milton Erbes, Mrs. Joy Donzales, Mrs. Constance Cummings, Leland Lunde, Lymon Lunde, and unknown heirs of the late George Erbes deceased that Floyd Willey, administrator of the estate of George Erbes deceased on the 12th of September 1944 filed his petition in this court to sell and undivided one-eighth interest in and to the Northwest Quarter of Section 31 Township 19 North Range 9 East of the Fourth Principal Meridian in East Grove Township Lee Co. owned by the decedent at the time of his death to pay the debts of his estate and that said cause is now pending in said court against you and others

You are further notified that unless on or before the 16th day of October 1944 you shall appear and defend in said cause judgment by default may be .....

Dixon Evening Telegraph 27 September 1944


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