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Lee County Wills


The will of the late Anna L. Geisenheimer, filed in Lee County court today, provides for the equal distribution of all of her property among her 1st cousins, one of whom lives in Rockford, and the remainder in or near Oshkosh, Wisc.,

According to the petition filed by Herman M. Rasch and Robert L. Warner, who are named as joint executors, Miss Geisenheimer was the owner of $110,000 of personal property, and $15,000 of real estate at the time of her death June 16.

The will directs the executors to divide her clothing, jewelry and household equipment among her friends and relatives in accordance with a list to be left with the will and the remainder of the property is to be divided equally among her first cousins.

The executos stated today that Miss Geisenheimer a number of years ago placed a substantial amount of property in trust with a Chicago bank and that distribution of this property will be made by the bank and will not become a part of the estate. The will contains a provision ratifying the provision of the trust and directing the executors to follow out its terms if for any reason the trust property should revert to the estate.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 30 June 1944


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