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Lee County Wills

CARL CLEVELAND ACKERT , Marion Twp. who died March 12 named his widow as the sole beneficiary in his $29,000 will when it was admitted to probate in Lee County court yesterday (22 May 1952). A son Charles Alden Ackert, Sterling was named executor. Besides his widow, Anna Theresa Ackert Rt. 2 Dixon, and son Charles he is survived by by two daughters, Edith, Chicago and Mary Ackert Fassler Rt. 2 Polo, and one other son Edward Rt. 2 Dixon. The estate was valued at $5000 Personal Property and $24,000 in real estate.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 23 May 1952

Letters testamentary were issued today in Lee Co. Court by Judge Gehant in the $10,000 estate of the late Louis O. Andres, Dixon, who died April 27, 1953 in Polo. Robert Shick, 1003 E. Chamberlain was named executor. The personal property of Andres of $10,00 with no real estate shown will go to his sister Ida A. Allsworth, Evanston.

Dixon Telegraph 1 June 1953

Mrs. Emma D. Archer, Sterling (Whiteside County), widow of Arthur Archer, who died in Compton (Lee County) Aug. 10, will receive the full income of the the estate which totals $72,000, according to terms of the will, set for hearing Oct. 7, in County Court. The will provides that upon her death, the estate shall be shared equally by the six children, who are Walter H. Archer, Compton, William, West Brooklyn, Leslie G., Rochelle, Clifford G., Dixon, Mrs. Mildred Eddy, Compton and Mrs. Lulu Mae Woodyatt (wife of Elbert C. Woodyatt), Sterling. The estate includes personal property listed at $12,000 in value and real estate valued at $60,000. Leslie and Clifford Archer were appointed trustees and executors.

Dixon Telegraph September 14, 1946

A will in the estate of Orpha E. Butterbaugh, Woosung, who died Nov. 23 1952 directed equal shares of the property to go to six heirs. The estate was valued at $1,250 personal propety and $5000 real estate. Heirs are Velda M. Block and Marion L. Butterbaugh both of Woosung, Lois I. Kesselring and Darlene Butterbaugh both of Rt. 1 Dixon, Viola M. Holtz 1021 N. Galena ave. Dixon and Harold E. Butterbaugh, rural Polo.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 22 Dec 1952

The will of the late Augustus Daniel Cahill of Marian Township who passed away May 6 of this year, was admitted to probate before Judge Grover Gehant in Lee County court today. The inventory listed personal property valued at $2000 and real estate of the value of $18,000. The will provided a bequest of $100 for the treasurer of the cemetery association of St. Patricks Parrish of Amboy to be expended for perpetual care of the grave of the deceased. $200 in another bequest to be used to replace and repair markers and $500 to St. Marys Catholic church at Walton to be used for masses. The balance of the personal property, the will provides, is to be divided among the following: Frank J. Haley, John J. Haley and William McKinley Haley. All of the real estate is left to Joseph J. Cahill for the period of his lifetime and William J. Fenton of Amboy is named executor.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 26 June 1944

Public notice is hereby given that the undersigned executor of the estate of Hannah M. Chronister deceased, will attend before the county clerk of Lee County at the courthouse in Dixon on the 4 day of November 1946 next at 10 a.m. for the purpose of making a final settlement of said estate. Walter E. White, Executor / Gertrude G. Youngman, Attorney October 15, 22, 1946

Dixon Evening Telegraph 15 October 1946

SUSAN (STEEL) DURKES (Mrs. Warren Durkes) who died last Nov. 2 (1948) at Glenview IL, left property valued at $50,000 according to her will which was probated in the county court this morning. Those named to receive property under the provision of the document were - Richard Steel Durkes, Chicago; Ann Steel Underwood, Beaverton Oregon; George H. and Horton Steel of Los Angeles; Katherine D. and John C. Roe of Grand Detour IL; Leona Durkes Wilson of New York; Jean S. Karaban, Colorado Springs and Henry Bokhoff of Wilmette IL. A large portion of Mrs. Durkes property, the bulk of which was cash and securities assets was situated in Lee County. Luther L. Durkes, Franklin Grove banker serves as executor under the will. (Dixon Evening Telegraph 27 December 1948).

A son Harry Eberly, route 1 Dixon was named administrator of the estate of Frederick W. Eberly, Franklin Grove filed for probate in county court today. Eberly died in Franklin Grove May 6, 1931. His estate included real estate valued at $750 and personal property valued at $100.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 26 January 1948

Letters of administration were issued today in Lee County Court to Alta M. Hackman, Ashton, in the $76,331 estate of her late husband Harry F. Hackman. According to a petition for letters of administration the estate amounts to $52,320 in Real estate and $24,011 in personal property. Hackman died without leaving a will on Feb. 24, 1953 in Rochelle. Listed as heirs are his widow, three daughters, Mrs. Elaine M. Jacox, near Steward; Beverly J. Hackman and Shirley A. Hackman both of near Ashton and a son Erwin E. Hackman near West Brooklyn.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 22 May 1953

Judge Grover W.Gehant this morning named Mrs. Jessie Hansen 403 Fellows street as administratrix of the $18,000 estate of Louis N.Hansen when the estate was admitted for probate in Lee county this morning. Hansen died here Dec. 31, 1947. Other heirs to the estate which includes personal property valued at $5,000 and real estate valued at $13,000 are a son Louis Jr. and daughter June, both of Dixon.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 26 January 1948

Notice is hereby given to all persons that Monday November 5, 1945 is the claim date of the estate of Emma Heid deceased, pending in the County Court of Lee Co. Signed Frank C. Ortgiesen, Mary M. Barton, Co -Administrators. Jones & Jones Attorneys Dixon Evening telegraph 17 Sept. 1945

J.U. Weyant, Dixon was named executor of the $3,500 estate of Melissa A. Herrick, Nachusa who died last Sept 21 in Dayton Ohio, when it was filed for probate in Lee County court before Judge Grover W. Gehant today. Heirs include Minnie Hawbecker, Franklin Grove; Cora Eicholtz, Nachusa; Ida Johnson 1302 Hemlock avenue; Mary C. Nelson, 407 East Chicago avenue; Glenn Kime, Chana; Joe Kime, Huron S.D.; Charles Kime, Eureka Calif.; William Clingan, Sterling and Richard Speed, Starkville Miss.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 17 February 1948

1872 will on file in Lee Co., IL
In the name of the Lord Amen I Zebedee A. Kelley of the Town of Wyoming and County of Lee and State of Illinois believing that I am near my end do make this my Last Will and Testament concerning my earthly goods and effects
# I direct that all lawful debts and claims against me be paid from the proceeds of my personal property
## I give and bequeath to my son Alva Kelley the bay mare colt called "Dolly."
### I give and bequeath to my son Albert Kelley the bay mare colt called "Bels."
IV I give and bequeath to my wife Nancy Kelley the residue of my personal property and effects
V I have already given to my sons George Kelley and William Kelley all the personal property I intended to give them.
VI I give and bequeath to my wife Nancy Kelley the use of all the Real Estate of which I am possessed to wit the land on which I live consisting of about Four Acres during the period of her natural life and I further direct that at the death of my said wife that land aforesaid shall be sold and the proceeds of such sale shall after paying needful expenses be divided equally between my three younger sons Wm Kelley, Alva Kelley, and Albert Kelley.
VIII I hereby appoint my wife Nancy Nancy Kelley as executrix to execute the provisions of this my last will and testament.
Given under my hand and seal this Second day of June in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight hundred and Seventy Two
Signed in presence of Hugh Fowler and Janus Fowler his
Zebedee X A. Kelley
Attest by W.H. Haight
Contributed by Sharon Leon //
** NOTES: It really does say "Nancy Nancy Kelley" in the Zebedee A. Kelley will. The Illinois Death Index at for son Alva Kelley (A.A. Kelly), has Nancy's middle name as "Ane." That might be short for "Anne." And the colt named "Bels" might have been "Bets" because the "l" looks like it could be an uncrossed "t."
** About Hugh & Janus Fowler, who witnessed the 2 June 1872 will, in the 1870 census for Shabbona, DeKalb Co., there was a large Hugh & Jane (Gallagher) Fowler family from Ireland who may have been the couple witnessing the will. It clearly said "Janus" instead of "Jane", although the attorney (?) under Zebedee's "x" might have misunderstood Janus's name when writing the document.

The $20,000 will of Theodore C. Kreiter of Amboy was admitted to probate Saturday by County Judge Grover Gehant. Kreiter named 15 heirs in his will including four local people. Among the heirs are: Ellen H. Green, 517 N. Brinton Ave. Dixon, Mildred & Richard W. Tuttle both of Amboy and Gertrude Corl of Amboy. Kreiters estate listed $19,000 real estate and $1,000 personal property. He died October 22.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 20 December 1954

Luther L. Durkes, Franklin Grove, was this morning named administrator of the $75,000 estate of the late Clarence W.Lahman, Franklin Grove, who died Nov. 10 by Judge Grover W. Gehant in Lee County court when the will was admitted to probate. The wills provides that the following heirs shall share equally in the estate, which includes personal property valued at $35,000 and real estate valued at $40,000: Mrs. Martha B. Lahman, Widow and Mrs. Mary Andrew, Mrs. Lela Arnold, Mrs. Helen Towne and Joseph B. Lahman, all children, all of Franklin Grove and sons Harold Lahman, Sterling and Wilford C. Lahman of Kenilworth, Ill.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 5 January 1948

The will of the late Mrs. Marie McCormick of Harmon, who was one of three victims of an automobile crash on Saturday evening Aug. 13 was admitted to probate before Judge Grover Gehant in the Lee county court today. The inventory lists real and personal property valued at $3000 each. A son Edward is bequeathed the automobile and the remainder of the estate is to be devided equally among three children, the son Edward who is named executor of the estate and two daughters Mrs. Mary Chiverton of Dixon and Mrs. Vera Powers of Harmon.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 31 August 1949

The Will of the late Frank H. Mynard, Sr. who passed away at Amboy April 11 (1945) was admitted to probate by Judge Grover W. Gehant in Lee county court today. The petition listed personal property valued at $7,000 which is to be divided equally among three sons, Dwight R. of Amboy, Frank H. Jr. of Urbana, and Warren A. of Oneida. A farm in China township is left to the widow Anna M. Mynard during her lifetime and she is named as executrix of the estate.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 1 May 1945

The entire estate of B.F.Reinboth of Amboy who died there August 21, goes to the widow Gertrude, according to terms of the will filed for probate in Lee county court before Judge Grover W. Gehant. The estate contains $15,000 personal property and real estate estimated at $5,000 in value. Robert A. Reinboth, a son was named executor.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 3 September 1946

Ella Deer, Amboy, and heirs of Alida Daniels will share equally in the $10,200 estate of Mrs. Flora L. Shaw who died here August 16. The will admitted in probate in county court this morning revealed. Lucy Utley was named executrix of the estate which includes real estate at $10,000 and personal property of $200. Heirs listed include John Gale, Harmon; Ella Derr, Mae Diangi and Ray Delmar, and Carl Daniels all of Amboy; Earl Daniels, Sterling and Cecil Daniels, Rock Falls.

HENRY WITHEY : Clara K. Boyenga, Franklin Grove, was appointed administrator to the $12,000 estate of the late Henry Withey, Franklin Grove. The heirs named were Barbara K. Smith, Oakland Calif., and Miss Boyenga who are nieces, and Roy C. Withey, DesPlaines and George W. Kokh, Norwood Ohio who are nephews.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 8 September 1954

WILLIAM C. WOOLLEY : A petition to probate the will of the late William W. Woolley of Dixon, who passed away Nov. 20, has been filed in Lee County court and Judge Grover Gehant has set the hearing for Dec. 24. The will, filed in the office of County Clerk Sterling Schrock, places a valuation of $2,500 on the personal property and $22,500 on the real estate.

Several bequests to individuals are made in the will as follows:

Grace Crawford, $1,000, Grace Louise Crawford, silverware and Masonic ring; Mary Louise Dysart, diamond stick pin and dishes; Edgar B. Crawford, $500; Edgar L. Crawford, and Glen H. Dysart, clothing of deceased to be divided equally; Glenn Dysart, diamond cuff links; Cecil Dysart Smith, glassware; Grace Louise Crawford and Mary Louise Dysart, linens; Glenn H. Dysart chattel property in garage and tools; Clementine Dysart and Cecil Dysart Smith household equipment and jewelry; Onie Alexander, housekeeper, $2,000 in cash and canned goods.

The balance of the estate, the will provided, is to be divided among relatives of the deceased’s wife as follows:

Joseph Dysart and M. Lee Dysart, one-seventh part, children of Ernest Dysart, one-seventh part; Frannie Herbst, one-seventh part, Ada Knowlton, one-fourteenth part; Grace Crawford, Edgar Crawford, and Julie Ann Tourtillot each one twenty-first part. Lloyd LeRoy Dysart and Alice Christine Dysart one-twenty-eighth part. Glenn H. Dysart is named executor of the estate.

Contributed by Julia Johnson