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Page - Bushman

The old adage that “Love will find a way” was again conclusively proven by Herbert Page, a young barber employed in Cushmans’ barber shop of this city, and Miss Lola Bushman of Milledgeville. They overcome opposition extending over several years and were quietly married last Thursday [09/04/1902] in Dixon. The story tells of objection from an irae mother and true steadfast love on the part of the young couple.

Mr. Page and Miss Bushman have loved for years in their little home town of Milledgeville, but Miss Bushman’s mother, Mrs. Will Calkins had set her foot down on the match and even went so far as to prohibit Mr. Page from seeing her daughter. Mr. Page left Milledgeville and worked in different cities in this vicinity but he did not forget his sweet heart and last Thursday, she under the pretense of going to Polo to visit friends, went to Dixon where she joined her lover, and they were married in the quiet little village up the river.

After the wedding she returned to her home, and Mr. Page came back to his work in this city. Yesterday afternoon he went to Milledgeville and, unbeknown to the bride’s parents brought his wife to this city. They left this city this morning on the 3 o’clock train for Dixon where they will take the Illinois Central north. After a wedding trip the couple will return to this city where they will reside.

Telephone communications with Milledgeville today says that the young bride had telephoned to her mother for her belongings but that the irate mother had refused to give them up.

Mrs. Page is one of Milledgeville’s most popular, beautiful and accomplished young ladies. She is refined and cultured and would make any man an excellent wife. She has countless friends in Milledgeville and vicinity and in Sterling who congratulate her on her final triumph and wish for her a happy marriage.

Mr. Page had been in the city but a short time, but he has made many friends. He is industrious and steady in his work and his disposition has made him many friends.

Contributed by Larry Reynolds - The Daily Gazette, Sterling-Rock Falls, Illinois February 13, 1967 - Monday, pg 2

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