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Livingston County, Illinois
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Arman Family
Thomas Arman, d. Sept 1844
Baby Caleb Arman, d. 1845
Nancy Reynolds Arman Stephens, d. c. April 1847
Sophia Arman Stevens, d. c. 1862 or 1863.
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Morris Family
Joseph Morris, d. Sept. 9, 1843, aged 10
Henry M. D. Morris, d. Sep 11, 1843
Mary R. Morris d. Sept. 28, 1843, aged 13y, 7m, 14d
Philip Morris, d. Sept. 29, 1843, aged 12y, 7m, 28d
Nancy Morris, d. 1843, aged abt. 8y
Baby Ellen Morris, d. 19 Sept 1845. [note: death date is probably 1843, since her father died over a year prior]
William Morris was killed in the Civil War
Andrew Morris d. c. 1872, aged 39
Mary Reynolds Morris, d. c. 1883
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