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Livingston County, Illinois
Genealogy and History

Marriage Records

The first marriage license issued in the county was made out by H. W. Beard, Clerk of the County Commissioners' Court, and it was, no doubt, intended to authorize Mr. Williamson Spence and Miss Mary Darnall to solemnize a marriage ; but so far as the record goes, it only authorized the marriage of Williamson to Miss Mary Darnall ; so that, so far as the record has anything to do with the matter, the descendants of Spence are all Williamsons.

It is not improbable that this clerk H. W. Beard was an old bachelor, and took delight in mutilating marriage licenses ; for the next license authorized Simeon Mad, instead of Simeon Madden, to marry Elizabeth Rutherford.

Since that period, 6,000 marriages have been authorized by the various County Clerks. [The History of Livingston County, Illinois - Wm. LeBaron, Jr. & Co. - 186 Dearborn Street, Chicago (1878)]


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