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September 2017

1880 History of Macon County Index
1880 History Chapter III: Page 30 - Pioneers and Early Settlers (Includes Abraham Lincoln)

1905 Decatur Mine Fire

Fires: Decatur Cereal Company Destroyed - John Sheehy Killed (1909)
Accidents: Train Wreck Injures 20 and Kills Three (1884)

A. A. Fisher, Mrs. Sarah J. Saul, Dr. J. J. B. Stapp

June 2017


1859 Decatur Fire
School News:
New High School (1869), State Teacher's Association 1870 Meeting
Crime News:
Ephraim Faunce Pardoned
  • Rev. W. W. De Wolf,
  • Nina Mary Traul,
  • Mary C. (Weigel) Thompson

Decatur Community News:

  • G. F. Kimball New Editor of Decatur Times,
  • Chubbuck and Bierce Family Drive to Paw Paw

Misc News:

  • Jacob Kaylor's Apple Tree,
  • Mrs. Lucy Jane Wood Remembers
  • Abraham Lincoln, Black Walnut Canes from Abraham Lincoln's Former Farm,
  • Mrs. Mary Leafgreen in Case Against Henry Howard,
  • Decatur Provides Homes for Locomotive Workers

March 2017
Crime News:

  • T.A. Green and Mr. Davis Arrested for Disturbing the Peace - Charles Shepherd Has a Heart Attack (Dies) after being Called as A Witness to Fight;
  • Smith Kills Pontwood,
  • T. P. Kepper Skips Town with Another Man's Wife and Lots of Debt,
  • Dr. Roswell Shaw Killed by James T. Ward,
  • Edward Stultz Critically Injured - Stabbed by Edward Rutstick,
  • Henry Carlesey Beaten by Enslemaker and Nimms
  • William B. Hunter Indicted for Ballot Tampering

Court News: Railroad Company Being Sued by George Brown for Losing Wife's Body

  • Henry Prather Killed in Buggy Accident,
  • John C. Hagar Burned to Death while Intoxicated,
  • Dan. H. David, James Sanford, Sam Smith, Hon. I. R. Mills and Howard Groves Killed in Train Wreck at Litchfield IL

 Macon county derived its name from Hon. Nathaniel Macon, of North Carolina, whose fame, at the time of the formation of the county extended throughout the nation. He was born in Warren County, N. C., in 1757. and died in the same county, June 29th, 1837. He was educated at Princeton, N. J. [ed., College of New Jersey, now Princeton University], and was there at the opening of the War of the Revolution. In 1777 he left college, and served for a short time as a private in a company of volunteers.
At the expiration of his term of service, he commenced the study of law, but soon re-enlisted in the army under his brother, John. He continued in the service until peace was declared. He was present at the fall of Charleston. For all his arduous services in the war, he steadily refused compensation, nor would he accept a pension after the government had provided one.
Before he left the army he had been elected to the State Senate, in which he served until 1785. When the Constitution of the United States was proposed, he, like Patrick Henry, thought it "squinted too much in the direction of monarchy," and therefore opposed its adoption.
He thought the general government proposed was too independent of the States. Mr. Macon was elected to the lower house of Congress in 1791, where he continued to serve until 1815, serving as Speaker from 1801 to 1806. From the lower house he was transferred to the U. S. Senate, in 1816, where he remained until 1828, and was President pro tem. of that body in 1825-7. He was thirty-seven years in Congress, uninterruptedly—the longest continuous service of any one man.
Twice during Jefferson's administration he declined the office of Postmaster General.
He was a Democrat in politics, and had an earnest conviction in the ability of the people for self-government. Jefferson said he was "the last of the old Romans," and Randolph called him "the wisest man he ever knew." In his temperament he was a stoic, disregarding style and conventionalities, and in all things practiced the strictest economy.
[Smith, J. W. (1876). History of Macon County, Illinois, from its organization to 1876. Springfield, Ill: Rokker's Printing]

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