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Biographical Notes from
The 20th Century Atlas of Macon County, IL

Transcribed by K. Torp from "Central Illinois Genealogical Quarterly", November 1969, Vol. V, Number 4

Hon. E. P. Vail - Decatur, Ill. Judge of Circuit Court, an office he has held for the past 14 years.

Hon. O. W. Smith - County Judge. Macon Co., Decatur, Ill, Born in Jasper Co., Ill., 1866. Married in 1892 to Elizabeth M. Scott. Has held office of J.P.

J.M. Dodds - County Clerk. Decatur., Ill. Born in New Albany, Ind., 1851. Married in 1870 to Miss Daniel. Has been County Clerk for 12 years and re-elected Nov. 4, 1902, by largest majority ever received for this office in county.

John Allen - Circuit Clerk and Recorder of Macon Co. Born at Vincennes, Ind. P.O., Decatur, Ill.

E. R. Moffett - Farmer & Co. Treas, of Macon Co. Born in Macon Co. 1859. Married in 1882 to Juliette A. Warnick. Has held office of Supr. Assr. and Comr. Son of Wm. T. Moffett, one of the earliest inhabitants. P.O. Decatur and Boody, Ill.

George V. Loring - County Surveyor and City Engineer. Decatur, Ill. Born at Oakham, Mass., 1837. Married in 1868 to Elizabeth Risley. Served three years in Civil War. Has held office of County Surveyor since 1869.

Charles A. Thrift - County Sheriff. Decatur, Ill. Born in St. Clair Co. Ill., 1860. Married in 1887 to Jennie McKinley. Has held office of Supr. and is present Sheriff of Macon Co.

A. A. Jones - County Supt. of Schools. Decatur, Ill. Born in Macon Co. in 1876.

John A. Brown. - Attorney, (Brown & Montgomery) Real Estate and Loans. Decatur, Ill. Born at Abington, Mass., 1843. Has held office of Master in Chancery 16 years, School Treas., 15 years. Pres. and Trustee of Blind Institute of the state of Ill. Has lived in this county since 1863.

George J. Klein - Farmer. Sec. 30, Harristown Twp. Born at Centralia, Marion Co., Ill., April 22, 1868. Came to Macon Co. in 1885. Married in 1895 to Amelia Delbridge. P.O. Niantic, Ill.

C. W. Freeland - Farmers Sec. 1, Milam Twp. Was born in Coles Co., Ill. in 1850. Married 1887 to Susan Inman. P. O. Box Dalton City, R.F.D. 1

Charles Bruce - Farmer, Sec 1, Niantic Twp, Born in Germany, 1853. Married Miss Marie E. Acom in 1880. P.O. Niantic, Ill.

Henry O. Acom - Farmer., Sec. 4, Niantic Twp. Born in Sangamon Co., Ill., 1848. P.O. Niantic, Ill.

R.O. Vangilder - Farmer., Sec. 16, Harristown Twp, Born in Wood Co., O., Aug. 15, 1851. Married March 1, 1880 to Elizabeth Jacobs. Came to this county Dec. 1, 1870. Is now Supervisor. P. O. Harristown, Ill.

David Blalock - Retired Farmer Mt. Zion Twp. Born in Burke Co., North Carolina in 1820. Served under Col. R. T. Payn, 1st N.C. Inf. through the Mexican War. Married in 1846 to Minerva Phillips. P. O. Mt. Zion.

T. M. Keller - Building Contractor, Sec, 9, Oakley Twp. Born in Cumberland Co., Pa. June 21, 1850. Had held the office of Supervisor, Collector and J.P. Came to Macon Co. in 1855. Married in 1872 to Telitha Neiman P.O. Sangamon.

Abraham B. Enloe - Farmer, Sec. 26, Niantic Twp Was born in Fayette Co., Ill., in 1861. He was married in 1883 to Miss S. Bone, P.O. Niantic.

Delias Buckles - Farmer and Land Owner., Sec. 2, Niantic Twp. Was born in Logan Co, Ill. in 1850, and came to Macon Co. in 1874. Married Alice Turley in 1875. P.O. Niantic, Ill.

C. T. Wells - Farmer, Sec. 14 South Wheatland Twp, Born at Circleville, O., 1841 Son of Rev. Geo., and Judith R. Wells. He was married in 1873 to Lyda H. Hopkins. P.O. Decatur RFD. 6.

John H. McMillin - Farmer, Sec. 14, Harristown Twp. Born in Gibson Co., Ind., Sept. 23, 1862. Twice married, first time in
1884 and last in 1887 to Miss Anna Cross. Makes specialty of raising thoroughbred swine. P.O. Decatur, RFD. 3.

Felix B. Tait - Pres. and Treas. F. B. Tait Mfr. Co, Decatur Mfrs. Agricultural Implements. Mr. Tait is also Director of Manufacturers' & Consumers' Coal Co. Born in Macon Co., Nov. 29, 1850

Owen Scott - manager Decatur Herald, Decatur, Ill.

W. F. Pickle - Real Estate, Loans & Insurance, Notary Public, 157 E Main St., Decatur, Ill,

B. F. Sanner - Farmer, Sec. 4, Milam Twp. Was born in Shelby Co., Ill., 1869, P.O. Dalton City, RFD 1

Geo. Elliott - Farmer, Sec. 8, Decatur Twp. Born in England in 1828. Married in 1860 to Marilla Post. Lives on the well-known Elliott Stock Farm. P.O. Decatur RFD 3.

Chas. S. Troutman - Farmer, Sec. 2. Harristown Twp. Born in Macon Co., 1872, Married March 1, 1896, to Katie E. Glynn. P.O. Decatur, RFD 30

Oliver M. Scott - Farmer, Sec. 13, South Wheatland Twp. Born at Mount Zion, Ill., Nov, 2, 1858. Married Dec. 15, 1887, to Nannie Stoner Smith. P.O. Decatur, RFD 6.

G.W. Reynolds - Farmer, Sec. 3. Whitmore Twp. Was born in Piatt Co., Ill., in 1852. He holds the office of Supervisor. Married in 1879 to Ida M. Shoff. P.O. Oreana, Ill.

Fred Banter - Painter and Twp. Comr., Macon Ill. Born in Shelby Co., Ill., 1865. His father, Adam B., came to America from Germany in 1854. P.O. Macon, Ill.

W. C. Johns - Attorney, Decatur, Ill. Born at Circleville, O., 1846. Has held office of State's Attorney from 1880 to 1884, and State Senator from 1887 to 1891.

Theo. Wise - Farmer, Sec, 11, Blue Mound Twp. Born in St. Clair Co., Ill., in 1860. Married in 1890 to Anna C. Delbridge. He has lived in Macon Co. 39 years, and held office of Comr. of Highway and School Trustee. His father, Charles Wise, came to America from Germany when 15 years of age. P.O. Boody, Ill.

J.H. Record - Farmer and Twp. Supr., Decatur Twp. Born in Pendleton Co, Ky, in 1841. Came to Coles Co., Ill., in 1857. Married in 1867 to Margaret Swope. Served in Civil War in Co. C, 54th Ill. Inf. four years. Present Chairman of Board of Supr's P.O. Decatur, RFD 2.

Peter H. Brueck - Real Estate & Ins., Decatur, Ill. Born at Mandel on der Linda, Germany. Came to America in 1872. Been engaged in Real Estate business since 1885.

Louis Wiesendanger - Farmer, Sec. 15, Long Creek Twp. Born in Madison Co, Ill., 1866. Is now Township Assessor. Married 1897 to Retta Prather P.O. Sangamon.

Mrs. Theo. Wise -Boody, Ill.

M.C. Glasgow - Farmer, Sec. 13, Harristown Twp. Born in St. Clair Co, Ill., Jan., 1833. Twice married, first time in 1865 and last in 1869, to Maggie Patterson, Has lived in Macon Co. since 1865. Held office of Road Commr. P.O. Decatur, RFD 20

Lowell A. Smith - Farmer, Sec. 34, Milam Twp. Born in Macon Co., 1861. Married in 1890 to Martha C. Mayes. P.O. Dalton City, RFD 1

Henry B. Wise - Real Estate & Ins., Decatur, Ill. Born in Ohio, Sept 1862. Married to Emma McCool. Has been in business in Decatur for eight years.

George W. Nolle - Merchant, Boody, Ill. Born in Macon Co., Jan, 18, 1872. Married in 1898 to Emma May Wilson who died Sept, 14, 1902. His father, Wm. H. Nolle, came to America from Germany about 1855. P.O. Boody, Ill.

Chas. B. Glasgow - Farmer., Sec, 12, Harristown Twp. Born in Macon Co, Ill., Sept. 1871. Married July 9, 1894, to Dora Warburton. Has lived in Macon Co all his life. P.O. Decatur, RFD 3.

J.B. Camp - Farmer, Sec. 10, Harristown Twp. Born in Fulton Co, Ill., June 10, 1849. Married Feb. 15, 1876, to Hattie A. Howsmon. Held office of Twp. Treas. since 1880, also held office of Supervisor. P.O. Harristown, Ill.

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