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Macon County Illinois
Death Records


 Macon County, IL Misc. Death Listings 1916- 1945

Last Name, First, MI, DOD, POD (POD means place of Death which will be a City, Township or Village within Macon County.  ? means can't read)

DUMAS,George, 7.18.1934, Hickory Point Twp.

FLINT, Frances L., 12.7.1934, Decatur

HATT, Mildred, 7.22.1934, Decatur

HORVILLE, Robby D., 3.16.1943, Decatur

HORTON, Donald Eugene, 1.8.1928,Decatur

HORTON, Dorothy Louise, ? .28.1923,Decatur

HORSTMANN, Marret M., 7.24.1944, South Macon Twp.

HORTRICH, August, 6.17.1938,Decatur

MEYER, Anna Marie, 12.22.1925,Decatur

MEYER, Alfred Carl, 6.16.1932,Decatur

MEYER, Alweene H., 11.28.1943,Decatur

WHITTAKER, Jack Jr., 1.12.1919,Decatur

WHITTAKER, James H.,1.13.1922,Decatur

WHITTAKER, Jessie, 11.25.1939, Not Listed

WHITTAKER, Ruth, 4.11.1920, Decatur

WHITTED, Bessie E., 7.15.1927,Decatur

WHITTED, George Henry, 11.8.1918, Friends Creek Twp.

WHITTED, IDA Ethel, 12.3.1940,Decatur

WHITTEMAN, John T.,8.16.1930,Decatur


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