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Macoupin Co 1850 Mortality Schedule
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Key: Name - If married - Age - Sex - Occupation - Where born - Month died - Cause of Death

Page 554

Sharp, Berry--married, 22m, farmer, TN, Jan, fever

Barnet, WTR--married, 22m, farmer, KY, Sep, Chills

Rhoads, Jordan J--19m, stonemason, IL, Jan, Rheumatis

Kelter, Henry T--19m, farmer, IL, Aug, Chills

Ramey, Margaret--4/12f, IL, Jul, Summer Comp

Lovering, Catherine--8f, IL, May, Chills

Miller, Martha A--married, 20f, IL Jan, Lung Fever

Page 555 Townships 7-6, 8-6 and 7-7

Boid, Daniel--6m, IL, Apr, fever

Sawyer, Nancy--8/12f, IL, Oct, fever

Randle, Albert--1/12m, IL, Aug, cold

Woodroff, William D--21m, carriagesmith, VA, Jul, chronic disease

Woodroff, Elizabeth--married, 23f, NC, Jul, Cholera

Bell, Elizabeth--married, 25f, Eng, Aug, fever

Camp, Lemicus--married, 69m, farmer, Ger, Oct, Consumption

Dingerson, Fedrick--17m, laborer, Ger, Nov, fever

Christen, Fredrick--20m, Laborer, Ger, Mar, fever

Scogans, Nancy E--9f, IL, Aug, fever

Hovey, Marsha A--22f, MA, Jul, Cholera

Sexton, Jourdan--1m, IL, Aug, Diarrehia

Crowder, William C--married, 64m, farmer, KY, drops

Bond, Mary C--6f, IL, Sep, fever

Walker, Mary J--married, 19f, IL, Jun, fever

Keller, Frances E--1f, IL, Mar, Inflamation of the brain

Allen, Samuel--3m, IL, Oct, Iresipules

Adams, William B--13m, IN, Mar, Inflamation of the brain

Maxy, Benjamin--married, 77m, farmer, VA, Apr, inflamation of the Lung

Clark, Samuel E--6/12m, IL, Aug, Diarrehia

Blevens, William T--1/12m, IL, Nov, fever

Boosinger, Jacob--married, 40m, farmer, OH, Mar, Chronic disease

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